Saturday, November 13, 2010

Feeling Further North....

Or at least driving there!

The car is loaded with 3 duffels of trunkshow and workshop quilts. 4 cases of books. wheelie trolley cart. photographer's backdrop/quilt hanging stand.

Suitcase is almost packed, waiting on last bit of laundry. It goes like this....wash the clothes, fold them.....leave them on the bed for packing later, come back and find that OSCAR has lain all over everything and got them all white and furry (We are talking Navy Blue and Chocolate Brown pairs of brushed denims...you get the picture!) and it was easier to just re-wash them than to deal with mega-sheets of sticky roller removal tactics! ((You've done this too!! I know you have!!))

I packed up the hand quilting project...and the hexagon project....for my nights at the hotel.

When I travel there are things I bring with me to make my space **MINE**. My own insulated tea mug comes along. My external travel speakers for my ipod so I can have my own music. Good snacks like nuts, fruit, trail mix and granola or protein bars.

Often I will pull one of the quilts out of the trunkshow bags and have that on my bed too.

Because I have my own car this time....I loaded up more books on the mp3 player so I can listen as I drive.

And I also made a plan to stop at my half way point...Richmond, VA! Look what is going on at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts!

If I leave here around 8am like I am planning...I should hit Richmond by 12 or 12:30pm....perfect time for a lunch break, a fuel stop, and a walk-about seeing the quilts, don't you think?!

I worried that they wouldn't be open on Sunday but the info says "Open Daily 10-5" So I am assuming that means Sundays too.

I spent today de-cluttering. I had a stack of sterlite drawers that were stuffed with notions, rulers, pieces, parts, markers, template plastic, just EVERYTHING and they were a mess. I condensed 4 drawers down to 2! YEAH!

Someone tell me why I had 5...count them...5..packages of thread heaven all in different places? Was there a big sale or something that I can't remember?

And take it from me....glue sticks are not a long term storage item. Dried up glue sticks do NO ONE any good, so don't think you can stash them ahead of time. Believe me.

This clear-out spread like wild fire to another area....all the stationary/office supply type stuff that was in a 3 drawer wheelie cart. I cleared that out, threw a bunch of stuff away, and moved on to the two drawer office supply dresser that holds things like extra manila folders, mailing envelopes, tyvek envelopes, printer paper, post it pads, all that kind of thing....condensed everything down into those two drawers and now the 3 drawer wheelie cart is completely empty. Boy! Does that feel good! I have 2 large sterlite drawers and a 3 drawer wheelie cart EMPTY!

I'm thinking I don't even want to fill them back up with anything right now. I think they need to STAY EMPTY. And I need to move on to do the same thing in other areas of my basement studio down here.

I need to stop adopting all the ink pens from all the hotels I stay in. That's going to be a hard habit to break! *LOL*

So I'm ready. Ready for a good night's sleep...and ready to hit the road in the morning.


  1. I decluttered my sewing/quilting stuff. I hand quilt and granted most of my quilting in the last couple of years has been using white thread, but I cannot understand why I have 5 (FIVE) almost-full spools of white hand quilting thread!?!?!

  2. Found this tip somewhere, wish I could give credit, but you can "help" a dried out glue stick....you need to put it in small cup of water, it will re-hydrate!

  3. Found this tip somewhere, wish I could give credit, but you can "help" a dried out glue stick....you need to put it in small cup of water, it will re-hydrate!

  4. The Winterthur Collection should be an amazing sight! I'm so jealous! Enjoy those amazing quilts, and your trip!

    And you just inspired (guilted) me to go clean out some drawers! Thanks! I need the push!

    regan :o)

  5. I think you'll love the Winterthur Collection if you are able to see it. Several years ago it was in St Louis when I was there on a business trip. Instead of driving home to make it to my quilting class, I went to the museum. I'm so glad I did -- even if it did mean missing the class.

  6. Bonnie I love your Blog. Thanks for all your sharing. I have a question...can you please tell me about your JUKI. I am looking for a machine for quilting. One with a large throat space, walking foot and possibly a stitch regulator and it needs to be 220 electricity since I live in Israel.(My sewing machine is a Bernina and it is VERY difficult to manage all that fabric in such a small place. We have no room in our home for a longarm )I appreciate any input/suggestions you might have. Thanks and I also enjoy seeing all your travel pictures. Keep it up :)

  7. Have a safe journey. You sound well prepared. Maybe when you get back, you can show how much progress you have made on your hexagon medallion quilt. I am so hooked and the evenings fly by too quickly as I stitch hexagons.

  8. lucky you I would love to see this exhibit
    can't wait to hear all about it please!

  9. Sure hope that museum is open cause those Winterthur quilts are worth the stop - saw them a couple of years ago at Winterthur, which is also worth a sidetrip, but allow a whole day if you go to Winterthur, and make a reservation with the fiber conservator before you go - what an experience!

    (must be a phase of the moon or something - I cleaned out 3 drawers yesterday, too!)

  10. heh, I only take hotel pens if they are blue ink. Most of the time they are black so they stay put!

  11. Actually you can stash glue sticks. I think I remember Beth Ferrier (who uses them a lot in her machine applique technique) saying she buys them in bulk and keeps them in the fridge.

  12. One and a half years ago, our house burned down, we lost every material possession we ever collected. Among many other lessons, like God is so so good, and being grateful for what we didn't lose, our kids; my husband and I also learned that we don't need nearly as much stuff as we had before. Even though we've only been in our new house a few months, we already have purged and donated lots of stuff.
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. I buy glue sticks when the Back to School sales are on and have had good luck keeping them "fresh" by leaving them in their original packaging until I need a new stick, and storing my stash of sticks in zip-loc bags in the refrigerator.

  14. Oh I hope I catch that cleaning bug!
    My sewing room is wreck!

    Safe travels.....enjoy the quilt show and I hope the traffic isn't as bad through Richmond like it usual is.

    Happy sewing

  15. Enjoy the Winterthur collection. I saw it a couple of years ago and it is terrific.

    Love your site. After seeing the Scrappy Bergallos I was inspired to make one myself. Or three. :lol: Now I'm thinking the scrap Around the World quilt just might be in my future, as soon as I finish the king sized double Irish chain quilt I'm working on. I have also adopted your Leaders & Enders method. What a great idea!

    Thanks again.


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