Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bobbin Along!

Ever have one of those days? One of those days that just....you wanna give up and start over? Or un-quilt it and start over?

I'm not even sure how this happened....but it must have been when I was changing a bobbin. Did I put the empty bobbin back in the bobbin container? Nope! All I can figure is that I laid it on the roller, and when I advanced the quilt....in it went!

I just finished this row of pantograph on this customer quilt..went to clip the threads, and....behold! I find a LUMP..a very distinct, round lump mind you...INSIDE THE QUILT! Can I wiggle the bobbin out? NOPE! It is completely encompassed in the stitching! AUUUGHH!

Okay, I know from your point of view it is funny. And from mine..well...okay..I can see some humor in it, and you know what? i don't know HOW I ended up not jamming the needle bar into this thing and completely messing up the timing of my machine, so this is a good thing.

So...now that I've had this break of venting and whining, I'll grab my trusty seam ripper and go get that bobbin the heck outta there, and get back to business!

I'm sure i'm not the only person who's ever had unknown objects wander their way into the inside of the quilt :c)



  1. A quilt that I recently got back from my longarm quilter had a heavy-duty straight pin left inside the quilt--all quilted in nice and snug LOL! I discovered it when putting on the binding. By some stroke of luck I was able to maneuver it back through a seam. Ya just never know what you're going to find quilted inside a quilt!!!

  2. Sewing machine dies, bobbin gets quilted into the quilt - Bonnie, you'd better break a match because in England they do say things happen in threes :o)

  3. One of the skills I've really gotten down pat since buying my longarm is using my seam ripper. I can totally see how this can happen, sometimes I leave put the empty bobbin on top of my machine but so far I've caught myself before its too late. I'm glad you didn't throw your timing out Bonnie, one machine down is more than enough!

  4. I"m so sorry Bonnie, but I"m laughing so hard I can't stop! Didn't you have another story about quilting something like a pin in your quilt last summer? Who was that?

    It is amazing that you didn't break the needle and jam it all with it in there.

    Your day can only get better - right????

  5. Hahahahaha, This is so fun.. I can see your face when you discover this!

  6. You COULD have charged the customer extra for the bonus bobbin . . . .

  7. Anonymous6:41 PM EDT

    Hey! You're the expert! That's something *I* would do! Thanks for brightening my day, this made me smile.

  8. look at it as a sort of time capsule. Someday 300 years from now when the quilt is thread bare and that bobbin pops out, it will be such a find. It will probably be on the news !

  9. Oh Bonnie...I'm putting that into the story bank along with my aunt who left a towel inside the turkey one Thanksgiving and my roomate who left the plastic on the cheese when she made a grill cheese sandwich! Don't worry about breaking a match...your first was falling on your bike so you've done your three! (that is supposed to make you feel better!!!)

  10. I once forgot a safety pin inside the only commissioned quilt I've ever made! U had to use my husbands tools to break the safety pin and get it out in parts :-D.


  11. Oh, Bonnie, this is just to funny. Having used a LA before, I can understand your gratefulness on it not jamming up the machine! This story really made me smile. It's so nice to know that even the experts do silly things every now and then! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  12. Sorry, Bonnie, but it is funny (since I didn't do it myself). D'oh!

  13. Taking the whole *embellish, embellish, embellish* idea a bit far, aren't you, Bonnie?! Thank goodness most of the quilting gods were watching over you though, as to not stitch it into the quilting.

    Have a better upcoming week!

  14. Oh my- I had no idea this could happen! Well, atleast it didn't jam up the machine, but... wow!

  15. The last yellow border I finished appliquing got turned over to iron and I saw a tiny 1/4 inch silver glint. A pin! I turned it over to pull it out only to realize that it had been holding down the bias tape stem and I had sewn the leaf right over it. Lucky for me it was only the top so I snipped the backing and pulled it out.

    You are sooo lucky your needle didn't hit that...whewww! Go buy a lotto ticket!

  16. Funny!

    And these comments made me laugh even more - the others here at work must think I'm crazy, giggling at my computer.

  17. Bonnie, I have feared that many times. If I lose my little thread snips, I immediately stop and search til I find them. I can't tell you how many times I've felt all over a quilt trying to be sure a missing foreign object hasn't gotten quilted into a quilt.

    I'm SO glad you didn't run over it and jam your needle bar . . or worse!

    Judy L.


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