Monday, April 24, 2006

A Week In Holland...

This week my installments of my trip to The Netherlands will be found on Lucy's Blog! I hope you will come to her page and find out what we have been up to!

I will give you one hint....no sewing has happened yet at ALL..although we have talked about it a bit :c)

Bonnie & Lucy


Dawn said...

Are you doing the Jr Birdmen thing?????

ForestJane said...

They have Junior Birdmen in the Netherlands? cool! lol

dot said...

Looks like too much fun.

Dawn said...

Into the Air, Junior Birdmen

Into the air, junior birdmen
Into the air, upside down;
Into the air, junior birdmen
Keep your nose up in the brown;
And when you see all those birdmen
With their shiny wings of tin
Then you will know the junior birdmen
Have sent their boxtops in!