Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baby Blues...

My little nephew Logan is such a peanut! Just look at him, along with my beautiful mother. I can imagine her holding each of her 8 children, and all of her 17 grandchildren as they came into the world in just this way.

My brother also has 4 step-children which are no-where-no-how ever considered as step, we accept them as full members of the family, and she would have gladly held each of them just like this if she had been around when they were born. Mom is a born mother-er!

My brother Mark is soon to become a Grandpa! His daughter (My niece Melissa) and her hubby are expecting their first baby. My mom is about to become a Great-Grandma for the first time! I dare say that Great-Auntie-Bonnie will continue making baby quilts for each new arrival as long as she can. I am amazed at how families grow, and the love grows with them!

Yesterday I finished the label on the baby quilt. This top has been waiting around for the next "boy" baby to be born into the family, but girl babies seem to be the norm in our family! My brother Mark has 4 girls and one son..with the son in the middle of the bunch.

My Sister Joy had one son, this was made after his arrival too, and then had 3 little girls all in a row....so this quilt sat while I made pink things!

My brother David had a baby girl...another pink quilt....and the blue quilt sat.

My Sister Mary, who is Logan's mama, has a son, Porter, and Porter got a different baby quilt when he was born. Porter was followed by a sister, Kenzie, and hers of course, was PINK!

Now Logan follows Kenzie, and this baby quilt, made with the left over blocks from my Blue Ridge Beauty quilt, goes to Logan!

Here is a pic of the quilting detail and the fun fabrics in it. I love combining little oddities in my scrap quilts.....some very traditional ones, and some fun novelty ones thrown in for something to look at.

And I'm running late! The dreaded insomnia troll came slinking by about 2:30am this morning, and I was up until about 4am when I finally fell back to sleep. Now I'm up, but needing to get ready to go meet my school friend Lori in Hickory! I'm excited! I'm nervous! We haven't seen each other in 30 years!


  1. That is just gorgeous! The colors are awesome. Congrats on the newest addition to the family!

  2. Gorgeous! The colors remind me of my first mystery quilt and how much I love blues and neutrals.

    I have three baby quilts to make by February, and we find out Monday what at least one of the color schemes will be. This is going to the top of my list if it's a boy. Thanks for the reminder!

    Logan is so lucky to have such a wonderful and talented auntie.

  3. never ever enough babies!
    oh don't you just want to hold Logan?
    ok you just need to make a baby quilt a month
    your readers would love that!
    stash them away...
    you will always be ready then

  4. Your quilt is beautiful, Bonnie! And congrats to the whole family on the arrival of little Logan. He is adorable.

  5. Perfect quilt for a perfect little bundle of joy. I love the term Great Aunt....it makes me feel special. :O)

  6. You look like your mom! Keep on making those quilts. You inspire us all!

  7. Congrats on the darling new arrival! So precious! His quilt turned out beautiful...love all the blues! Have a fun day!

  8. Wow, what a sweet little baby! I just love those little ones.....
    Congratulations on the newest addition to the family! And that love will always grow...!
    Love your little baby quilt! The quilting looks gorgeous as well!

  9. There is no way that the photo is of your mother - she is gorgeous and so young looking - aren't you lucky to have such wonderful genes...gorgeous photo of the 2 generations...

  10. I love that quilt! Congrats to everyone...Logan is so cute. My goodness, Bonnie, do you look like your mother!

  11. Great quilts Auntie Bonnie. I jst heard I have a new Great Nephew, born today. Dylan came out screaming. Perfect for his momma who loves Halloween. I think a Black and orange backing will be in order. have fun with your "old" friend

  12. How fun! I've reconnected with some friends from high school on Facebook, but I would love to see them face to face again!

  13. Beautiful baby and a beautiful quilt!

  14. You look like your mom, except for the hear! the quilt is awesome an Logan lucky with an aunt making him a quilt! I am sure they will treasure it!

  15. I am zeroing in on the insomnia thing. I've been wakened at 2 AM for the past several days. It doesn't seem to matter if I nap or not ahead of time...how frustrating. What is causing it? What do you do about it?

    ~Joan Parker,
    sleepless in Shelby

  16. Your mom doesn't look old enough to be expecting her first great-grandchild!! The blue baby quilt is very nice. I love scrappy! ~karen

  17. Hope you had a great time with your friend; and the quilt is just beautiful!

  18. Such a sweet picture! Congrats to being "auntie" again. Bonnie you look a lot like your mom!

  19. awwww... i will be a great auntie this winter and I'm planning a shabby chic pink quilt... girlie girl quilt!

  20. Beautiful! And isn't it wonderful when our families are growing bigger! I have a new grandchild due October 6th! But I'm no competition for your Mom, who looks amazingly young!

  21. Bonnie, Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

    You and your mom look SOO much alike (you've never heard that before, huh?)...me and my mom, too.

    And I just love the quilt!

    Hope you get some sleep tonight.

    Connie - Boise, ID

  22. Your quilt is adorable, I love the colours!

  23. Precious baby, beautiful BLUE quilt!

  24. Well done on the quilt Bonnie..It's so hard to come up with a boy's quilt and you did a wonderful job..
    Hugs Michelle

  25. Is the pattern Blue Ridge Beauty available anywhere on line....I've got a baby quilt to make for a couple who is adopting....I am adopted so it's extra special to me.

  26. I googled "blue and brown baby quilt" and THIS awesome quilt popped up!! I might have to "steal" it ;c) I'm looking for a pattern for blue and brown scraps. Or, I might just use another one of your patterns, I dunno. . I need one where I could use dark and light shades of blue, and dark and light shades of brown. . that was the request. . hmmmmmm . . . I love the lower contrast of this though. LOVE it!


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