Saturday, November 22, 2008

3am Hotflash.....Done!

My two boxes came from Wisconsin....the stuff that wouldn't fit into my luggage :c) Along with it was the 3am hotflash quilt that only needed the binding finished,and the sleeve sewn down. I finished it yesterday while watching a movie on TV..with my feet up in the recliner.

I gently washed the quilt, and blocked it to dry. I really like the crinkly texture of cotton quilts when washed. The quilting just sinks in and the detail comes to life, playing against the patches.

Today is bright and clear,but cold for NC in November! It was only 25 degrees this morning. Patches of snow were still there along the interstate as I went to go do some shopping and errands, the patches hidden beneath the limbs of evergreens and hardwood trees, places where the sun couldn't reach to fully melt it yesterday.

And HA to me....I thought I was leaving all this stuff back in Wisconsin and Detroit, and here I seem to have brought cold and snow back with me!

Never mind....it makes it feel more like Thanksgiving. I even hung a Christmas stocking today :c) This one was a gift from Patsy of Middle of Nowhere where I enjoyed being a guest during my time in Wisconsin. I love this stocking SO much Patsy! I keep looking at the patches, the corners chopped off, the interesting quilting design in the alternate blocks. I wish I could know this lady (or this young girl?) and how she came upon her quilting designs...

I've got a fire going in the wood stove...a pot of soup in the crock pot, no where else I need to go today, and the machine is calling me for some more 3.5" stringy crumb blocks. How many do I have so far? Almost 180! They are safety pinned in groups of 10, which makes them easy to count. Do I know what I'm doing yet? Oh, I have some ideas...maybe it will be a whole series..*LOL* All I know is that basket I showed the other day is still not looking at all DOWN. 180 blocks, all with 5 to 8 pieces in them...that is a lot of pieces given purpose, you know? But it is not making a dent. There are still lots of LITTLE pieces left. Little triangles and such. I've been using them for the corners of the string blocks,but I'm also thinking of something I can paper piece with them to give them purpose as well. Maybe a small pineapple or a flying geese block? I wonder....just how many quilts I can get out of this stuff??


  1. This is very reminencent of a Gee's Bend quilt. Very beautifully done. Love all the colors and positioning of the stripes.

    I'm going to become a follower, not that you NEED another follower, but your work is beautiful and worth following!!!

  2. WOnderful quilt Bonnie!
    I really love how you intuitively quilted, with each part being different.

  3. Looks very cozy and beautiful :-). A very happy quilt...

  4. Good to know of all the great things one can do during the 'change', although you look far too young for it. The quilt does have a bit of a Gee's Bend look to it and I think it's great. Would it work as well in prints? Is the stocking made from a salvaged quilt?

  5. 3 a.m. Hot Flash--it's just inspired! I think I have a quilt like this in my future. Thanks for the inspiration...

  6. I so so so love this quilt and the hand quilting is fabulous. marvelous job. Beautiful christmas stocking as well!

  7. Hi Bonnie

    Love the stocking, if you check out my blog you will see the latest DUQ magazine and a mention and picture of your CC mystery quilt (well my version off it)
    It is the December issue and I had to give you a plug.


  8. It's nice to be able to have an extended time at home between your travels!! That wood stove sounds marvelous about now!!
    Lori in VA

  9. I truly love the hot flash quilt, Bon. Truly.

  10. Bonnie, I have found myself returning again to your 3am Hotflash Quilt! I love it. It is perfect in every way.

  11. When on EARTH do you have time to handquilt??? My goodness----I SWEAR you have a magic remote control that controls all time and you are DELIBERATELY HIDING IT FROM US!!!!
    I was so bummed that I wasn't able to meet you while you were in Wisconsin, but I just live too far north! WAYYY up by Lake Superior.
    Happy Tuesday----hope you have tackled the CC quilting by now.


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