Saturday, November 20, 2010

Part 1 PDF

SO, nothing is perfect as you are all sure to let me know!

There seems to be a typo/file issue with the pdf printer friendly version of part one and some of you can't open it. I can't fix it remotely from Maryland...until I get home and fix it, you'll just have to deal with what is in the previous blog post. Sorry about that!

I couldn't check everything as thoroughly when setting a post to send later....I couldn't make it go live to double check. But I'll fix it...just give me time! I'm driving home tomorrow and will get home tomorrow night. I'll see what I can do Monday to get that printer-friendly version more user friendly. Those of you who are having trouble, please be sure you have adobe reader installed and updated as well.

I'm having a great time at retreat, the ladies of the Southern Comforters guild have been fabulous!

My little pile of pineapple blocks is growing, my bucket of scraps is NOT going down as people keep doing a "drive by" to drop their cast offs into my bucket! But it is so fun....

I took this pic after our lunch break today. The retreat place is right on the West River, and I love looking out the window and seeing the boats moored there...Beautiful blue sky, lots of sunshine. At one point I didn't know whether I wanted to be in sewing, or out taking a walk and soaking up some vitamin D! (The sewing won out...)

Several of the ladies are also playing along on the mystery, and it was awesome to watch them making their strip sets and cutting them into units for part 1. I love seeing what everyone has chosen to use!


  1. I am lucky I guess, pattern printed out fine for me!! I am so glad you are having such a great time, it sounds like a very good time! And good news on your pineapple blks!! woo hoo!!! And I love that your scraps pile keeps growing!! See how many great friends you have out there - with a pile that won't get smaller no matter how much you sew, proves it!!

  2. What a beautiful place you are staying at!!Oh love your new back drop for your blog, very quilty.

  3. So glad to hear about the good time you had on your retreat. It seems only fitting that you should be having fun while we're all enjoying the first installment of your mystery quilt.


    P.S. Just thought I'd let you know that I had no trouble downloading the PDF version of Part 1.

  4. You relax and enjoy your Southern Comforters... we can all wait!

  5. The PDF worked for me. If anyone wants to email me I will be glad to email you the PDF so that you can sew today,



  6. It loaded slowly, but I was able to get the PDF file. Can't wait to see more!

  7. Luckily, I do not have a problem with it - thank you! I'm not a real fan of pink, though, so I think I'll wait for a while to decide which colour I might substitute for it.

  8. I had no trouble opening it. Do they all have the latest version of acrobat loaded?? Sometimes that is all it takes.


  9. I doubted about joining for ages, since I do not really have the time... But mysteries from you are always fun and it has been a while, so I decided to jump in anyway and see how it goes! I will go for smaller and start with half quantities.
    My printer did not have any problems! Thank you very much. I do have a question though, it says press seams to the green, but on your pictures it really looks like you pressed them to the pink. That made me doubting....

  10. Thank you, Bonnie...I was able to use the directions just fine in your first post. I want you to know that your work, your effort is truly appreciated in working so hard on providing a mystery for all. Thank you! It is just so much fun!

  11. Anonymous5:14 PM EST


    drive by crumb delivery

    will not only have a nearly never ending supply of interesting crumbs, but a little (literally!!) piece of all the classes you teach

  12. It was wonderful to have you join us this weekend, Bonnie! Isn't West River just awesome?? Have a happy Thanksgiving. A drive-by crumb thrower from So-Co

  13. Anonymous11:58 PM EST

    Hi Bonnie, I just read your post about your blogging friend taking her own life. That is the 2nd person blogger I know who has done this , the other one was a blogger from UK .
    You are right when you say we dont know the whole story. I have been chatting online with people since 97 at the beginning of the popularity of the internet, and one thing I know for sure is that MOST people who are online are not here because we have tons of friends, most are lonely people who cannot connect in person with others. MOST of us are not selling a business, most of need some kind of company and are very lonely people. So the next time you meet someone online chances are higher they are in need of some kind of connection. Bloggers are not like chatters however some bloggers can be very cold , never acknowledging we even exist, I know , I have tried to befriend MANY bloggers who just ignore me as if I did not exist!! I can imagine what she must have felt like..Sorry for your loss..

  14. The pattern worked fine for me. Don't worry about it and have a good time at your retreat. You deserve the R&R!!!

  15. It was fabulous having you at our retreat and am very honored to have fed your scrap bucket.


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