Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Big Ugly!

A day in the life of a clutz!

This happened wednesday night....I thought I had just "bumped" my arm! I thought nothing about it, I undressed, went to bed...the next morning when I woke up and headed for the shower I looked in the mirror and...WOW!!

I didn't think I banged it that bad! It must have seeped all night into the tissues...remember this was wednesday it happened? I had Jeff take this picture this morning..it is turning all sorts of lovely colors..*hehe* It looks worse than it feels, but it is sure taking a long time to fade,and it seems like the darker area keeps spreading bigger. I'm sure doing 4 massages on saturday and 6 yesterday didn't help it much.

I'm home quilting on customer quilts today...and baking more banana things. Yes, another bag of bananas came home with me on sunday.....so I am trying banana oatmeal walnut cookies and some bars that get a cream cheese icing after they cool. They will go back to the next rehearsal with me....I don't want to end up looking like a banana cream cheese bar myself at this rate!

This afternoon is a visit to the periodontist. Seems a tooth that I had knocked out when I was 12 has decided to end it's life (whhhaaa!) and I've got to have it extracted and replaced with an implant. Oh, I am SO not looking forward to this!



  1. What a bruise! Vince did the same thing when we were packing to move. He wasn't real sure when or how he hit his arm but he had a bruise that just wouldn't stop. Hope it clears up soon and you are back to "normal". :)

    You make me want to join the choir just to get all those goodies you're baking.

  2. Please share the banana recipes. I always have a few bananas in the freezer.

  3. Ooh Bonnie you are in the wars - you poor thing bruise then teeth - think you definitely need a banana bar with cream cheese frosting to give you a lift :o)

  4. I have a good banana bar recipe that uses Bisquick, and has yummy butterscotch icing. I'll bet it's on their website.
    Your poor arm! Reminds me of a 4th of July when I was sitting in a lawn chair on the very slightest of slopes. I leaned over to see something. The girls said I looked just like Arty Johnson falling over on his tricycle on the old Laugh-in show. The next day, my elbow looked like I dipped it in a bucket of deep purple paint, submerging my complete elbow. I actually cracked it!

  5. Oh Bonnie! That bruise is some of my favorite colors! But not on skin! I made some of my bananna muffins this weekend - you were making me so hungry for them! The bars and cookies sound like a great idea too! I'm coming to live near you!

  6. OH my goodness Bonnie...slow down and relax! You are too busy to notice you're hurt!

  7. OUCH! Good luck at the periodontist. Let's hope he gives you some good painkillers, 'cause that sounds like seriously painful "not fun".

  8. I have the same ouchie on my shin. But..I know when I ran into the receiver-hitch on the back of DH's pickup. Mine is still numb.

  9. owie about the bruise and the teeth. your treats sound awfully yummy tho!

  10. Dang, what a drag about the arm and the tooth! Get better soon!!

  11. OUCH! I hope the colors fade quickly.
    Glad it doesn't hurt too much.

  12. enjoy those banana things now--next week you won't be able to. :) Sounds like deja vu to me--I knocked a tooth out when I was about 12--and it came to it's end about 4 years ago. An unexpected bone graft and an implant later--made me wonder why I waited so long. Was it pleasant? No--but it passes quickly and you'll be glad you did it!


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