Saturday, February 11, 2006

My Eldest Son....

Here are a couple pics....my eldest son Jason is 22, and lives in Arlington TX where he works at a Johnny Carino's restaurant running the kitchen staff. I'm so proud of him. It wasn't easy going through HIS teenage years either, but as I see the wonderful young man he has grown into, I keep holding my heart and hoping that the younger one will find his way too!

Since Jason lives in TX, and we are in SC, we don't see each other very often, but the phone calls are frequent. I think that was the best thing....when we moved here due to a job transfer, Jason was already on his own and living with some friends sharing an apartment. He learned quickly what it was like not to have us so close, and communication became very important.

He called this week, and he and his girlfriend Shanon are coming for a visit! They will be here March 14th and stay about 4 days. I am a nervous mother! He is been dating Shanon seriously for a couple years now, and I've never met her in person! I've talked to her on the phone several times, and she is really a sweetheart, but this is the first time as a mother that I am meeting the serious girlfriend!

I definately plan on getting some family portraits taken while they are here. We haven't done that in years either. It's time. It's time to put it down on canvas for posterity!

It's a rainy wet day here in the south east. Snow could be coming, but probably more to the higher upper country of SC, not so much near us, though ice is a threat. Today I plan to work some more on the customer's sampler, and yes I did get to half way yesterday! Then there is the tax stuff looming....

I went last night and bought a new hp printer/copier/scanner/fax machine from Sam's club. I don't know how to work it all yet! I have wanted a scanner, but I haven't had time to learn all the ins and outs of it yet. We got it networked so we can also print from the laptop downstairs that is wireless. It's very odd to be up here typing away at the upstairs computer and all of a sudden have the printer go off next to me! *LOL*

If I can get as much done as I want to on the customer quilt today..I plan on some more hand quilting on the amish crazy bars tonight. I didn't touch that last night at all, by night fall I was just tired enough to crawl into bed, watch a couple episodes of something and fell asleep in the middle of whatever...sometimes it feels good to just do that!


  1. Isn't it great to see kids grow out of the crazy things they do as teenagers? I bet you're going to have a great time when your DS and his GF visit. I can tell you're excited!

  2. Oh you are going to love the scanner and copier - it is one of the best things I ever broke down and bought for our computer at home! And they have gotten so afordable! Shannon looks so cute and sweet! I hope you have a great visit! And she can't help but love you!

  3. Oh the joys of meeting the girlfriend..what to say and what not to say...LOL..have fun with them, don't ask too many questions and smile alot..*S*

    The new printer/scanner/fax is awesome. I love having mine..it's great to be able to share the pics that aren't digital. I usually scan them to photo editor and then adjust the size(crop), etc. Works slick

  4. Hi Bonnie! I have a HP all in one that looks very similar to yours (mine is the 7410) and I LOVE it. I have it networked too so I can print to it from any of the three computers in the house. Scanning is great, my other all in one wouldn't scan anymore so that is why it had to be replaced. I have not tried out the fax yet, but that was a feature I wanted too.


  5. What great pictures of Jason and his girl.
    I had to call my husband over to see what you just bought, we looked at the very same printer today. Our old one died a slow and painful death just recently.

  6. Meeting the girlfriend, what fun! They are a nice looking couple!

    Love the amish quilt, I envy you and all that you are able to get done.

  7. What a sweet looking couple! You've created a wonderful man for Shanon to fall in love with...why wouldn't she adore you!!! Have fun and be yourself!


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