Thursday, February 02, 2006

Not much quilting-4-me going on!

But that is going to change...TOMORROW!

Tomorrow is my Hilton Head Retreat with the Carolina Pines Quilters. It's the same weekend/same place as the Jinny Beyer Convention, which makes it fun. There is a free quilt show of Jinny's quilts along with other guest artists. Usually there have been some really wonderful antique quilts at the show too. It's small, but great for getting away from the sewing machine for an hour or two. There is also a vendor's shop, and it's alot of fun to rummage through. Sometimes the sale fabrics are pretty good. Last year I thought I was so brilliant in using birthday money to buy a TJ Lane silver thimble.....which I lost. :c( No more 'spensive thimbles for THIS lady! Not unless I can have it physically attached to my body! And don't tell me I need a cage or a necklace...I hate those. I tried a chatalaine and all that crap around my neck drove me crazy. So..I'm back to cheapy thimbles by the dozen :c)

I'm trying to really gear myself up for this retreat! But so far on the "wanting to sew" scale...it is just not happening. *LOL* WHY?! Because. I am working on that (*@#$(*& Brown and pink DJ thing. I told myself after the last retreat that if I were to sew one block a day, I'd be able to get another row done before this retreat. Did I? Nope. I've done four..count them....F-O-U-R measly blocks. In three weeks! Granted, I have been cramming for taking my boards, and all this other crap going on with Jeff that is making it impossible for me to want to focus on eensy teensy precise (why did I think precise was ever fun?) pieces. But I will persevere...I might only finish ONE ROW at retreat, but part of me wants to finish it, just so I can handquilt fans all over the whole thing and put the DJ perfection world into coronary *hehe* The quilting part will be FUN!

I'm in the midst of plodding through the last row of dresden plates on a customer's quilt. I need to finish it today so I can go tomorrow with a clear conscience. Feathers in the corners of the blocks and the center circle, and tiny microstippling around everything. And it's a huge quilt. I can make it. I can quilt the last row of blocks.....I will conquer!!

I am also going to be the 'resident massage therapist' at the retreat. I'm taking my table and my gear and offering a retreat special price....if it goes well, maybe I WON'T finish that dang row K of the brown and pink DJ quilt *hehehe*



  1. I love the pink DJ quilt Bonnie, but I can imagine why you are sick of it - not enough variation in the colors to keep you interested. It's going to be so striking when it's finished - it will be so worth it. Have a wonderful time at your retreat!

  2. I love your DJ Bonnie, you'll be so happy when it's finally done! So is the "resident massage therapist" job one you can list on your resume? Have a great retreat and take lots of pictures!

  3. Enjoy your weekend...it is well deserved.
    Can't wait to see your next row...
    I just love this quilt.

  4. I would love to go to a retreat and get a professional massage. I hope it is very successful for you!

  5. You WILL prevail..you are WOMAN, watch you go..you know, the Helen Reddy song?? We can do anything...don't let DJ do you in!

    Retreat sounds wonderful, paying clients even better!! momey to spend for your trip??

  6. Bonnie - Recently I went out looking for info on the whole Dear Jane phenom. It was interesting and I saw a lot of nice quilts. HOWEVER, the sashing that you are doing on your pink/brown one sets it apart and makes it so much more outstanding. It really makes it special! All the others look plain compared to yours with that sashing!

  7. have a nice retreat, Bonnie!

  8. Bonnie, our little Northwest Sloanies internet group has had a massage therapist bring her chair and do chair massages the last three retreats we went to. Everyone had one - even the people who weren't sure they wanted one because they'd never had one before. She charged $1 a minute with a 10 minute minimum. It was absolutely fabulous for all us retreaters! You should do very well.

  9. Anonymous4:04 PM EST

    Have great fun on your retreat :-) You could put it on your resume too - all experience has to count right? The quilt WILL get done - maybe not this weekend but later - don't fret about it. Have fun at the Jinny Beyer thing - and come back nice and refreshed, ready to tackle life by the teeth again :-)

  10. Enjoy your retreat! I wish I was near you, so you could treat my shoulders and neck. There's a lot of concertnerves and handquilting restraints that needs a skilled hand.


  11. Bonnie, I know you'll have a great time. How I wish I could get a massage right now!!

    The brown & pink quilt is going to be so pretty when finished.

    Judy L.

  12. Personally Bonnie, I am very impressed with 4 of those blocks in three weeks. I would be impressed even if you had nothing else going on.
    Have a fun weekend

  13. Bonnie,
    Those DJ blocks are adorable...be PROUD of that...sometimes "LIFE" just gets in the way!

  14. a quilt retreat is the PERFECT place to give massages. All those aching backs.
    Several years ago friends flew in from Colorado to go the Jinny Beyer retreat. I drove down, stayed in their room, didn't take any classes OR my sewing machine, and had a blast visiting with them. Enjoy yourself.

  15. Oh Bonnie I bet you are having so much fun right now! And I'm still sitting here at work waiting for databases to load at 8pm!!!! sniff sniff. But at least I got a chance to see more of your #**@(%2 pink and blue blocks!


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