Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Much More Than Maverick!

I got an email from one of our blog watchers..(Hi Beverly!) and she directed me to this quilt on ebay!

All I can say (with my tongue hanging out of my mouth!!) is I wish there were more pictures, better pictures...I'd love to see this one up close! It looks SO GREAT from what I can see...which isn't much.

Too much fun to look at, isn't it? I wonder what this person was thinking and how this quilt came about....



  1. OH MY GOSH! I WANT that QUILT! Darn it all that with all the work I"m doing lately I will never have enough $ for it!

  2. It looks like she started a Dear Jane and got really angery about all the little pieces and just opened a bottle of wine and started sewing it all together...I like this woman! This is a quilt that would drive my husband nuts...thanks!


  3. OMG I think I've fallen in love! An "I Spy" quilt for quilters :-)

  4. Anonymous9:59 PM EST

    Looks like Dear Jane on Crack!!! Or maybe she had a migraine?? Or maybe she dyslexic is?! The mind boggles - what an amazing quilt - wish we had the whole story on this one :-)

  5. maybe the seller would take some more pictures for you !
    They often will
    That is indeed Maverick !

  6. Incredible quilt - can you imagine doing that one? I wonder if all those orphan blocks are really overlapping each other the way it looks. That's a lot of layers! I'd give a lot to see this one in person.

  7. Is anyone else seeing hexagons? I think there's a pattern in there, really. She took all her orphans and bits and cut out large hexagons and then sewed them together that way. Incredibly cool - would definitely love to see it in person too.

  8. Amazing...I've never seen anything like this!

  9. What an interesting quilted piece. What a creative soul that made this. A masterpiece!


  10. Anonymous2:59 PM EST

    Tonya - you're a genius! I had another look and YES I see hexagons!!! They're easier to see on the bottom row I think. What a brilliant way to do a quilt - I love it.

  11. I sm wondering if the quilt is already sold... It is just a good one for me ;c)


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