Sunday, February 19, 2006

Tired as an old mama lion!

I was looking for anything yawn.jpg to demonstrate how I feel, and this is definately it!

I got an email today from Sandra, checking up on me because I haven't posted in a few days! Oh, I've been SO not posting! Thanks for noticing Sandra! Really, everything is okay, it's just been a crazy week...

A crazy week with *gasp* No personal sewing time in it for me! I've been too tired at night to even pick up a needle....during the day I've been running to the massage clinic, or working on customer quilts here, and other than occassional shots at customer quilts where I am doing a design I really like and can't wait to share......I don't focus my blog on my customer stuff as much as on my own quilting. So when my OWN quilting doesn't happen..neither does the blog entry!

It isn't that I meant to keep everyone in the dark, it was just a pretty mundane but crazy week.

Friday evening I went to Myrtle Beach. DH and his die-hard triathalon buddies were running the Myrtle Beach Half-Marathon (13 miles) on saturday morning. Thursday and Friday were beautiful here weather-wise, and wouldn't you know it, as soon as you go somewhere and need it nice on Saturday, it turns NASTY!!

I had taken my massage table with the hopes of setting up at the finish line at the race, but when I checked the night before, "free" massages were being provided by a massage school (good for them, bad for me) and I wasn't going to stand out there in the cold and wind and massage for free...been there done that! So I stayed in at the friend's house we were staying at and enjoyed the quiet, even if it was blowing outside. I did get out and walked the beach a bit later on Saturday morning. Still wished I had my ear warmers! I do love the beach....even blowing and windy, there is a certain peace to it.

Today I played the organ at church, came home and loaded a customer's raffle quilt for prize poodles. Show poodles. Too cute...the blocks were all compass stars, the round center of each block was a different pic of a poodle going through it's show trials..jumping things, prancing about, too cute! I finished that a bit a go and then laid down for a 'short' nap that lasted 2 1/2 hours! It's now 6pm and I don't know exactly where the day went, but I think it was the nap I needed to get me back on track after a long week.



  1. Bonnie, I spend more time these days trying to come up with something interesting to post on my blog so I know how you feel.

    You've been busy! Get some rest.

    Judy L.

  2. It's good to see you back again Bonnie. I've missed reading your exploits and was starting to worry about you. Good to hear you're OK.Hugs

  3. well, dang, no personal sewing time! that won't do missy-you know you will get cranky if you don't spend some quality quilting time for yourself :-) just reminding you to take care of yourself! although it sure sounds like an extra crazy week indeed. hope that all slows down too.

  4. Glad to hear from you Bonnie, and happy you survived such a week. It's so tough to get through days without "me" quilting time!

  5. Let's hope for more sanity in the week ahead, and less busy-iness ! good to see your post as always, we do understand that you re busy..*VBS*
    Sorry about the nasty weather, seems to have happened all over this past weekend..we were in the -20's and more...brrrrr...lots of wind and wind chill.
    Take care of you!

  6. Bonnie - could you please post a picture of the poodle quilt? I am making a poodle quilt for our local poodle rescue group and would love to see the one you have.

  7. That's what is so great about our little blogging community...we all care about and are concerned with each other. We miss each other...but can pick up right where we left off!

    You take care of yourself, Bonnie!


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