Monday, November 17, 2008

How Blissful is Housework!

Yes, I'm home...so much has CHANGED in my surroundings here in the 2 weeks I've been gone! I couldn't tell last night, got home about 9:30pm, of course in full darkness, but this morning I noticed that ALL the leaves are down now, and it really feels like winter is arriving in NC...

Not as bad as Detroit though! It was snowing pretty good when we took off..we had to stop on the runway for more de-icing...get me outta there! :cD

Really, I love the snow...as long as the sun comes out afterwards and the sky is blue and...have I mentioned this before?

So what have I done all day? Laundry. Vacuuming. Mopping. Dishes. Cleaning off appliances. Grocery shopping. Bank run. Post office run. You get the idea. Tackled the HUGE pile of snail mail that has been waiting for me to come home.

The best part? I've been home ALONE all day!Jeff is at work...Dave is in Hickory...I'm HOME ALONE!! Of course I am dying to SEW, but it will have to wait until my ducks are in a row. That means luggage unpacked, house taken care of,etc.

Domestic chores are soul centering in their own right, though, aren't they? I haven't had to talk to anyone other than the pets, the phone really hasn't rang. I've had MY music on the stereo, and I'm singing along just doing my thing, putting my life back in order so I can enjoy the next month off.

Wherever I go I like to check out different teas. I just love tea. Here is a pic of a couple new ones I bought. Nothing like a cup of tea in a dainty china cup (my great grandmother's!) from a pretty tea pot. BY MYSELF!

And yes, I do love the fruity flavors. And the Vanilla flavors too. I know some don't, but I do....oh yes, and cinnamon spicy chi type teas are top of my list as well!

There may be sewing going on tomorrow....but for today, I'm not pushing it!


Christine said...

Yes I do love tea too and will try different ones. The Ginger Peach sound yummy.
Also wanted to thank you for sending my book, I love it very much.
Happy stitching

Marianne said...

Well, Welcome Back!!! Tea is a newly acquired taste for me. I love the Tazo brand particularly the Awake black tea they sell. It really gave me hope after I had to give up coffee back in January.

Salem Stitcher said...

Have you found Angelina's Tea on Stratford Road yet? If you love tea, you need to check it out. It's in the same shopping center as Midtown Cafe & Dessertery.

debby said...

I've just returned from ten weeks of back-to-back trips. I have my own homecoming routine, too. Unpack, start laundry, do dishes (ick!), grocery shop, catch up on mail and banking, sort through voice- and e-mail, make a pot of soup (soup is my tea), and pick up the obvious messes. Then I repack and leave again. Now that I'm mostly home for the next 2 months I'm doing the deep cleaning and organizing that are so needed.

When oh when will the fun sewing time start?

Idaho Quilter said...

That a girl, take it easy, enjoy having the house to your self. And welcome home, we missed you.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

snow??? eeek. glad you made it home safely. The teas look yummy. I'm in love with some of the Lipton Infusion herbal blends here, but it looks like they aren't sold in the states. drat. make sure you get some rest and recovery in there too, busy woman!

Jan said...

Welcome Home. Peace be with You.

katie z said...

Hooray for being home! I like peppermint tea. Have you ever seen gunpowder tea? It doesn't taste all that great, according to my husband, but it sure is fun to watch!

Loris said...

Welcome home! I'm enjoying my morning tea as I read your blog. My favorite comes from Sensibiliteas.com and though their is a huge variety, I love,love,love the organic English Breakfast. The owner is a longarm quilter that also has a tea shop in the Tshirt factory in New York...forgot which city.Delicious!
Enjoy your weather. We've been having a heat wave and fires in CA!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Ahhhh, your all settled! Don't you just love being home alone!

Fran said...

Welcome home Bonnie, I've been peeking in everyday to see if you were back, and wouldn't you know it, I skipped a day and here I am a day behind.
I've started with the Christmas 'cleaning', that's when everything, crystal, china and knick-knacks must shine.
I just love your tea pot. The color is fabulous, I'm green with envy. My kitchen is done in blues and I want one...*lol*

Teas are so soothing, they're my favourites. Coffee first thing in the morning but tea for the rest of the day.
Can't wait for my book to arrive. I don't know how you can juggle your life like you do, your amazing.


robin said...

I love tea, tea pots and tea cups! Next to quilts I loving collecting tea related items. I prefer herb and fruit teas. I really like Sweet & Spicy Herbal Tea by Good Earth. Hmmm...off to fix a pot of tea! Stay warm!!!