Monday, September 13, 2010

Quilting Out The Blues!

It's on the machine! and Oh, oh oh! I wish I could show you the whole thing! But if you can wait til spring, I'll post a pic as soon as the magazine is out.

I did a string pieced blue border to finish it off, and here is a sneak preview!

Some oldies, some goodies, some favorites, some uglies. It would have been really EASY to simply do a one fabric border from yardage and call it done, but this just called out for more to me.

I took phone book pages....laid strips down the center of the pages the long way, sew and flip and press, sew and flip and press, and filled up the whole page with the strings. Squared it up, and cut two 5" segments from every phone book page with nothing save-able (that is key for me!! *LOL*!)left over. It took me 20 pages full of sewn strings to do the border for this quilt. That's a LOT of blue strings finding a purpose.

It didn't make a dent though. Last week on my trip to Atlanta and North Augusta I was the recipient of some very scrappy gifts!

The Georgia Friendship quilters had even wrapped up a pretty box in gold paper and filled it with all kinds of fabric goodies! This had me rolling as they presented it to me DURING my lecture :c) This will be so fun to go through! What's not to like about such a gift? I know there is a lot of stuff in here that I will have fun using in future scrap quilts.

And when I got to North Augusta for my meeting with the Pieceful Hearts girls, my friend Sally stopped by to gift me THIS large bag of lovelies!

You can just call me the bag lady, and I'm THRILLED with this haul! Just look at all that is in here:

With my string piecing, I save things as small as 3/4"....so there is a lot in here that will work for that. Those skinny strips sewn in amongst wider ones really add a lot of interest! There are batiks and prints and brights and solids and so much variety, it is going to be fun to do something with these. Thanks Sally!

So what's on your plate for your Monday? Do you hit the ground running at the beginning of a new week, or do you kind of ease into it? I've got to start repacking the trunk show for heading to Michigan on Wednesday. I've got to pack warmer clothes, and I was thinking it might be a good idea to do some shopping for some more "nicer" dress pants that don't wrinkle for traveling to guild meetings. You know it's kind of funny, but as I travel, I've packed certain things that I know travel well, and what happens as I look at pictures from guild to guild to guild, I'm half the time wearing the same thing! *LOL* Time to spice up my wardrobe a bit I think!

I'm also sewing on the MYSTERY QUILT!! HA! It's coming along great..just wait til you see!


  1. Amazing and can hardly wait for the magazine in the spring. And now I have to save my phone book!! Thanks for such a super great idea!

  2. Oh my...I can barely get through my own scraps, let alone other people's leftovers! You deserve an award for using all the misfit pieces of fabric and making them look great...

  3. Hi Bonnie,

    I recognize some of those fabrics and I have their "cousins" in my own stash, ha, ha.

  4. When do you plan to start the mystery? October? November? I want to block off some time to play. :-)

  5. Phone book pages... what a great idea! Now I won't be tossing those outdated books.

  6. I am sure the gals are so thrilled to see you they wouldn't mind if you always wore the same outfit! But good idea to get some happy to travel clothes!

  7. love the blue strips--very effective. i love going through scraps of fabric. it's like a treasure hunt.

  8. I am one of few people that like Mondays. Tuesdays can be a drag.
    Today I am making 4 more Pineapple blocks. I figure 4 a day is a good day of sewing. I am on round #24 on each of the four.
    XOXOXO Subee

  9. With this sneak peek and one on an earlier post, I think this is going to be a fab quilt. Of course you will have to post when the mag is published. ? Do you take out the phone book paper?

  10. I just put a piano key border on a little girl's pink quilt. You cannot beat that border for using up scraps and having a nice WOW! factor!

  11. Our Tupperware distributor made a bunch of dresses from the same pattern once and her hostesses thought it was a Tupper uniform. LOL Can't wait to see what you do with all those lovely strings. Sure appreciate you!

  12. I can't wait to see the whole quilt - love the string borders!

  13. Mondays are a ZOO here. Usually, many unexpected things pop up. Today, the 4yo woke with her jaw swollen and hot from an infected tooth that was filled last week...antibiotics and likely, it'll get pulled later in the week. And, older dd moved apartments this week, so moving some furniture around for her. I long for more time to quilt. Those blues DELIGHT me...I can't WAIT TO SEE THAT!

    Oh, how I'd love to drive to Mich. to see you.

    Lucy (in IN)

  14. Girl you are an inspiration to the rest of us. Talk about using up every square inch!

  15. Great idea for using up the old phone book pages! Thankyou, looking forward to seeing the whole quilt.

  16. Current temp in Detroit is 79 but the rest of the week will be in the 60s or low 70s. Temps at night will be in the 50s. Not too hot and not too cold! Michigan is waiting for you!!

  17. Seeing the scraps that people gave you reminded me of a question I've been wondering about.

    When you are given small scraps and strings do you worry about whether they are from preshrunk fabric or not?

    I have some scraps I was given and was wondering if I should use them with scraps from my stash. The stash stuff is all preshrunk, but I don't know if the gift scraps are or not.


  18. When I traveled for work a lot I used to shop for clothes in weeklong colorways...one week I was all in brown and green...the next blacks and reds...but all of the clothes were ready to wear immediately after getting to the hotel...

  19. What a great idea to use the phone book pages for foundations! They're a perfect weight and no doubt easy to tear off. I always feel so guilty when I pitch old phone books. We have a couple places that recycle them, but I never think to take them with me. So this is just the ticket! Thanks, Bonnie.

  20. Bonnie,
    It looks like those strips and bits of fabric ended up with the right person- after all, what better present to give a scrap quilter than scraps.VBG
    They know you will turn it into something beautiful..
    Happy quilting- I am sure the new quilt is another beauty.

  21. I too am wondering if you tear off the paper backing after the pieces are attached? Could you please address this.... is/when you have the time? Thank you... have a great trip! You busy girl you!


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