Friday, September 24, 2010

Playing Catch Up!

Do you remember the story of "Flat Stanley" and how he used to show up everywhere? Kind of a where's Waldo thing! And Stanley and Waldo, tho they never did meet, were both probably having only HALF the fun that this traveling quilter is!

So where I have I been the past couple days since my last post? I spent a couple days with the quilters in Clarkston Michigan! We had two workshops, and a lecture....and never let it be said that quilters don't persevere...

Remember a few months back when I made the decision to put off taking the trunk show across Canadian borders until they get something better worked out? Well.....there are a handful of quilters from Ontario who made the jaunt to come see ME instead! We had an absolute ball. They even brought show and tell for ME to see!

And here is where I feel really old and blond and all the other adjectives I can think of, because tho it has only been a few days since Monday/Tuesday when I was with these gals, I've got their names all mixed up in my head! But just LOOK at her beautiful Star Struck! She used black as her accent fabric, and look at that border!!

The half square triangles used in the friendship star border are all the BONUS half squares she got from double seaming the larger triangle units....WHOOOT! Isn't it fabulous!?

And this one....her Carolina Christmas Mystery.....she actually made two smaller quilts instead of the one bigger one:

And the back...so totally fun!!

These gals are so prolific, even a Blue Ridge Beauty top was brought across the border for show and tell! :cD

The only thing that was NOT wonderful about Michigan was LEAVING! My flight was delayed just enough that I missed my connection in Washington/Dulles. Then what was supposed to be a 5 hour layover turned into an 8 hour layover due to weather. I didn't get to my hotel here in Jacksonville until after 11pm. Yesterday I felt like a zombie for most of the day, but I did learn to navigate the sky rail system from the hotel to the convention center and back. The weather has been sunshiney gorgeous....just like Florida should!

I've got at least ONE trunk show to do today at the show. If it fills, we'll simply do another one so no one will miss out!

For those of you coming, I can't wait to meet you! For those who WERE coming (ahem! You know who you are!) and life got in the way.....I miss you, and we'll do it again another time!

My flight home is tomorrow...we might get one more update before then if I can get my ducks in a row. I want to tell you about my wonderful experience with the thimble lady people yesterday, the painted featherweight I drooled over, and all the other wonderful things about the show. I'll get some pics and if I don't post them tonight, I will over the weekend.....

Have a super Friday, ya'll!


  1. You are such fun!!!! LOVE, LOVE the quilts and tops -- and the fact that you can see fruits of your labor in such an encouraging way! Wonderful!!
    Mary Lou

  2. Bonnie, you are SO busy! But it is fun to read about your travels.

    The quilts you have shown us here in this blog post are incredible; you have to include that starstruck at your Quiltville site where you have links for other Star Struck quilts. It is just gorgeous.

    And you are the inspiration for it!

  3. Love the quilts that came across the border. Safe travels.

  4. LOVE the quilts, especially the friendship star!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Look at the quilts and quilters you inspire!

    Safe travels and Happy Sewing

  6. That's cool! I love that first quilt so much!

  7. How fun...next time you in Augusta you are going to see a forest of crabapple tree quilts!

  8. ooh, beautiful quilts and I love that Star. definitely sad to have missed you!!!! hope the trunk shows went well and better luck on the flights home!

  9. Awesome! Love love love that starstruck quilt. It is a stunner!

    I have one question: how come those ladies were able to bring their quilts to you without a big headache, but you can't bring yours there? I do not get it!

    Just another joy of big brother, I presume.

    Glad you had such a successful journey.

  10. Bonnie, I was at the Clarkston Guild last week for your trunk show! I absolutely loved it!! I can't wait for you to come up here for the Rochester guild "Oakland County Quilt Guild". I brought 3 of my friends to the trunk, one of them had never heard of you and I insisted that she come. She was sooo glad that she came! I had to leave abruptly when you finished, bummer, I had a sick teenage boy at home...long story....anyway, You are fantastic!! Can't wait to see you again! and I LOVE THE new sewing machine!!!
    Nancy in Clarkston

  11. Their quilts are gorgeous!!


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