Saturday, November 05, 2005

Kitty Comforts????

How can this be comfortable?!? I came downstairs to get something to drink, and found Oscar in the desk letter file thingy...WEIRD CAT I tell you! He just looked at me with his shifty eyes as if to say "So? You got a problem with this? Can't you see I'm sleeping?"

It just made me chuckle and I wanted to share it with you :c)

It's another beautiful fall morning in SC. DH and son went deer hunting. No....scratch that...they went deer watching. Maybe they are more like Oscar than I am because they seem to LIKE sitting in trees doing nothing? But I think it's great that they are spending father/son time together.

Down to the nitty gritty here! 2 finals to go. Parents come in on thursday evening. Jeff's got a doc appt thursday afternoon after school to get the pins out of his hand. It's going to be a crazy schedule this week, so any house cleaning to get things ready has to happen between now and wednesday night....Never DID get the carpets clean. I decided I don't care. The walls that definately need painting? I'm not going to care about those either. If they don't like it here they are welcome to go down to the Amerisuites! I'll just do the best I can....however, I opened the fridge this morning, and then quickly moved the 'cleaning out the fridge' project to the top of my cleaning list!

Yesterday a friend and I met for lunch, and then went to the fairgrounds for the annual holiday arts/crafts festival thing. Can you believe that there was NOTHING quilty there? Alot of basket makers...I mean ALOT....every time we turned the corner. I love hand made baskets, and that is something that I want to learn to do.

I however LOVE the booths that have musicians selling their own CD's. There was one guy playing hammered dulcimer....and he had a celtic CD that was awesome, so I bought that...and then around the corner was another gal, a harpist (not a harpy, just a harpist!) and her CD's were wonderful too, so I bought two of those......these are for my massage music collection. I've always loved this kind of music though.....I play it all the time, even before I started school because I love stuff without lyrics...just instrumental. It leaves time for thoughts in my head. I love to sing along to stuff with words, but if I'm singing, I'm not thinking, and that can cause problems! *LOL*

Okay, back to the cleaning and quilting...and hopefully a trek through the woods at Harbison State Forrest again. It's going to warm up today and the colors are just brilliant! That might be my lunch hour treat :c)



  1. Yeah, you learn basket weaving in your spare time! :)

    Glad you aren't stressing about the carpet and painting. Good luck getting through this week.

    Yes, Oscar doesn't look very comfy!

    Judy L.

  2. Finn sez..."oh joy, joy, joy"..happy, happy Snoopy dance"...*G*G*G*G*G*G*G*G*G*G*G*

  3. Hey, gotta love cats. You'll appreciate the top I just finished - andsewitis.blogspot -

    I love your work, your quilts, Bonnie. You are such an inspiration.


  4. Bonnie I just love the kitty! Isn't it amazing that for as small as they are they can sure make us feel as if WE are the intruders in their space...even if the space is the computer keyboard or file box or any other of a dozen hiding places they find....

  5. Cute paperweight, Bonnie! You know, years ago people just used "pet rocks" for that sorta thing! ;-) Oscar is taking that idea to a whole new level!

    Glad that you found some time to enjoy yourself this weekend. New music! Yeah! That's always food for the soul!

    Wooohoooo for Lucy joining us!!!


  6. /Oscar probably thought you weren't using that file system today.


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