Monday, July 10, 2006

Lo, and Behold! She SEWED!!

I sewed I sewed! Kind of forced to, but hopefully this will open the flood gates! Next month I am giving a charity quilt workshop for my guild, and we will be making "Simply Strippy" Quilts to use up scraps and will be donating the quilts to the local Breast Cancer Center.

I dug in my bin of 3.5" strips and was able to sew this top in one evening! I have to give a little "blurb" about the workshop tonight at guild meeting, so they will know what they are making, along with handing out a list of what they will need so everyone will be ready for the August meeting. I wasn't able to get this quilted (I have someone else's quilt in the machine) but I will have it done for the August meeting. It just felt good to SIT AND SEW!

Before Siobhan left for New England (And from there she moves to England) we met for dinner and had some fun shopping, wandering through the antique mall, and going to Hobby Lobby, etc. I found these wonderful old cotton carding combs! There are still fibers left in the tines...I don't know how old they are, but I love that the label on them is so visible...

Other than that, work is going well, and I joined a gym right down the street from work, so when I have bookend clients, some in the morning, some in the late afternoon, I can take the hours in between and go do the eliptical machine (and watch Oprah!) do some weights, and swim some laps! I think it will work out great to use up the "sitting around and waiting" time. So far I haven't been able to make myself sit at a quilting project in those idle moments at work. They are just not that idle..answering phones, talking to people..and can't really have a sewing mess all over the place.

The family reunion to MN is coming up and I am getting very excited to see my mom and all of her side of the family....



  1. What a find! Those are almost identical to the ones I showed in my Dec 14th post. The writing is a bit more worn on mine. Can only make out a few letters of the location. And where yours says LS Watson &Co. mine say Watson and then the rest of the line is worn out. So whose are older, yours or mine? Obviously at some time the name of the company changed a bit but Mr. Watson still figured prominately in both occasions. I don't know how old mine are but I know they did belong to my granmothers and I've been told she got them from HER grandmother. So they have to be pretty old now as my Granny was born around 1907 or 08.

    Good for you making yourself sew for a bit. I've just recently gone back to sewing after a long dry spell. I started making myself just spend 5 minutes in my sewing room no matter how tired I am. And usually I end up spending much longer and have almost pieced a quilt and pieced backing this last week. It's good to be sewing again. :-)

  2. Wow Bonnie, even I could manage something like this! Simply Strippy looks great.


  3. I am so happy that you are back on sewing !!! Lucky one who get this quilt! A real bonnie one :-)

    and the carding combs are a great find!! I love them !!!!

  4. Bonnie, it's so good to see you posting again - and hear that you are sewing again! We've heard so little from you for so long that I was getting worried. As I've been doing a lot of scrap sewing lately I've been thinking about you a lot. I've been adapting some of your ideas to the way I cut and store my scraps. I would be making much better progress with the project if I didn't have to go to work - I know you know how that is!

  5. Congrats on sitting down to sew!

  6. Hey, she posts! I check every day, just in case. =) The quilt looks terrific. I love the little 4-patch stuck in there. The carding combs are nicely photographed against that quilt. Very artistic.

    Congrats on finding a gym. I wish there were one out here in the hinterlands of SD! It's going to be too hot to walk in the next two weeks, unless I do it on the dark side of the moon.

  7. Hooray for perhaps breaking the damn, and, hope the workshop goes well.

  8. glad you were able to do some sewing :-) The carders look like the ones I have for wool, I'd never thought of there being ones for cotton too. Makes sense though.

  9. How fun! I am working on a strippy quilt too. Mine uses 2.5 inch strips. It will be the "supplemental project" for the "Strip club" at my LQS next month.

  10. I'm so pleased you've had some sewing time Bonnie. Good on you for joining a gym, you're going to be superfit!

  11. Yup, I love those strippy bar quilts! They turn out so cute! Some kid charity quilts are on my list for this also! As well as the stacked bars!

  12. Hey, so good to see you, hope this is the beginning of your next sewing stint! I'm sure life, home and work keep you hopping all the time...but we miss you!!!

  13. Nice to see you again! Love the find. Antiques are so neat to find and wonder how the person used them and where!

  14. Hurrah for getting to sew and for getting to spend time with Sio before she departs the area.


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