Saturday, February 11, 2006

Playing with the scanner down memory lane...

After posting the pics of Jason and Shanon, I decided to see if I can figure out how to make this scanner work! One pic I have on the mirror to my dresser is this pic of Jason when he was 2 1/2..riding his bike. He was such a cutie! Blonde whispy hair...who would have guessed he would turn out so dark colored as he grew :c)

I look at the differences between this pic and the one of him with Shanon, and I see the same eyes...my baby really IS inside this wonderful young man..he's still in there!

It is such a wonder how life goes on, isn't it?



Patti said...

They grow up so very fast - I still have a hard time believing that my two babies are 29 and 31!

Dawn said...

Oh isn't it a bitter sweet thing when you look back at those adorable toddler pictures! I have such sweet fond memories when they were little, so that part is sweet, but then there is that sad part that I can't help but feel - they are all grown up and gone!

Finn said...

Oh Bonnie..*VBS*..you are pulling pieces from your scrapbag of memories too. Great picture!! He's adorable..*VBS* Where do the years go....?

Laurie said...

What a cutie! And I read the previous posts as well...it seems to me that you will LOVE the girlfriend! She looks adorable!

As for hope for your other son...it'll happen...we went thru the same trials and tribulations with our oldest son...and he's now doing very WELL...BUT we just had major stress with our DD and I know from experience that she'll be ok...we just need to love her!

ps...that customer quilt is AWESOME!

Sandra said...

We often think that it's the children that do all the changing and growing and leaving home, but we go through amazing changes too - mums, counsellors, confidantes and friends - it really IS an amazing world we live in - nothing ever stays the same (except for some of my UFOs LOL).

Darcie said...

You're certainly having a good time with your new toy, aren't you Bonnie!

What an adorable picture! Those guys are special, aren't they!