Friday, February 06, 2009

I'm in Love......with Nora!!

I blame this infatuation completely on R.P. who sent the first link!

I am SO head over heels in love, I had to play it over and over....and then...this morning..I had to go watch ALL the other Nora videos. This is just the MOST precious thing...it just takes the cake! (Or the catnip as the case were)

Enjoy! I know YOU too will be in love!

I want to know why my cats can't be this talented. Well, except for Chloe of course, who can double as a Swiffer when I need her to! And then there was Ms Holly who trained herself to toilet-pee (But would never grasp the idea of flushing...)

I'm off to Durham to teach a workshop with the Durham African American Quilter's Circle. Can't wait! We are doing Scrappy Mountain Majesties, which is always a good one for using up big chunks of fabric in a quilt that looks fabulous! I'll be leaving by 6:30am so I won't be posting tomorrow..and wanted to leave you with this...

It did warm up enough to take Sadie for a nice long walk. Man, am I ever out of SHAPE! C'mon spring...It's time to get ACTIVE!


Shari said...

I think I'm in love with Nora too. What a great kitty! Thanks for the link!


floribunda said...

I love this cat! Especially the way she sometimes seems to be caressing the piano as she plays.

Mary said...

Nora's owner must teach piano. Very cute, I had to watch too.

Tazzie said...

Ohhh my goodness ... my cats are slackers!

Lady of the Cloth said...

All this talent and how am I supposed to feel as a cat mom...all my cat does is steal. I finally found a piece of jewelry and 3 quilt blocks she heisted but an earring and my chapstick are still missing. The disappointment of it all. She does drugs as well, catnip is her choice. thanks for sharing

Mary Ann said...

Oh, she is just so sweet!!! We sat and watched several times, too! What a precious pet!!!
All the best!
Mary Ann in Denmark

quiltmom said...

HI Bonnie,
That Nora is quite the cat- thanks for sharing - I posted a link to your blog and I thought perhaps you might want to see what I had written.
Thanks again for all the wonderful contributions you make to quilting - it is much appreciated.