Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgivin' Y'all!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Having a wonderful day here in SC. It's just after 3pm and dinner has been done ate! :c)

The turkey carcass is in the crockpot already beginning to simmer for tomorow's soup....it's my favorite part of cooking turkey. Warm homemade soup on cold days. Yummy!

I am working on those maverick crazy puss in the corner blocks that I had to set aside when school got nuts and I needed to hunker down and study and finish. I just counted them...there are 52! I'm trying to work out a layout for them...I'll see if I have a pic of them somewhere that I took before. I know they are WAY back in my archives....

Anyway..I was searching on Ebay just looking at crazy and string quilts, primitive quilts...trying to find something that inspired me and I found this fantastic quilt that just shouted MAVERICK to me, so I wanted to share the pics with you!

Aren't these blocks great? The only way I even KNOW it's an album block is because of the top right block in the first pic. The rest are all scrappy and the block pattern becomes indistinguishable....I LOVE THIS! This is what shouts maverick to me. Definately breaking the tradition of light must go here, dark must go there, and you can't mix this with that. Who says you can't? It's got chopped off points and all....and I love the free spirit of this quilt.

I thought it would be fun as Quilt Mavericks if we could all find a pic somewhere and do a post about "What Maverick Means To Me". I think that Maverick means different things to different people, yet put together we all make a whole. Kind of like the 5 blind men trying to describe the elephant when one had the trunk, one the leg, one the tail, one the ear, one the body....They were all describing different parts of one whole.

I hope you are all having a wonderful time with friends, family, fur-babies and fabric!

In Stitches As Always - - -


  1. Bonnie..that is one wild and wonderfully wacky quilt top ! It makes you sit in stunned silence wondering..."what???? OK..one album patch..then what happened?"

    It's almost like the joke is on you, the viewer..it is what it is. It is what you think it might be, but maybe, you aren't quite sure just why or how it is, what you think it is...LOL

  2. Morning Bonnie...this quilt top is still on my mind...LOL..which is a very good sign..*G* What I'm wondering now is who was the gal that pieced the one pink album patch..or maybe it was left over from a quilt she made (an orphan block) and look what it grew up to be..*S* It's so intriguing that it's included as if it were the Mother Block or something, of all the others.

  3. Great quilt top. I have to hope that whoever buys it truly appreciates it for what it is, which is a GREAT free-spirited scrappy bit of patchwork.


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