Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Group Pic!

Someone sent me an email this morning with this pic attached..this is all of us on the front steps of the retreat house....we flagged down some workers who were working on a house across the street to take a pic.. :c) And you can't hardly see me, I'm in the way back row :cÞ

Today at least has the sun shining here! Much much better than the windy icy rain from yesterday! I'm back into the real world, fighting with breaking threads and ornery tension on the back of a customer's quilt. What a rude awakening after having so much fun this weekend! *LOL*



cher said...

hate fighting with tension/thread issues- hope you triumph over that and it goes smoothly thereafter.

JudyL said...

The retreat house looks like a fantastic place.

Sorry you're having a bad thread day! Hope it's all resolved by now.


Patty said...

Shame on the thread for giving you a hard day, especially the first day back. The retreat house looks wonderful

Dawn said...

Well maybe we can't see you, but what a great shot of the house! It is so beautiful! All your talk of going there had me thinking last night how much I would love to go for a weekend or even a week and just hang out.

Laurie said...

That house looks AWESOME! I'm glad you had a good time...even if the eather was crappy!