Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When Customer Service Counts!

A while back I did a post on how over time as a hand quilter, my fingers have changed. Yes......I'm getting "Old Lady" hands, and my thimble finger has experienced (or is experiencing from here on out) a thickening of my knuckle joint. It doesn't hurt, I don't think it is arthritis, it's just getting knobby and bumpy. But it's my thimble finger!

I had tried to get thimbles that really fit well before, and the ones I used most were those cheapie plastic adjustable ones....until recently, because I can't get them to fit comfortably anymore. they go too far down on my finger, and the rim of that thimble rubs where the knuckle has gotten big.

I've tried to put them in hot water, and force them a bit wider, but the length of the thimble is what is causing me the problem....they will continue to rub where I don't need them to rub, and this made me extra sad. What was this quilter girl to do?

About 5 years ago I bought a really pretty silver thimble from "Thimbles Plus" when I was in Hilton Head, SC during a Jinny Beyer weekend. I loved this thimble, it was beautiful, it seemed to fit right....for a while..but it was the same problem. The thimble came down too far on my finger and interfered with that knuckle.

Fast forward to this past week at the Jacksonville show!

The Thimbles Plus girls were there, and I was telling them that I was looking for a new thimble, and that the old one just didn't fit right. They told me to bring it in, so I did.....

We tried various sizes and kinds, and it was decided that instead of something that came down so far on my finger, I just needed a shorter style that wouldn't interfere with my old lady knuckle!

This one did the trick!

See how much shorter it is? I can bend that knobby knuckle and the thimble isn't in the way! There is room for my nail, it has great dimples for catching the needle, and it is PRETTY, isn't it?

Well here is the most unbelievable part. I was ready to buy this one, and they told me no, they would just swap it out for my old one. (?????) After 5 years, it was still under warranty and if it wasn't working for me they would just let me trade it in and get one that did work for me.

I tell you what, I never felt as much of a valued customer anywhere in my life as I did at that moment. The new thimble was mine, with a trade in! Equal value for equal value, used or not!

And to celebrate, I bought this:

This little beady beauty is a thimble keeper! I was looking for a thimble cage, but they can be big and bulky to wear. Instead, you insert the chained end through the open space in the thimble, and the thimble rides on the top bead, and actually looks really pretty on!

The little clip encircles the chain, the thimble is secure riding on the bead! Now I don't have to worry about losing my thimble in my carry on luggage, or worry about losing it in the plane seat, etc. Who needs fancy jewels when you can have a thimble that fits, and a pretty thimble keeper for it to ride on?

It's been raining pretty constantly since I got home Saturday night. I'm okay with that. Saturday night's heavy thunderstorms have left behind a couple days of gentle soft refreshing rain in their wake. Everything is so green. I love the sound of the rain, and of being able to just stay inside and enjoy it.

Laundry is going, house work is progressing, and it feels good to be home even for just a few days.

I enjoyed meeting with my Bee last night at Holly's house! the Ms BeeHavens were missing a few.....Laura had gall bladder surgery (well wishes Laura!!) Claire is in France (oh we don't feel sorry for her at all!) Sharon is getting ready for a wedding if I remember correctly, but those of us who did come enjoyed some wonderful conversation, lots of laughs, and even got some stitching done!

I've finished 2 sides on the binding for the magazine quilt....well into the 3rd side so that is coming along. Maybe tonight I'll get to watch that netflix that came in the mail for DH...if it's a bloody gorey thing, I'll just tune it out and stitch anyway :c)

Wednesday....I'm headed to Hickory to meet up with a school friend I haven't seen since Highschool graduation! We went to school together from 3rd grade on.....and just recently found each other through facebook, finding we live just over an hour apart. Is this cool or what? So Lori and I have a lunch date tomorrow and I can't wait to see her in person after 30 years!

Thursday....off to Colorado! I'm teaching for the Colorado Quilting Council's fall retreat, and I can't wait! Just look at this blurb from their events calendar page:
Colorado Quilting Council’s Fall Retreat will be held at Peaceful Valley Ranch in Lyons, Colorado. Peaceful Valley is one of Colorado’s most popular ranches. Nestled high in the Rocky Mountains (8400 ft), it sits right on the St. Vrain River amid 800,000 acres of the Roosevelt National Forest. Although secluded, it is only 60 miles from Denver and easy to reach. The ranch also features an exercise room, swimming pool and beautiful fall hiking.

It's the fall hiking that I am in the mood for....I hear the quaking aspens are turning a brilliant yellow as of now...And in anticipation, I think I'll turn on John Denver today and let him entice me with "Rocky Mountain High!"


  1. I am so glad you posted this! I bought, again, three different thimble this past weekend, to try to find something that would work. SO far only the little leather patches work for me... they are either TO big, to small, or fill the whole finger... THIS, seems like it might JUST do the trick, and I can keep it on a chain? Even better!!! thanks Bonnie!

  2. I bought a thimble from them too at Paducah maybe 10 years ago. Mine is a Jinny Beyer with a stone. Fast forward a few years and while I was quilting a needle pierced the thimble...very painful under the nail wound...and I was peeved about the hole. After contacting them, they gave me careful packaging instructions, I shipped it off and they fixed it for 0$$$$. Cannot beat that for customer service with a smile. I have lost it a few times. It is heavy and when I first put it on it seems to be too loose. It adjusts after a few moments but I have "flung" it across the room when first settling into my recliner. I have found it each time. Now I do not put it on until I am all settled!!!!
    I did try one of those plastic thimbles you used to use...they pinch my skin.
    XOXOXO Subee

  3. That is the BEST customer service I have ever heard of... I am glad you found a thimble that will work..

  4. What a wonderful story...so there is hope for customer service! :o)

    Shame we can't trade in our cars like you did with your thimble! LOL

    Love the thimble holder.. I could use one of those!

  5. Oh, I love love love my thimble from them! Great customer service makes it worth the extra $$$.

    I have also looked at cages but like this idea so much better. I guess I'll have to add the link to my facebook with a big HINT for my hubby. Wouldn't that make such a nice Christmas gift???

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hey, Sweetie! Gaining ground everyday - I'm tired of being confined, but I cannot drive until Friday, so patience and Vicodin win the day. Thanks for thinking of me, I miss y'all tons!

  7. I loved your thimble story, that is wonderful customer service! I will have to check them out, I tend to use the side of my finger in about the first joint area and have a really hard time finding a thimble that works. I have a leather one that is wearing out so I'll see what they have to offer! Oh, the aspen are changing and they are beautiful! Enjoy your trip.

  8. This was service indeed! Unbelievable!
    It is a beautiful thimble and thimble keeper. I wouldn't mind wearing it as jewellery either!

  9. I thought you meant me for a minute and then realised what you were talking about: LOL

    Love the thimble. All I've seen on the "all in one" ones. Nothing like that. And Wow - good customer service.

    I use DH's Mother's old thimble which fits perfectly. She'd had a fit if she knew I was using it!

  10. Hey, now that IS good customer service. The thimble is beautiful, and I love the keeper, too. Do they have a website for those of us who weren't at the show?

    I have long admired the fancy thimbles on Jinny Beyer's website. They are pretty expensive. I'm sure these aren't cheap, ether, but maybe not as expensive. Thanks for the neat post.

  11. I love the thimble keeper! I agree that the thimble cages I have seem are a little too big and bulky for me. But, I love the idea have having a safe place to keep my thimble. I am going to have to find myself a thimble keeper.

  12. My DH compares my search for the perfect thimble to his search for the perfect putter...we both have a dozen that worked for us at some point in out lives! (Glad you found yours!)

  13. Ugh. I'm always looking for a thimble that will fit. I think I might try finding a website for this group and see if they have something large enough. At least I'll know they have great customer service. Enjoy your time at home. Lane

  14. I so know what you mean about finding a thimble that fits...I love doing applique but had trouble keeping the thimble on my finger...When the last craft show was in Melbourne, I looked around for a new one and found this fantastic Leather Thimble with a Metal Tip..Not only does it stay on my finger, it also helps to push the needle through many layers of fabric...
    Hugs Michelle

  15. That is AWESOME customer service! Love how pretty it looks on it's new keeper :)

  16. I love the necklace idea! Glad you have such a pretty and useful thimble. Did you try to put a little cotton or batting inside a thimble to see if that helps? Just wondering.

  17. Love the thimble and the little keeper. Best necklace ever. I will have to check these out.

  18. Wow - I have exactly the same problem! I used to have a thimble that I was very fond of, but now, I can't use it anymore because of my humongous old lady bump! (Well, maybe I should have phrased that differently - I didn't mean to say that your old lady bump is humongous, just mine) Is this Thimbles Plus a local business? I tried searching for "Thimbles Plus," but all sorts of other stuff came up, *not* this business. Do they sell over the internet - it would have to be international in my case. But it would definitely be worth paying the awful customs fee (I'm sure there would be one) to finally have a thimble that fit me - and is so pretty to boot! That thimble holder-necklace is a peach too. From: eslquilter@gmail.com

  19. Bonnie, you were inspired. I have been thimble hunting for months, trying to find one that fits and doesn't hurt, rub or get in the way. I cannot wait to get one of these. Like me@home requests, do they have a number to call or do they have a website. I will look but just in case.....?
    Thank you again. I do have arthritis but I have those knobby knuckles plus a few gel like bumps on the sides that I figure if I got them, I must need them for something. LOL
    Take care and again, thank you.

  20. hello again. I found the website for those thimbles and more. Here it is for those interested.


    Good Luck


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