Monday, April 17, 2006

Testing New Camera

I have SIX days before I leave for Lucy's....It's time to master the new camera! I tell you, they need to make things SIMPLER instead of more complex! I love the size..but this is the first cam I've had where there is no eyehole to peek through to frame the shot..just the screen. I don't know why this is so difficult for me but it just is! All my life I've been looking through a peep hole, and it is a whole new skill to just align something in the screen on the back of the camera without putting it up to my eye!

So far I have loaded the software....taken a couple test shots, and uploaded them to the computer. I know for quilt pics I need to figure out where all the gadgets and settings are for doing things like turning off flash, and chosing the image size, etc. But for this test pic..I'm pleased! I went to upload it and found it was already the perfect size for uploading to the web! Usually they are 22" wide or something and I have to size them down. Whooowhoo...I'm liking this cam already!

This pic is of my old Kitty....Oliver, otherwise known as Ollie Boy. He is about 10 or 11 years old, and getting that old man grey peppery look to his fur coat..he was jet black other than a few select white spots on his feet....Now he is flecked with white hairs. Makes him look distinguished, huh? :c)

I'm meeting a friend for lunch at Olive Garden at 12:30. I'm hitting UPS and the Bank as well. Not planning on going into the massage clinic today unless I get a call in...Mondays are usually slow. THANK HEAVENS!



  1. 5 days left Bonnie before you leave and 6 days untill we meet again !! We are gonna make beautiful pictures with your camera! And show our meeting to the mavericks !

  2. I found my digital camera took some getting used to too. It too only has a screen, but now I can't imagine returning to looking through a view finder....

    If you have pics that need resizing there is a free download at www.irfanview.com that is well worth the time. Its the only photo resize program I've ever found easy to learn.

  3. Looks like a pretty nice picture of Ollie Boy !
    You must be getting very excited now about going to see Lucy
    Take a ton of pictures and blog whenever you can from there.

  4. Oliver looks like he is also a quilt enthusiast!!! Good idea to play with the new camera now - they always take a while to get used to :)

  5. Wow, your new camera took a great photo! You will have to email me with what kind it is. I'm thinking I need to invest in a better camera!


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