Saturday, February 17, 2007

Busy Weekend!

I am quilting furiously....but I wanted to post something I found on ebay! Isn't this a great maverick stringy quilt?! I love it..it looks very patriotic to me.

Wednesday my friend Randy arrives from California...and thursday we leave for our quilter's retreat near Aiken! I am trying to decide what projects to take. I will be doing massage at this one, and as of last count we had 9 massages pre-paid, so my quilting hours will be in between that. I have a quilt I need to finish piecing (embroidered blocks done by the client) before I can do the quilting. This will probably be good time to do that. I'm also thinking of just taking my bin of strings and string piecing my way through the weekend to see what I can get done. Nothing that requires too much concentration!

I switched to the "new" blogger. Up to this point, blogger wouldn't let me do it, it said some things on my blog were untransferrable. But this morning it gave me the chance to switch again, and so I bit the bullet. I have no idea if my template is going to be screwed up when I post this or not, so here goes!



YankeeQuilter said...

Have fun at retreat...that string quilt sort of hurts the eyes to look at but is very maverick!

cher said...

how interesting-enjoy another retreat..doing string piecing will certainly not tax the brain!

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

What a great way to support your habit. A good masseuse is worth their weight in gold...aaahhh...I'm a noodle just think about it...smile.

Katie said...

WOW Bonnie. . you have had a blog, for a VERY long time! LOL. . and this quilt is amazing. . it looks like a bunch of arms. . all reaching towards the center. love it (it was the quilt photo that took me to this blog post ;c)