Friday, April 14, 2006

Long Time, No Post!

Oh you guys...life has completely run away with me and I don't know which way is up! Working at the massage clinic has taken over everything, and it is great and exciting. Yesterday I had the priviledge of working on an Olympic Gold Medalist! I was SO nervous, but she was so great. She has a meet this weekend at Clemson, and we needed to get all the toxins and lactic acid flushed out of her leg muscles so she is able to compete at her best tomorrow. I enjoyed her so much! So that's the kind of exciting thing that has been going on here.

I leave for Lucy's one week from TOMORROW!! Have I packed? NO! I'm quilting customer quilts like crazy so that no one is waiting on me when I get back.

I bought a new camera, would you believe I haven't even had time to load the software in my computer? I took the following pics with my old camera because I didn't want to stop and do all that with the new one yet. I've got a week to learn to use it! *LOL*

I'm posting a pic of a customer quilt...there were two identical ones. I thought this was a GREAT pattern for signature blocks! She used 5" squares of red prints, all different red prints...and then the signature blocks were 5" X 2.5" I believe, she put it all together basket weave fashion. I thought it might look fun scrappy too, if anyone needs an idea for a signature quilt...This one has ease of construction, and definately possibilities.

These belong to an "older" (Oh I hope she doesn't read my blog) gal, and she still does not use rotory cutters! I showed her how I used mine, and she said "This old gal is too old to learn new tricks". She learned to quilt with scissors, and scissors it is. When she brought me the tops they didn't have borders on them...I offered to add the borders for her because she didn't know exactly how she was going to cut 2" strips with scissors and have them straight, and her tops were a bit wibbly wobbly. Adding the borders squared them up and stabilized them a bit better.

The quilt also has a musical theme, being centered around black gospel quartets and their members, promoters, church members, too...so the outside border (and backing fabric) is that fun sheet music print you've probably all seen before. It just doesn't photograph very well. I had fun reading all the signatures and quotes and imagining the great southern black gospel music ringing through these churches. I've always wanted to go hear that. I love quartet music!

The only dang thing I still need to do is add hanging sleeves to the back. I FORGOT! Which means that I don't have the ease of sewing one edge into the binding...and only having to stitch one side to the back...I'm going to have to stitch both sides to the back and not into the binding because the binding is DONE! It's machine topstitched binding, and I'm not picking it out to insert a hanging sleeve under it.

So that's the kind of stuff that is going on here! Nothing really super exciting in the way of my own quilts, but sometimes life just goes on day by day in it's own normal routine, and that is okay too. Can't have excitement every day, right?



  1. Excitement or not, it's GOOD to see a post from you again..*VBS* I know life keeps happening while we are making other plans...the quilt is really neat. And I suppose if she hasn't given in to rotary cutting in the almost 20 years it's been around, she probably won't....but you gave it a good try!

  2. I've wondered where you were!! It's good to have you pop in from that crazy ride called your life! :o) Make sure to pop in before you head off to Lucy's!

  3. I really like that red siggy quilt - so simple, and so effective. Sounds like the massaging is really taking off now! Glad you found the time to post :)

  4. Great quilt, and super quick and easy I bet...a good choice for scraps, or charity..anything really. Do you give long distance massages? I could use a good rub down!

  5. Beautiful quilt Bonnie, I bet your excited about seeing Lucy....I know you all are going to have a wonderful visit....I'm glad to see you post also I worry when you girls go so long between post... Hugs Tina

  6. I was going to write you and make sure everything was ok! I'm glad it is. I figured you were just busy getting ready for your trip by getting things done. So then I decided filling your mailbox with more mail didn't help!

    That signature quilt is a wonderful idea! I"m so glad you shared it. I always have to do those signature quilts for charities so this is a wonderful idea.

    I'm so jealous you are going to see Lucy! I"m getting a ruler for the string star quilt and then she is going to teach me how to make it! Have fun!

  7. I'm right behind you - climbing back onto the web from the life pit! There may be other reason she doesn't want to "mess" with the rotary cutter...when my eyes went bad (optic neuritis) I slices several fingernails and tips of my fingers badly...


  8. Missed you Bonnie.
    The quilt came out nice. You did a great job.
    Not much longer and you are heading to Lucy's ! You are going to have so much fun.

  9. What a fun massage that must have been! If I miss posting to you before you leave, you and Lucy have a fantastic time together and post often so we can all enjoy your time together!

    Judy L.

  10. Anonymous9:13 PM EDT

    Glad you're "back"! Great quilt - I love to see how many different reds there are! Better start packing girl - not long to go LOL LOL.

  11. Missed you bunches, Bonnie!!! I didn't want to nag at ya, knew you were just busy, but I really did miss you.

    Tell your customer that her quilt is marvelous. Love it.


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