Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Love.......Not Lost, but Found!

When I got home from work yesterday (hellacious day.....I had clients booked all afternoon with my last client at 6:30, putting me home after 8pm....yawn!) there was a package from TONYA!

When I was down there a few weeks ago and we made my "Love on a shoe-string budget" quilt, there were some left over reject blocks. She made some crumb blocks, and we set out to see if we could turn this little "Lost" Love into a quiltlet. Tonya offered to quilt it for me, so how could I not let her? ;c)

Her hand quilting is so wonderful....and I still struggle to quilt without a hoop the way she does. I love the fans in the border, and how she quilted each block piece with just what it called for...it is perfect! And of course, I love the backing fabric...ELVIS!!

I also received some sad news this past week while I was on the road trip with Lucy to Paducah. My friend Marie passed away on Monday from pancreatic cancer. I will miss her laugh and her smile and her stories so much. She was a wonderful remarkable lady who will be dearly missed by all who knew her.

With true friendships, even with friends who have passed on, I am celebrating Love FOUND, not focusing on Love Lost. When it comes down to it, Love is the reason for everything. They say "You can't take it with you"....but with love, I think you can.

A close friend sent me this yesterday, by Mother Teresa. I think we can also substitute the word LOVE for LIFE:

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.

Life is beauty, admire it.

Life is a dream, realize it.

Life is a challenge, meet it.

Life is a duty, complete it.

Life is a game, play it.

Life is a promise, fulfill it.

Life is sorrow, overcome it.

Life is a song, sing it.

Life is a struggle, accept it.

Life is a tragedy, confront it.

Life is an adventure, dare it.

Life is luck, make it.

Life is too precious, do not destroy it.

Life is life, fight for it.



  1. Sorry to hear about your friend's passing - the piece from Mother Teresa is beautiful - thanks for sharing

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your loss of a friend Bonnie. You've certainly had your share this year....

    Thanks for sharing Mother Teresa's good words.

  3. Sorry to hear about Marie. It is almost like Tonya knew you needed the little pick me up and sent the surprise package jsut at the right time! I love your little love quilt from her!

  4. How lovely that she had a short time to enjoy the quilt. I am so sorry you have lost your friend.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I'm sure your friendship and support meant a lot to her and her family.

  6. Oh Bonnie, I'm so sorry about your friend. Feel free to call this little quilt "Found Love" or something happy.

  7. I'm so sorry about your friend, Bonnie. What a lovely quilt Tonya made and thanks for the quote.

  8. I am very sorry to hear of your loss. It is never easy to lose those we love but we know they are at peace now.

    Tonya's quiltlet could not have arrived at a better time and it is darling!

  9. Very beautiful thoughts and words, thank you for sharing that.

  10. Great Love quilt, great words from Mother Teresa, and sounds like a great friend was lost. I'm so sorry. Glad you are able to keep an upbeat outlook on life. It really helps get through the sorrowful times. Your Paducah report was wonderful. Sounds like so much fun! And I LOVE your beautiful Lone Star quilt. Thanks for all that you have shared.

  11. Gosh Bonnie, I'm so sorry to hear about your friends passing. Such beautiful words from Mother Teresa, truly words to live by.


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