Friday, December 02, 2022

Chilhowie Mystery, Part Two!

Happy first week of December, everyone!

I hope everyone survived our Chilhowie Part One from last week and is ready to move forward as we get closer to Chanukah, Christmas, and New Years!

I have loved seeing all of the Part One posts using hashtags #quiltvillemystery and #chilhowiequilt.

Please keep up the good work and keep tagging your photos so we can find them easily.  I love to see the different colors and all of the beautiful fabrics you are using.

This week is a fun one - we will be making some mirror image units!

Click HERE for Printer-Friendly PDF.

It all starts with strip sets!

Cut neutral and purple scraps into 2'' strips.

How many strips?  Whatever it takes to make 96 subcuts at 3 1/2''

As scrap strip lengths vary - my suggestion as always is to start with some strip sets, see what you can get form them, and do some more until you have enough to get the job done.

Sew a purple 2'' strip to a neutral 2'' strip with right sides together.  Press seam open to minimize bulk.. Measure the strip set.  It should be 3 1/2'' tall.

If it is not, adjust seam allowance and try again.  If your strip sets are always coming out just a hair short, my Making The Cut tutorial may be helpful.  Remember to always cut your strips with the ruler line you are measuring by on TOP of your fabric, not sitting beside your fabric on the mat.

Stitching miles of purple/neutral combos!

Subcut the strip sets into 96 3 1/2'' units.

Stitch & Flip corners on mirror image units!

Make 48 with purple on the left, and 48 with purple on the right.

Units will measure 3 1/2'' unfinished and finish at 3'' in the quilt.

Take notice again that the top row has the purple on the left side of the unit, and the bottom row shows the purple on the right.  This is important! 

From orange scraps, cut 192 squares 2''.

I find the Simple Folded Corners ruler or Simple Folded Corners Mini helpful for the stitch & flip corners on these units. I use these rulers all of the time. They come in a large and a smaller size. (Small size shown.)  If you don't have them, invest in yourself and get them! 

You'll find them in the rulers, notions & tools section of the Quiltville Store.

If you don't have access to the ruler, you can always do the "draw a line" method.

Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the back side of the 2'' squares. 

Place one of the squares with right sides together at the right hand corner of the unit. 

Things to remember - The drawn line is NOT your sewing line.  It is your FOLD LINE. DO NOT SEW DIRECTLY ON THE LINE.  If you do - your folded corner triangle will always be short and not reach where it needs to go. 

When sewing: Place your needle to the RIGHT of the line, into the seam allowance.  The left side of the sewing machine needle is right up against the line, but now the fabric can fold up and over the thread to reach the edges of the unit. 

Sew slowly, and carefully. Trim leaving 1/4'' seam allowance. Press the seam allowance UNDER toward the center of the unit.  This will facilitate nested seams later.

For those who don't like drawing lines - this is where your Simple Folded Corners ruler or Simple Folded Corners Mini come into play. 

Start as with the basic "draw a line" Stitch & Flip method above, but instead of drawing a diagonal line, place the 1/4'' line on the ruler (Mini shown) on the diagonal of the corner square and trim leaving 1/4'' seam allowance.

Do all of the right hand corners first. Press the right hand seam allowance UNDER toward the center of the unit.  This will facilitate nested seams later.

So much chain sewing!

I kept my two groups of "purple on the left" and "purple on the right" separate from each other to make sure I didn't mix them up.

Ready for their left-hand corners.

Either use the "draw a line" method, or use the Simple Folded Corners ruler or Simple Folded Corners Mini to trim-first-sew-second.

As a right-handed cutter, I found it easiest to turn my units sideways to trim the left-hand corner.

Ruler stickers also came in handy to easily see which lines I was placing at the edge of my unit.

Press the left-hand corners out toward the orange triangles. 

Some of mine! - yes, there is 1/4'' seam allowance at the top of the unit.

Again - make 48 with purple on the left, and 48 with purple on the right.

Units will measure 3 1/2'' unfinished and finish at 3'' in the quilt.

These are Lorna's!

They show her units front and back - great job!

That's it for Part Two, everyone!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

 I love these colors – but I love the quote more.  

I really do believe this to be true.

Happy Friday!


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  1. Thank you Bonnie! I woke up excited and I am not even halfway thru Clue1!

  2. Thank you, Bonnie, for what looks like another great step toward a wonderful quilt.

  3. Ready, Set, Go!! Clue 1 all finished and anxious to start on this fun unit for Clue 2. Thanks for this mystery, Bonnie!

  4. Oh My, left and right! I will have a new Mantra this week. The Orange lovers got their wish. My orange might be a bit peachy.. Happy Fri-Yay!

  5. Thanks Bonnie, as I read this mornings clue I was thinking how easy it is to understand the way you explaine the steps to us. I think this is my 8th Bonnie mystery so every other one has added to my abilities over the years, you are a huge part of my quilting journy!

  6. I love chain piecing! It makes for a good evening of sewing when I don't want to think after a long day of chasing kids around. Thank you for explaining things again and reminding me of how to do something! Happy FriYay!! :)

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