Sunday, November 13, 2005

Charleston pics...

Yesterday we took a 2 hour bus tour on the grey line, what a great way to tour when you are travelling with older parents. It was wonderful, the tour guide's stories were entertaining and we ended up down streets that we probably would not have gone down without a guide.

After the tour, we shopped up King street and had ice cream, wandered through church yards inspecting old grave markers. I've always liked to do that. I don't know why. It makes me feel a connection with the past, with people who lived before. I like wondering what their lives were like....where they so different from mine?

At dusk we joined a ghost walk tour, Charleston's great attraction. It was fun, and again, we ended up down back alleys that we would not have discovered had we not gone on this tour.

We had dinner at T-bonz down by the slave market, and as I said previous post, it was midnight when we rolled into home!



Lucy said...

I know what we are going to do next time when I visit you :c)

sunshine said...
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Dawn said...

Oh Bonnie! Now Charleston sounds even cooler! What a fun day that sounds like. If you ever post more Charleston pics on webshots (or somewhere) let us know so we can visit someplace we've never been!

And I swear - if Lucy ever visits again I"m coming with you too and bringing a ton of quilts for show and tell!