Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Playing Dress Up!

The crud seems to have passed, and it's a good thing! I got an email from Karen last evening reminding me that I had volunteered to help at Lewisville Elementary's "OLD TIMEY DAY" doing quilting demos, pioneer style!

I've been wanting to be more involved locally. It hit me recently that in February, I will be marking 3 years of living in North Carolina. Where does the time go? (GONE, obviously!) and you know, once you don't have school aged kids anymore, it's just dang hard to meet people and to develop friendships and build roots.

I know a handful of people....each one a gem, and that's really all I need, but I want to do more, to be part of this community. SO. VOLUNTEER!

And what is better to volunteer at than something I love doing so much?

I'll have to get pics when I'm there and post them later, but I'm typing this wearing a prairie dress, apron, petticoat, bloomers and bonnet! And yes, I'm having to drive down the road this way! *LOL* Karen said come already dressed, so I am!

This morning I put my hair up in a bun, though I doubt it will stay that way. But we will see how it goes!

The kids will get demos on how quilts are made, the layers that go into them, how the stitches are done. And there is a flannel board where they can arrange triangles and squares and other pieces and see how blocks are designed. It should be fun!

Yesterday afternoon I ventured out to Target to pick up some Color Catchers.....and found some other goodies!

I did find the Color Catchers, and you know how quilters are....at the meeting the other night I ended up with 20 different combinations of products for getting bleeds out of fabrics. So...let's buy them all! This is what ended up in my cart.....

Oh...and special thanks to Bonnie Minor for turning me on last summer to the Snapware ornament keepers! These will be great for retreats etc...they are 13" square, and snap to each other so you can have several projects and goodies all in one thing...I bought two. They were about $10. I also saw them at Joanns, and they were NOT on sale, and I didn't have a coupon (And the coupon would have put them down to target price) so I just bought them there....be on the look out for these, they look like they have awesome possibilities!

While walking through Target I came across the cosmetics aisle and all the cases/organizers there. I had some emails recently asking where I got my little project bag that I travel with....I've had it more than 10 years and haven't seen one exactly like it since..but there are some good things here!

Though there were many "pretty" ones of various fabrics, etc....THIS one seemed to be the most useable as a project bag to me. Price? About $16.00

Function is more important than beauty, right? This one had the 3 clear zippered pockets, and the bigger pocket at the bottom could hold thread, needles, etc...This is the size of bag that fits nicely in my lap while in an airport, a guild meeting, a plane, a car, without hanging over my legs too far to either side, keeping everything accessible!

And hey, it's pink inside!

I was going to go check the luggage aisle and the men's travel kits too...sometimes there are better things there, even if they aren't as pretty on the outside ((we've all discovered tackle boxes, haven't we?))but I got distracted by the snapware! LOL!

Okay..I'm off...time to run, don't want to be late...pics of Old Timey Day Later!


  1. I discovered the Snapware a couple of years ago when Target had them on clearance after Christmas. I love mine. I keep everything from ribbons, safety pins, thread and other miscellaneous things. A great space saver.

  2. Sounds like fun! I love dress-up...I may have to run by Target and get some of those containers....

  3. For my traveling hexies I use a "beading" fold up/rollup with interchangeable clear bags (fat ones) that snap in to change a project. I found it at
    XOXXOXO Subee

  4. Can't wait to see you in your outfit!! What a great day planned!!
    Love cosmetic bags - the ones that open and have both sides clear are super great for embroidery type projects - have gotten some free w/ a purchase... Thanks, Bonnie!!

  5. Please post a pic soon of you all dressed up. LOL! I can't wait to see. As long as the kids don't see you as the 'old timer'. Enjoy.

  6. Bonnie you're the best!! Old Tyme Day was fun and I really appreciated you being there. Who knows what future quilter we might have inspired :)

    (I don't know about you, but I think a NAP is in order now...whew!I'm worn flat out!)

  7. I hope you have fun stepping back in time!A bit of hair spray should do the trick for your hair.What a cool idea having a design board for the kids with fabric shapes...they might come up with some wonderful new quilt designs:-)

  8. lol reading this today, got to the picture of the make up cases at Target and actually expected you to be talking about the colors again...But look, there's the red, pink, brown and well, turquoise and a teeny bit of bright green! On a white shelf! Hmmmm. Nice! I guess you could say Roll Roll Cotton Boll is on my mind... : )


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