Friday, November 17, 2006

Holiday Humor

This just gave me the giggles today! I suppose it could apply to knitters too...*hehehe* (Click on the pic for clearer view of the text...)

Jason is happily working at Olive Garden and things are going well. Jeff is back working at Mc D's after a misunderstanding had him quit/fired. (These places don't work very hard to keep young kids, they are so disposable!) So all is calm and very busy with employment in SC!

Jeff also passed the written part of his driver's exam to get his permit. He won't get his license yet, but we figure we can use the chance to drive as some sort of incentive to help with more attention to grades, etc. I don't know if it will work or not, but it's worth a try?

A month or so ago, before Jason was coming home, and before both were employed, Dave found a condo deal for thanksgiving weekend at Hilton Head. Now both boys have jobs and can't get off for the weekend...and the condo deal was non-refundable! Have you ever HEARD of parents taking off, leaving their kids home to fend for themselves on THANKSGIVING?! Well, that is what is going to happen here. I figure I can cook a turkey any other day of the week (trying to find one when they are both home to enjoy it) and DH and I are going to Hilton Head by ourselves. That ought to keep me well away from the worst shopping weekend of the entire year....and I'm not sad to miss it!



  1. sounds like a blessing to have a children free weekend. Enjoy!

  2. Bonnie, go for it!!! Do you think for one minute that if your boys had other options they wouldn't be flying out the door leaving you on Thanksgiving. LOL Girl, you deserve a break after all you do for everyone! Go and enjoy!!! :)

  3. Cute cartoon! Those illustrators must have grown up as are kids are doing...with lots of *fiber* around the house!

    That's great that you are getting away! It will give you time to re-connect with your hubby...and the boys will have time (some?) to re-connect themselves. I always tell my in-laws this about any holiday: Thanksgiving can be found in your heart...not only on the calendar! (They always want to do things ON THE DAY!)

  4. I say take your weekend alone with your sweetie and enjoy the peace and quiet. Have fun!

  5. LOL very good cartoon. Perhaps some thinks the same with me and quilting lOl
    Have a nice weekend with no children. I am sure they are doing great alone.

  6. That cartoon is so funny! And I"m glad your going - have a wonderful time!

  7. Hi, I have just "met" you and have been reading all about you. So excited that you are a fellow Ferris fan! Your boys sound entertaining and I'm pleased the job, "daycare" thing is working out. That date weekend sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving weekend to me (not that we celebrate it here but I get the gist!) Loving your work and thinking about book covers!!I will definitely come back. Tracey

  8. I think the mom in you feels guilty about leaving your sons over Thanksgiving, but the other part of you should try to enjoy the lovely weekend. Your sons will be happy to eat turkey any old day.


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