Sunday, February 26, 2006

Maverick Quilt Sighting!

It's really fun when people know you are on the look out for maverick quilts...I get links sent from everyone! This one was sent by one of our ring loyal reader/lurkers :c)

This maverick medallion quilt is civil war era and was spotted on ebay! I'm not sure if it sold or not, and I don't have the item number, I just saved the pics for my "fun to look at" file! I love how deep the chocolates are, and the bright vibrant double pink...nothing subtle about that!

Don't these quilts just make you wonder about the maker....using all she had to work with, making things fit (or not!!) by making do! I love how the center is so hodge-podge and chaotic, but the setting completely calms it down, like ripples spreading out in a pond....chaos in the middle, organization all the way to the outside edges! It's just a top, not quilted...so I wonder if it has issues of not laying very flat. The fabrics in it are so wonderful!



  1. This quilt really catches the eye. It is amazing how one can come up with and idea and keep running with it.

  2. What a marvelous top - don't you just wish you had unlimited funds to bid on things like this? It's a fabulous sampling of the prints of that time. Whoever said antique quilts are dark just didn't look at the right quilts!

  3. OOoh, love it. Never would have thought of doing the wild bit in the middle and then making the quilt simpler as it gets bigger. Very effective. Thanks for posting it.
    Tonya in rainy Florida

  4. Amazing! I would love to see what others said to her when she proudly showed them her quilt.

    I wonder how much planning went into it.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Judy L.

  5. A realy fun quilt! Great colors and great design. Love your leader-ender tree- a great idea.

  6. Bonnie, I was also watching that quilt top, and it went for $316.55!!!!
    WOW!!!!!!! It was just something so much like you would do....

  7. Anonymous1:27 AM EST

    What a wonderful quilt! I wonder if the middle was a practice piece? It has some gorgeous fabrics in it. Another quilt I'd love to talk to the maker about :-)

  8. What an inspiring quilt!

  9. I was thinking that the quilter didn't have much fabric when she started and creatively used small pieces of fabric for the middle, then having access to more fabric for the outer edges. I'd love to hear her story.

  10. Great quilt! Don't you love that crazy lookingg center?

  11. Controlled chaos. Sounds a lot like my life!!!

    Thanks for sharing those photos. Great inspiration for some Repros, isn't it!


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