Wednesday, November 02, 2005

My friend Lucy is nearly onboard!

I am SO SO excited! I have a wonderful quilting friend, Lucy, who lives in Haarlem in The Netherlands. She is an AWESOME quilter, and she works at a quilt shop in Haarlem called Irma's Sampler. Those of you who have been quilting for a long time might be familiar with a book by the same name...a book written by Irma herself! Well Lucy works there and is teaching classes there and does FABULOUS quilts, some in dutch fabrics which I have fallen in love with!

Lucy's blog address is http://lucyquilting.blogspot.com/ and I want you to all go over there and encourage her to post more of her gorgeous work! She has uploaded one pic of the latest quilt...she just finished the top and is starting on the quilting, and will be teaching this class at Irma's hopefully in the near future.

I'm sure I can twist her arm to be part of Quilt Mavericks with your encouragement!



  1. loved her quilt! thanks for sending us her way!

  2. Oh Bonnie - those 2 quilts she has up already are to die for! Thanks for introducing us!

  3. Thanks for convincing Lucy to blog with us..*VBS* She's a wonderful addition to my "list" of daily reads...and I filed her under Mavericks..hoping..*G*


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