Saturday, May 05, 2007

Binding & Sleeve.....

Quickie post! I have to have quilts ready to take to guild mtg on monday night...all show entries need to be bound, sleeved, labeled and have dowels cut to size so the library folks can hang them with fishing line or whatever they are doing for display. All quilts will be hung against walls, so I think that is how they do it without racks.

I got the binding (black) and sleeve (lime green to go with the elvis dots!) on the back of the little quiltlet Tonya quilted.

How's this for a new title??? LOVE IN THE LOST & FOUND!! *hehehehe* Kind of goes along with the title of the "Love on a shoestring budget".....

No pics to post today...too much to do and no more time to putter around the puter...

In Stitches - - - -


Lynn Dykstra said...

You could get a whole library theme going here--
Love in the Stacks
Love in the Remainders
Overdue Love
Love Deaquisitioned

Dawn said...

A perfect name! And I love the Elvis backing!

YankeeQuilter said...

Hope folks get a chance to see the back on the love found quilt! Good luck getting it all done in time but if anyone can it is you!