Monday, May 04, 2020

Unity Quilt Along, Part 6!

Welcome back, Quiltvillians!

I have a bit of a breather week ahead for you – and I think we all need it.

I know I do.

As our Unity Quilt Along gets bigger with each round, each round covers more ground with more units and parts.  And as I worked this past week on getting this round to completion, I told myself that I must be nuts, or really desire everyone to hate me because it was just too much with everything else that was going on this past week.

So this week is a preparatory week for what comes NEXT Monday.

My thought is that you can spend an evening or two cutting out these half-square triangle pairs that we need for the next round – a LOT of them – get them stitched up, trimmed to size and be ready for what we are going to do with them next Monday.

Perhaps these can be your Leaders & Enders in between rounds of mask- making or while you finish up that baby quilt, graduation quilt, or another sew along project you started over the weekend?

At any rate – this is our coasting week.

Click HERE for Printer-Friendly PDF version.

Half Square Triangle units!

272 to be exact!

Measuring 2 1/2’’ unfinished and finishing at 2’’ in the quilt.

You have already tackled this unit in this size in Part 4.  And just like before – you can use ANY method to make these that you wish.  Just pay attention to the unit size.

If you are using traditional rotary cutting methods you would start with 2 7/8’’ squares.

Because I used my Essential Triangle Tool, I started with 2 1/2’’ strips of both red and neutral.

I went for variety so I kept my strip sets fairly short to void too much of the same-thing-ending-up-next-to-the-same-thing.

Purposing some left-over short strip ends!

Remember to keep the 2’’ finished red line ON the strip set – not below it or above it on the mat.

Piling pairs in sets of 10 pairs.

It makes counting easy -

Great for an evening of power sewing!

Press seams toward the red fabric.  Trim dog ears and measure – trimming as needed.  Units will measure 2 1/2’’ and finish at 2’’ in the quilt.

Don’t forget to re-watch the Essential Triangle Tutorial for Part 4 that showed the cutting for this size if you need to.

And if you are up to trying a DIFFERENT method -

Simple Folded Corners tutorial found Here!

(And also under the Tips & Techniques tab.)

I shared this batch triangle making from 10’’ squares using the Simple Folded Corners rulers for our Good Fortune mystery and pulled it in to play again for our Frolic mystery. 

It really does make big batches of triangles from larger squares a snap!

This is a handy way to make batches of triangles in a hurry – great when you want them matching.

You are going to get 20 2 1/2’’ unfinished units that will finish at 2’’ in whatever project you want to use them in.  There are also 2 2’’ unfinished units from ends that will finish at 1 1/2’’ in another project.

Try this method – I dare you.  It is fast and fun!  Just remember to switch the blue fabric shown in the tutorial for RED for Part 6 of Unity.

And we will catch you back here next Monday for Part 7 – and you’ll find out just what we are going to do with these 272 triangle units!

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Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Talkin' Turkey quilt from my book String Fling made by Allison!

Go ahead, spread that sunshine around! But do it with clean hands, a face mask and from at least 6 feet away!

And while we are at it - you knew I'd have to say it -

For all the Star Wars fans out there - May the 4th be with you!

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Please send your friends to my blog to print their clues. Thank you!

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  1. Hey Bonnie. So I'm clear, all 272 are red?

    1. Good morning Bonnie. I enjoy reading your blog so much. It's the bright spot waiting for me every day. You are always so cheerful an have so many ideas and tips, it is a gift you give to the world. That burger on the deck sure sounded good.

    2. All HSTs are red and neutral :-)

  2. Hsts for Mothers Day week, Thank you! It's getting curiouser and curiouser. Happy Starwars Day.

  3. I'm so grateful for these posts - it reminds me what day of the week it is - for me it is Tuesday! LOL! I know I could jump in Monday evening, but that spoils my fun on Tuesday mornings! Thankies muchly!


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