Friday, January 07, 2022

Rhododendron Trail Mystery, Part Seven!

Happy New Year, Quiltvillians!

We are a week into 2022, and I hope it is unfolding with happy creativity for you!

Our weirdly warm weather has turned quite cold here in Southwestern Virginia with our first week of 2022 giving us our expected January snows.

As long as I don't have to be out in it, I'm perfectly happy to leave the weather outside while I throw yummy things into the crock pot to cook all day so I can spend the day at the sewing machine playing with my fabrics.

I have heard from so many of you, excited that we started in on block assembly with Rhododendron Trail Part Six.  The block photos I have seen are wonderfully awe inspiring, and I especially love seeing all of the different colorways you are making your own quilts.

We are going to continue "in the slower lane" for just a bit longer with Part Seven!

Click HERE for Printer-Friendly PDF version.

Block B

Make 20

Blocks will measure 10 1/2'' and finish at 10'' in the quilt.

For this step you'll be using 180 of the hourglass units made in Part Four.  And we need to cut some background pieces to go with these.

From neutral scraps/fabrics cut:

120 squares 2 1/2'' X 2 1/2''. Use 80 for Block B, saving the rest for a future step.
120 rectangles 2 1/2'' X 6 1/2''.  Use 80 for Block B, saving the rest for a future step.

Center Nine-Patch.

So many oldies but goodies found their way into my own Rhododendron Trail quilt!

To make this block, arrange 5 hourglass units as shown, filling in the sides with 4 neutral squares. 

I double-checked my units, making sure they were all sitting the same, not rotated, and referring to them as "butterflies."

Do not turn any of the hourglass units - they all face the same direction.

Join into rows, pressing seams toward the neutral squares.

Join rows to complete each center unit, pressing seams toward the center row.

Build on these units by placing 4 rectangles around the sides of the center hourglass/nine-patch, adding 4 more hourglass units to the corners.  (As butterflies! Don't turn them, keep all hourglass units the same in this block!)

Join units into rows, pressing seams toward the rectangle units and away from the center hourglass/nine-patch.

Join rows pressing seams toward the outside of the block.

Make 20.

There is still more to come - and one color that hasn't even shown up yet!  I can't wait!

We'll catch you back here on Friday, 1/14/22 for Part EIGHT.  Whoowhooo!

If you are looking to enhance your stash for Rhododendron Trail - check out the fabric rolls at Cotton to Quilts!

New Trio Rolls!

If you feel like you need "just a bit more" the Trio Rolls are made for you!  Trio Rolls contain 6  pieces 8'' X 22'' in each of the 3 main colors used in Rhododendron Trail: Pink, Yellow & Garnet. And yes, neutral rolls are also available. Fabrics may vary.

Quiltville Quote of the Day

 This is a photo of a vintage spiderweb quilt top, machine quilted by my friend Allison. I love life on the scrappy side!

Today I am choosing extreme happiness. 

If I choose it long enough, it will become a habit! 

Are you with me?

Happy Sewing, everyone!


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  1. I am just sitting here with a cup of coffee looking at #7. The blocks are beautiful. My neighbor down the street "raises" butterflies, and I have the pleasure of having them in my yard on my butterfly bushes. Thank you Bonnie and have a great weekend.

  2. Looks fun!! I can see the rhododendrons along the side of the trail with light peeking through the blossoms!!!! Thank you for this mystery! I'm a bit behind but enjoying the journey and learning much!!

  3. Just WOW!!! This quilt is going to be extraordinary.

  4. This is gonna be soooooo pretty!!❣️

  5. I rather enjoy the slow going on this one - although I have to admit I'm a little anxious about that last color . . . .

  6. Ok Bonnie, I think you're teasing us with not using the Aqua. Anticipation in my quilt Zone. Next week is my Birthday. Never had the Mystery revealed in mid-January. Way to keep us in Suspense. Off to find and cut more neutral.

  7. Wow. I am so happy to be participating in this mystery ❗️ My sewing machine is in for repairs right now causing further delay. But you can be sure I will do the cutting and bag up the pieces so I will be ready when my machine returns. We are having our snowstorm today. I think you sent it Bonnie Love snow!

  8. Cup of tea. Snow falling heavily here in the Northeast and Part seven in front of me. Will be choosing my fabrics today as I know the colors I want to use. Loving this and adding to my Happiness!

  9. Last week my sister in TN got about 5" of snow and was really happy, except for branches of her Rhododenddron broke off. Hummm. Here in CT pansies in my flower box were blooming...Except for today. Maybe 10" today. Now to get back to the Rhododendron Trail.

  10. That is a very pretty block.

  11. Oooooooo. I'm loving this!!! I had no idea this is how the hourglasses would be used. Very fun!!

  12. I was anticipating string piecing. But you pleasantly surprised me with butterflies instead. I can't wait to see how this turns out. Thank you for extending this out as I will be sad when the final clue comes out because that means our journey will be over. Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year and all the best. Thank you for giving us another great mystery.

  13. Omg! Loving this experience and beauty of the blocks. Definitely puts skill to the test to match the points, direction, etc. Bonnie .. thank you for sharing your skill and patience with us.

  14. Oh, yikes. I am SO low on neutrals. Especially with neutrals that I've used in the other units.

  15. Love the block. I cannot wait to see what is next. I need to find the auqa or what ever I will use with this. I am so excited-this is my first BHM. I am also doing the Ruby Jubilee Quiltmakers Mystery - from my stash of course (been collection reds/whites for years). Both of these Mysteries will be for ME? Yippie!

    Bonnie Thank You for sharing and keeping us entertained daily. I look forward to reading your blogs and seeing what is happening on the mountain; especially the Sunrises!

  16. Still no Aqua! You are such a tease. This is my second mystery and I am loving this so much. I keep trying to figure out what it will look like and admit I have no clue. Except I LOVE the colors. All the pink yellow and aqua came out of my stash. This is so much fun! Thank you Bonnie!

  17. Thank you for the slow rollout. I am loving it. Anticipation if half the fun right. I'm behind but still making progress. Had to go find some more pinks to get some more variety. Found some aqua that I love and hoping it will work out. Thanks Bonnie.

  18. What fun!! I'm enjoying this mystery so much, Bonnie! Thank you!!!

  19. Bonnie, Love your blog. Your comment on the weather is great. Yesterday, it was cold here in Minnesota and also today. This morning, I got up to -27 with wind (yes, the schools open late). It's noon and has warmed up to -7. So-o-o your 19 degrees seems kinda balmy. Everything is relative.

  20. OH MY!!! To be able to choose! I CHOOSE YES!!! That spiderweb is amazing. I love the antique blocks! Blessings to you and thank you for all you share with us. January watch word is "..A Hand UP, not a Hand OUT...!

  21. I am enjoying the slower pace this year. Thank you! Also enjoying the prolonged mystery. Wonder where that extra unit will be used? Hmmmmm

  22. This is such a great block! I am thoroughly loving this mystery. Thank you so much for designing such beautiful quilts.

  23. That IS an interesting block! Can't wait to see it paired with the other block! Enjoy your weather, and you sound like me. I enjoy nothing better than sewing the day away with dinner simmering in the slow cooker. We have been experiencing bi-polar weather here. Warm mostly, only a couple days of cooler weather. Have a great weekend!!

  24. It took me all day, but I got my set of 20 blocks finished. Thanks so much for hosting this mystery, I'm having so much fun.

  25. I LOVE this block. I could make a quilt just out of this! Simply beautiful.


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