Thursday, July 29, 2021

Back Porch Time With Friends!

I had a special visit from some long time friends yesterday!

I'm so happy they took a drive up from North Carolina to say hello!

Honestly - as summer heat goes, I'm not sure that we were much cooler up here yesterday - I think we hit the heat apex of our summer with temps nearing 90.

Let's hope that's the worst of it for this week!

I've been many places with these gals including Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky - so it was extra fun that they added this stop in Virginia.

And as an extra bonus:

We headed over to Corner Market for lunch on the porch!

So super fun to just sit and chat and visit and catch up and enjoy a bit of southwestern Virginia cooking!

The time flew too quickly by, and I was headed back to the inn to help Susan get beds made - the arrival of the July Quiltvillians was just a couple hours away!

And on a completely different note -

I have been watching the changes over something growing at the edge of the woods in my yard at the cabin.

It's the color that caught me - take a look!

Isn't this the craziest cluster of orange mushrooms?

And that COLOR!  Wow!

Over the course of the week they ended up looking like this:

I just find it all so interesting.

They are gone now - thanks to the lawn mower - but it was really fun to watch and see how they would mature.

And you all know it was that cheddar color that captivated me.  Nature does it best!

There was a BIT of time for some piecing - but not much.

It was just a couple of hours after beds were made when the first of the July Quiltvillians rolled on in, and like clock-work, car by car they came - off loading their items to the back porch moving their cars so the next car could pull up -

Parking in front of and behind the QPO keeps the "loading zone" clear so others can also pull up in sequence and use the wagons for moving all the stuff.

By the time I left last evening around dinner time the house was full and happy again and I'm eager to get over there this morning and see who wants to head out on a walk down Round House road.

Maybe we'll find some more bright orange mushrooms?  Maybe something else will be blooming?

I just know I want to be out and about while the morning is cool.

How are things shaping up for your Thursday?

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Quiltville Quote of the Day -

People are ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS more important than things!
And dogs. Dogs are important too!
(And the cats. They get a bit pissy if I forget to include them.)

Today - my focus is on the beings, not the things.

Have a wonderful Thursday however you spend it!



Tonni said...

Those look like Jack O'Lantern mushrooms. If so, they are poisonous.

Unknown said...

I love the mantra in today's quote. Sometimes we need a reminder to live our lives this way. Stay cool and have a great day! Sandy at sewhigh.blogspot.com

Pieces of Time said...

One of the vendors at our local Farmer's Market was selling those kind of mushrooms last week. So funny. I find out the name and tell you next week.

Dalina said...

You are right on about those crazy orange mushrooms. I have never seen anything like that before, I have always been fascinated by different mushrooms, but this is a new one to me. I have been on vacation and have not done any sewing; today is going to be another scorcher here in the Midwest. I got my walk in at 6 a.m. with a temperature of 78 degrees already and a high of 100. So I plan to sew all day today as its been three weeks since I have touched fabric. Other than doing the laundry and that just doesn't count at all in my opinion. Enjoy the new houseful of Quiltvillians and stay cool if you get the heat there.

Mary said...

I love my Wagon!! Forgot to take it to Nebraska. Gotta find it to yake quilts to the Fair and Quilt Show. Watching Olympics so I can stay inside during the heatwave forecasted.

Carm said...

Those mushrooms look like the ones my son brought home from his woods. They were delish! I'm going to show him this picture to check for you.

Carm said...

Not the same mushrooms :(

Unknown said...

Bonnie, you made with laugh out loud with your comments on the cats! I needed that. Under the weather with a sinus infection.....in the middle of summer! What is up with that! And our kids from Memphis will be here this weekend on their way to Colorado. What a blessing to be used as an overnight stop. They have 2 greyhounds, Leonard and Peasy, (yes, her racing name was Easy Peasy and her brother was Lemon Squeezy). I am ready for fall to come to Iowa.

PalmerGal said...

On the countdown to movers coming on Monday. I’m moving only 5 miles so I've been taking boxes to new garage several times a week. The push is on to clean out all the drawers and things on top so movers can take them. New house is empty to the unloading should go smoothly. Needless to say I’m not sewing but moving everything in that room is daunting. I can move most of it in my car (and friends' cars) but have to clear the drawers below the cutting table, and the machine and clutter off the sewing table. I see wine in the evening.

piecrust said...

Jack O'Lanterns are poisonous and grow in clusters. Did you check them out after dark? The gills glow ever so slightly. Takes me back to my days as a girl scout.

Patti said...

The first mushroom picture looked like a pile of bagels to me. I was starting to worry about your breakfast serving techniques!

Megan G said...

I thought those mushrooms were a random pile of persimmons until you said what they were. :)

Karen Marlene Fulbright said...

Yesterday was "quilt day" for our group (every Thursday) 8 horrendous steps down and then up to haul our gear to the basement (and food) so we can 'make merry' :) Glad to see your visitors coming by. Social refreshment is much needed after the long period of just video chat, phone calls, messengers... etc. Received the last of our donation machines (lady downsizing and moving donated to our education program) We now have enough for a class of 6 when I get them cleaned, and a few parts located. :) All lessons are always FREE and so is the attached fun. No machine is NO EXCUSE! LOL Blessed Day!

Irene said...

Those mushrooms are soooo beautiful. We just get plain old brownish toad stools in our yard. Next year you might have a bumper crop of them from the spores left behind when your husband mowed them down. LOL He probably wont appreciate that. But You and the rest of us will love seeing another picture of them next year.

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