Friday, June 02, 2006

From An Avid Ring Reader..

I received the most wonderful email yesterday and I wanted to share part of it with you!

Sally writes:

On your blog will you let your friends know that I (and lots of others I'm sure) are "checking on their lives" regularly. They have become dear to me. I am holding Patty's daughter Melanie close as she fights for her sight, I love the sound of Finn, and "Screen Door" is somewhere in the UP where I lived for 5 years and where 2 of my 3 children were born. So many threads that seem to tie us all together. I don't like feeling like a voyuer or one of the "dead" characters on Ghost Whisperer, but not being a blogger I can't let them know I am here and enjoying their work and their thoughts so much. From all of the interlacing comments I see how special you are to each other and I hope everyone realizes that the ripples go much farther.

So ladies, I want you to know how much your lives are touching the lives of all of us, bloggers and readers alike!



Fiona said...

I would like to echo Sally's thoughts. What I find amazing is how willing you all are to share not only your experiences but your talents - your work is so inspiring. I'm not sure I will continue my own blog for much longer - it's more difficult than I thought - but if you all don't mind 'lurkers' who do appreciate your posts then I won't feel too bad.

QuiltingFitzy said...

I have to agree that I am almost dumbfounded at the ability and quality of character that each of the blogs contains.

We inspire each other in different ways. Whether it's inspiration to simplify, a recipe to share, a chuckle for something silly we've done, or a request for an opinion on which path to take on a quilt.

Blogs are the thread we use to connect ourselves to each other. They are a blessing and a curse. They take up time yet reward ten-fold.

You reap what you sow...and we ALL know that is spelled S-E-W.


aikentoquilt said...

I am so impressed by this small world we live in, and the way we are communicating is so great. Anne Bebbington, who has commented on a few of your postings, caught my attention, because she lives in the UK. While I was in the UK last year, I attended a quilt show in York. There was a spectacular quilt there, designed by a man. I photographed that quilt, on our last day there, and when I got back home, could not view the downloaded photos, for some unknown reason, because they just showed up as dark spaces. I went to her site, and THERE SHE HAS PHOTOS OF THE QUILT!!!!! I left a comment, and she has offered to send me her photos!!!! I had not purchased the show book, because it was about $40.00 US, and I thought I had good photos anyway. What a small world, and here it is, one year later, and I am getting photos of a quilt that has stuck in my mind for a whole year........

ForestJane said...

Hmm, I think if you check yourself as 'other' it will let you post even if you don't have a blog yourself.

I'd have to test it and see. :)

Marcie said...

Hi Bonnie, I have been enjoying your web site for a long time and it has led me to read some of the blogs you keep in touch with. I appreciate Sally's comments. Funny, I just started a blog so I could make a few comments of my own. I love seeing what other quilters are doing! This is better than TV!