Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Is it Wednesday already?

I'm tucked up in my basement studio wondering if it is too soon to start a fire in my wood stove! It's definitely chilly, but I know when I fire up the beast, I'll soon open the windows and doors and try not to cook. This is one powerful wood stove....and it HEATS.

I do love the coziness and crackle of a wood fire....and candles burning....and hot tea in a big mug! My favorite things about late fall/winter.

The 3rd quilt is on the bed, adding a delicious weight and keeping all the warmth in. I love sleeping all tucked up, surrounded in my little quilt cocoon, one cat on either side preventing me from rolling in either, or any, directon! I think the best sleep comes with a cold nose, don't you agree?

This morning I was pondering on the feeling of GRATITUDE. Here in the US, our Thanksgiving is approaching. And you know what? This past 10 days off has given me the opportunity to just slow down and be grateful for little things.

The change of season outdoors, the smell of autumn in the air, the beauty of the falling leaves, the adventure of making it from the backdoor to the hottub without being beaned by falling acorns!

Are you too busy, too rushed, too hectic, so much on your plate that you don't even think about the joy of feeling grateful? I know I have been guilty of this. I'm not talking necessarily feeling grateful in any kind if "religious" way. We all have our own convictions, I am just talking about the little ordinary-every-day beauties that we can miss in our rush to get to the next "to-do" on our lists. There is joy in the mundane routine day-in-day-out doings. We just have to see them and acknowledge them with a smile and a nod to life for giving it to us so abundantly.

Okay, so this post isn't even quilt-related. It's just how I'm feeling this morning. But to put a bit of quilt-speak in here, I've been BUSY! The mystery quilt is now quilted, and I'm ready to start binding! HA! ((How's that for rubbing it in?!)) And I am loving the chatter I am reading on the quiltville friends page on facebook, and on the quiltvillechat@yahoogroups.com list about the colors that people are planning on and the excitement is building....and I am so grateful for all of this abundance too!

I'm busy quilting a baby quilt for a friend expecting her first grandchild. I'm sure she is feeling excitement and gratitude.....it's palpable! The expectation.....

Today is also a mundane chore kind of day, but I'm doing it with gratitude. I'm doing laundry! ((But I have a stacked hi-efficiency washer and dryer, I'm not pounding clothing on a rock down by the river!)) I've got book orders to mail out! ((I'm grateful for each and every one of those orders and the people they bring across my path!)) I've got to pack a suitcase, repack the trunk show, get all settled and sorted for a trip to Michigan in the morning. ((I'm grateful to be flying and to be there in a few short hours, vs DRIVING it like I did last October!))

Let's face it! If the worst thing that happens to me today is crawling groggily out of a warm bed and stepping barefootedly into dog puke on the way to the bathroom...I've got it pretty darned great!

I have my eyes to see, my ears to hear, my heart to love, my hands to sew. I have a roof over my head, a beyond-life-expectancy basement full of fabric and miscellaneous quilt-neccessities. I have family, terrific friends, and you.

For it all...I'm grateful!


  1. Thank you Bonnie. Sometimes we focus on the negatives and we forget to bethankful for the things and people that ae in our life.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post Bonnie. No I do not like a cold nose, I tuck my head under the blankets in the winter. Here In Aussie though it is getting hotter.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thank you Bonnie! Once in a while we all need to be reminded of how well off we are.

    To quote my hubby: "Dog puke washes off!"

    You 2 have opened my eyes this morning.......pity party over!

  4. Ditto! Just taking in clean, cold fresh air, makes me grateful. My list goes on and on. Grateful to have a machine to quilt with, unlike my ancestors. Grateful to have a computer to talk to people almost anywhere in the world. Grateful that those same people are willing to share their fabulous ideas and their quilts. Grateful that my thumbs don't hurt today. Grateful...

  5. One of my favorite sayings is "Deal with the negatives, but focus on the positives". True is all cases.....even quilting!

    Marcia in Missouri

  6. Bonnie....your thoughts and words are so lovely today. I'm grateful for all the inspiration you and your site gives me. My life has actually changed since finding Quiltville! I know that sounds corny and odd, but its true!

    You've given me clarity when looking at all this fabric that surrounds me, and that clarity has spilled over into everything I do! I'm so much more productive now, in quilting and in life. And the excitement I get from that, well, it just compounds into more ideas and accomplishments!

    I think I was wasting an awful lot of time before, with nothing to show for it, and nothing gained.

    Thanks for all the inspiration! We're all very grateful to you!

    Regan :o)

  7. This was a rough week for our family. Dd troubles. But, I'm feeling grateful too. We still have each other and SO much to be thankful for, and youthful troubles will have an end even if some suffering must be endured. Love will get us through. Thank you for the distractions, for helping my heart to heal and for keeping my mind occupied when time is needed. I have my colors & fabrics chosen. LOL, I can't find my patience though! I'm ready to START and feel like begging you to give me a tedious/time consuming part to start on!

    THANK YOU for making my life better, you are SUCH a blessing,

    Lucy (in IN)

  8. Have a happy and grateful day. I've also been enjoying the change of weather and the excess of projects to keep my hands busy while my brain works on other things...like resting. Enjoy! Lane

  9. Well said. I like this. The optimist may be proven wrong in the end, but they have a much better journey than the pessimist.

  10. even with a little fire in the fireplace ours heats the house too hot, we only use it when we loose power - but it is always so lovely to look at.

  11. There is just something about this season that brings forth the nostalgia in us. I think we associate the smells and crisp weather with comfort. At least I do :) The comfort of family and friends; of joy and tradition.

    Enjoy your day and thank you for the reminder to enjoy mine.

  12. Amen,Bonnie! I am blessed to tears. So much to be thankful for. And BTW, I am thankful for you! Yes, you. For your skill and generosity and place in this quilting world. Thank you!

  13. I too have been reminding myself how grateful I am to be able to do the things I do even those things that are not my favorite :0)

  14. Thanks Bonnie,

    I needed to read a positive post...just got back from an emergency run to the local auto dealer after barely being able to get my car running. I am grateful that DH was following me in our diesel truck so I had a way home.....
    Appreciate the timing!

  15. Great post, Bonnie.

    I was just laying in bed last night. with the extra quilt on my bed thinking how heavy it all feels, and how my husband loves that feeling. I, personally, do not enjoy heavy covers . . . but I love the warmth they provide.

  16. Just wonderful!!!Thankyou.I think everyone is guilty of running and not taking time to see a beautiful spiderweb with dew on it (my heart sings when I 'see' those!)Or to see a child just content on being.....Keep warm in all your quilts as we will be taking them off her in N.Z. :-)

  17. Bonnie, what a lovely gracious entry today on your blog. We followers are thankful for you.

  18. AMEN. I also try to focus on gratefulness, everyday. Thank you.

  19. And I for one am grateful for you! Just wanted you to know that so many of us enjoy these mysteries and I have decided I am never happier than when I have one going...so I intend to just always have a quiltville project or two going...gotta do what I can to bring on bliss. Thanks for doing your part!

  20. Bonnie, you're the best! Thank you for reminding me of how very blessed I am. I absolutely love the first line of your last paragraph: "I have my eyes to see, my ears to hear, my heart to love, my hands to sew." May I add that with my sewing hands, I have the ability to create, express my inner self and bring joy to others. We are all so blessed and should be thankful every day for the opportunity to just be.

    Thank you for your thoughtful post - my heart is full of gratitude for the richness of my life - family, friends, health and a great network (face to face and online) of shared knowledge and experience from which to draw inspiration.


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