Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I am getting all the pics ready to write the directions for the pineapple blossom quilt. On the top you see the block, and the pinwheel below is made from the bonus units that are left from sewing the triangle squares onto the main block. Gotta love quilts that give you something extra to play with!

I don't know if I mentioned this thing with my OBGYN wanting me back in 6 weeks for another check up? They found 'atypical' cells for the 2nd year in a row, and want to do a cryo-something where they freeze the cells on my cervix. I just got the call from them today, even though I
knew I was scheduled for Dec 6th...I didn't know this is what they were planning to do.

I guess atypical just means "abnormal" but doesn't neccessarily mean cancerous. I'm trying not to amp out about it, whatever it is we are catching it early enough for intervention, right? It's just this whole middle aged thing that is getting to me I think.

I'm just feeling a bit nervous, but trying not to think too much into it....I wish I had a friend who had gone through this so I would know what to expect, but still....And again....thank goodness for INSURANCE!!!

Folks are still here....couldn't really vent to them about this, so the quickest thing I could do is type it up and get it off my chest.



  1. Bonnie, I haven't been through it so I can't give you any insight on what to expect but I'll be praying for you.

    Judy L.

  2. Bonnie -

    I'll be praying for you too!


  3. Bonnie, my DD went through that twice -- in her early twenties (she's only 29 now). Not a pleasant thing to go through -- but not too bad either -- just kinda like a major pelvic and pap -- you'll probably be able to feel the freezing of the tissue, but it'll be over before you know it. DD had to have it done two different times and both times were negative. And yes -- they're keeping an eye on it and catching it early.

  4. Bonnie,

    I've had abnormal smears for years now. So you certainly can be assured that there is the possibility of it not being cancerous. Course I stress every time I have to go in for my check up because I know I'll get that call.

    Don't think what I've had done is what you mentioned though so can't help you with that.

    BUT - I LOVE that pineapple block! and the bonus block is great! You are sooo talented!

  5. Hi Bonnie
    I have a wonderful feeling that you're going to be just fine, and I'm definitely going to keep you in my prayers.
    I have only just signed up to this, so this is my first comment. I'm thinking about starting a blog, and becoming a Quilt Maverick! I'll see how brave I get.
    I love your pineapple block, and can't wait to see the directions.

  6. Bonnie, prayers are going out for you too! I hope it is nothing serious and you are given a clean bill of health, ASAP!

  7. Block is looking great Bonnie, can't wait to see the directions, cause I really need to start another quilt..*VBG* No quilt? No guilt? Not me..*G*

    I'll be keeping you in my prayers, but keeping a positive outlook and not giving energy to the negative is up to you..ok? Wish Dec. 6th wasn't quite so far off tho..it's tough waiting.

  8. gee....

    miss bonnie does it atain!!

    this time, it loks like a two-for-one deal!!

    ...at this rate, I will NEVER get a quilt finished LOL


  9. Bonnie, I had cryo done many years ago (had abnormal cells & went through 6 months of "punch" biopsys before I put my foot down & said I wanted to know exactly what the dr. was trying to do).

    You will get crampy (not unlike what happens if you cramp monthly). . .the most irritating thing, for me at least, was that once the "thawing" process starts you will need to wear a maxi pad -- and you can't imagine how much thawing happens.

    Since then I have been displasia (the medical term -- although I'm not sure I spelled it correctly) free & have had no other problems.

    You will have to go for a follow up visit several weeks after the procedure to make sure the cells are showing clear.

    Hope this info helps a little. . . .


  10. Bonnie,
    I am new to the blog world....but thought I would send my thoughts and prayers your way. Things will be just fine. *S* I had an abnormal pap when I was younger....much, much younger. I was about five months along with my oldest. Anyway, they went in and removed some cells from my cervix....did a biopsy and it came back pre-cancerous. Because it was caught early they were able to go back in and burn all the bad cells off. I've been "clean" ever since. Just remember....early is a good thing. *S*


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