Saturday, October 21, 2006

More My Blue Heaven

I've got the top center together! Yesterday I sewed the blocks into rows, this morning I sewed the rows together. I like it!

The close up shot shows you the weird variety of fabrics I used in this quilt. Really, when I pull fabrics, I just go for color/light/dark...there are 20 years of fabrics in this quilt including such weird things as a western fabric with cowboy boots, ropes and hats...and a cutesy farm animal print with cows and chickents and pigs. It is just what was IN the scrap bin. I use it. I don't care how old it is, how outdated it is, how ugly it is...I just use it.

This quilt has batiks, hand dyes, 1988 paw prints and pin dots, novelty prints, shirtings, white on whites, cream on creams, plaids, ginghams, stripes, lots of 1990 calicoes, music prints....EVERYTHING. If you are new to making scrap quilts, please dare yourself to use everything! I see a lot of quilts out there where fabrics are separated so much by "kind" (all 30's repros, or all civil war repros, all batiks, all tone on tone or whatever) that there is no punch or whimsy to them.

I feel that my scrap quilts refect who I am because they have EVERYTHING from my whole quilting life in them. When sewn up, even fabrics that seem to not go together, GO TOGETHER!

I now have to contemplate borders..do I take the easy way out and just slap a couple on there, or do I do something fun? I'll have to think on it a bit. This is as much time as I can spend on it today as I am working on a customer's feathered star quilt that needs to be done ASAP and there are several others in queue pressing to be done too. Taking a week off put me a week behind, but it was a break I desparately needed.

The weather is gorgeous and glorious here....makes me want to be out in it!



  1. That bit about using anything in the bin is something that I have to learn. I pull things to use and them throw them back because they are brights and everything else is muted, or whatever. I will have to keep trying, and try to learn from your example.My mantra will be "it works for Bonnie, it will work for me".

  2. I love your approach to using fabric - I agree, that's what makes the quilt 'live'. For me, half the pleasure of a true scrap quilt is that you never quite know how it is going to look when it is finished. May your scrap bins always be full!(Even though you are trying to empty them).

  3. What a lovely quilt and it's unbelievable that it's done only with scarps. Congratulations.

  4. you definitely do a fabulous job of mixing up all different types of fabrics together - and they do work! something I am bad at, but need to do. love the little cow I see in there.

  5. I love this quilt, Bon, but your quilts are always wonderful. You know my address for mailing when this one is done.....hahahahaha.

  6. Your comment about "punch and whimsy" is perfect. It's what I love about scrap quilts.

  7. OH Bonnie, you have did it again - created another "Blue-ta-full Bonnie Quilt"!! It is gorgeous!

    I love the pattern and as always I am drawn to your scrappy style! You are "THE Bonnie" I want to be when I grow up!!! ;) I am amazed at how much you have acomplished!!! Thanks for sharing with all of us! Happy Weekend! ~Bonnie in TX

  8. Your Blue Heaven sure is a little piece of heaven. I love your approach to scraps, I can thank you for putting me on the path to scrap reduction, though I know I'll never be so prolific as you.
    Scrap on!

  9. So, so pretty! I love how the little novelty prints peeek out! I admit to being a bit obsessed with keeping my fabric seperated by time period...odd that my favorite quilt has 4 patches from the 1870's and are set with fabric from the 1930's!

  10. Oh what a striking quilt, Bonnie! I love the Companion and EZ Angles myself...Darlene Z. and Joy H. would be delighted at your results, I'm sure!

  11. A very great work - only scaps - no - very beautifull - no more words....

  12. I love how you do that 'combine everything and it works' thing. Another stunning quilt nearly finished :)


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