Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine's Day! It brings back memories of decorating shoe boxes and paper lunch sacks to tape on the back of our chairs in school, just wondering WHO would put WHAT into our decorated containers. Valentines was the holiday for paper lace doilies and glue and glitter. Conversation hearts (that some how tasted like soap!) and cinnamon red hot hearts.

He loves me! He loves me NOT! And will I ever know... :c)

Valentine's Day was for giggly girlfriends sharing secrets in a corner of the playground.

Valentine's Day was for heart shaped sugar cookies with thick pink frosting and red sugar sprinkles.

In my heart I'm licking envelopes stuffed with cut paper valentines,and putting one in each of your boxes, bags, or sewing baskets!

Happy Valentine's Day, from my heart to yours!


  1. You put into words the same kind of memories I was thinking. Happy Valentines Day to you too!

  2. Bonnie, look in your imaginary decorated shoe box. You will find an imaginary Valentine from me. Thanks for everything you do for your many quilting fans.
    Linda from Southern Illinois

  3. Thanks for remaining about the good old school days! Happy Valentine Day! Be sure to have some chocolate today!!!

  4. I agree, the anticipation was the best part. But can you imagine the kids in Grace Violet's kids class when they find this http://www.graceviolet.com/2009/02/how-to-make-marshmallow-lollipops.html in their paper bag. I dare you to read this and not smile, I couldn't. It is for the kid in all of us.

  5. I read your blog and just wanted to drop in and wish you Happy Valentines Day! May you have lots of love in your day.

  6. I think it was only the green ones that really tasted like soap...and who needs green hearts anyways?!

    Have a great Valentines Day!

  7. Sweet and your memories are precious.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you.

  8. What fun memories your post has called to mind! I wonder if they do those Valentine bags or boxes in school nowadays???

  9. Thanks for the memories of paper lace doilies and mail boxes made from decorated cereal boxes. And a Happy Valentines Day to you, Bonnie!

  10. And those candy hearts were always so hard and stale! But the cinnamon red hots...oh yeah! gooood! And stained our tongues & lips, too. Mt choice is Hershy's kisses. Can't beat chocolate. Sending you a cyber valentine full of love for you, Bonnie, for your giving heart.

  11. Ah yes, my busy little 5 1/2 year old is figuring out the fun of this holiday - and has noticed a definate difference between the Valentine's from girls vs boys - too funny!!! Most the girls gave Hanna Montana cards, which I found odd at the age, but oh well! He did the lacy doily cards and came home with a decorated brown paper bag for his goodies. Momma made heart shaped cookies and pizza. It doesn't take much effort on the part of adults to create wonderful, life-long lasting memories for children! Happy Valentine's Day. Cheers! Evelyn

  12. Sending you glue and glitter and candy hearts! Thanks so much for giving us YOUR heart every single day!!!


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