Sunday, March 29, 2020

UNITY: The Quiltville Sew-in-Place Quilt Along!

It’s time for some UNITY!


Because we are all in this together – and keeping ourselves sequestered away from the world, to protect the world from further spread of Covid-19.

50 years from now this will be a time that kids will be studying in school, learning about what their grandparents and great grandparents did during this time.

I hope that the way that we pitched in to become part of the solution, not part of the problem will give them a sense of pride.

Above you see colors – the three that I have chosen!  I got a hold of my friends at The Cozy Quilter to pull me some bolts (And send me some fabric!) because there are some things I am dreadfully low on here at the cabin, and my main stash is still 100 miles away in Wallburg, NC.  I am not going to go get it.  I am going to work with what I have on hand, and added to by some on-line purchases.
Click HERE for Printer-Friendly PDF.

Synonyms of Unity.

SO many of these apply.  Harmony.  Identity (How many of you feel like your identity is lost?) Peace, Solidarity, Integrality.  

The purpose of this Sew-in-Place Quilt Along is to help us feel TOGETHER, even though we are completely isolated from the human touch around us.

We may not be touching – but we are feeling.  We may feel locked away – but we are close in purpose, in humanity.

And we need some fun – let’s face it!

We are making a Medallion Style Quilt!

And because this is coming out of my back pocket – and I am working just a few days ahead of everyone else (Oh, it is a whirlwind of activity around here) we are going to keep this as simple as possible – with still a feel of mystery week by week so there is something to look forward to, and something to keep you going because you don’t know what comes next.  But you will see it come together week by week!

Unlike our yearly Quiltville Winter Mysteries – where you don’t get the reveal until the end – we will be making UNITY in medallion fashion, adding each row to the center with each week that passes.

You may choose ANY THREE COLORS that you like together, plus a background. Mine are neutrals (no big surprise there!) but you can choose black, grey, navy – whatever – as long as it plays well with your 3 color choices.

As I am working with limited stash on hand I have chosen 3 colors that I feel I can work with. (And a few additions through the mail coming my way!)

My colors are Red, Blue and Aqua with that background of neutrals.  Everything scrappy.  No constant fabrics.

Could you do this out of 4 pieces of consistent yardage? (3 colors and a background)  YES! Go for it.

I will also tell you right up front that we can pull strips from our Scrap User’s System for much of this quilt.

I will be working with 1 1/2’’, 2’’ and 2 1/2’’ strips for the greater part of the quilt, using my Essential Triangle Tool to do any quarter-square or half-square triangles required.

If you choose any other method, the strip widths may not apply to the method you choose, so don’t go cutting everything down just yet, it’s best to wait for each week-by-week reveal so you know what we are making and can choose the best method for yourself to get the job done.

If you have jelly roll strips, charm squares, layer cake squares, bigger hunks of scraps, pieces parts – separate things into color piles and let’s see if we can put this stuff already at hand to good use.

Because I can’t run out for paint chips – I have gone back through previous mysteries to pull photos of color families I’ll be working with.

Unity finishes at about 72 x 94.  You can add more borders if you want.  You can also make it as small as you want it to be working from the center out and just stop when it is the size you want it to be, omitting any other rounds.

I chose these colors as this would also make a great Quilt of Valor for those who are looking for a great soldier quilt design.

Neutrals: 5 1/4 yards total.

Reds (Originally from Allietare!)

2 1/4 yards

Blues –  Dark blue toward Navy

(Leftovers from Good fortune!)

1 5/8 yards

Aqua: (Originally from On Ringo Lake!)

1 3/4 yards

Again – we will be working with 1 1/2’’, 2’’ and 2 1/2’’ strips quite a bit so dig through your strip stash and see what you can find.

Other optional things that may be helpful to you:

Simple Folded Corners ruler – either large

I love this tool for helping with color recipes that WORK!  If you don’t want to sew with my 3 colors – this tool will help you choose what goes with what in a very simple way.

 You don’t need to be a color wizard to choose a knock-out color plan.

As with previous mysteries, I will be giving unit sizes in finished and unfinished dimensions so you can choose your own favorite method to make them.

Be looking for our medallion center TOMORROW, Monday 3/30/2020.

(Tomorrow? I best get busy!)

New parts will be posted each MONDAY as a way for us to have something to look forward to and something to work on through the week ahead.  Mondays are going to ROCK!

I am placing a UNITY QUILT tab at the top of the blog and all of these posts will be linked there for easy reference.

There WILL be a printer-friendly version of this post added later this afternoon when I can get back to it. Please share this Sew-in-Place Quilt Along info with all of your quilting friends and online groups and social media and more. 

The more folks we can get to jump in, the more fun it will be! 

Right now my son is up to mow the lawn at Quiltville Inn and though I can’t hug him, I can deliver his Elvira Quilt to him and send him home with a care package of goodies.  It will have to do.

I’ve also got to draw our 3 winners for the IronEz Gift-Away, those will be posted likely in tomorrow’s post but it may be as late as Tuesday with all that is going on.

Our March Quilty Box Gift-Away is in full swing – be sure to get your entry in ON THAT POST!  The drawing will happen Wednesday.

I have placed my stock of the Addicted to Scraps book on deep deep discount at just $15.99 (regularly $27.95) and it comes with a free PDF pattern download for my Wanderlust Table Runner.

If you've been waiting for this book - now is the time. Put your stash to good use while you retreat away at home.

You'll find it in the
Quiltville Store along with other goodies you may want to add to your cart - check the NEW category to see what else we've added.

And I think that catches us up – thanks for understanding that I need just a bit more time to get the Printer-friendly version of our Unity Intro up and ready.  I wanted to get this out to you as quickly as possible, and I think you can jot down the colors and yardage amounts without needing a printed page (Boy haven’t we gotten lazy!)

Update from Zoey Jo!

Hey, everyone! I just want to let you know that I am feeling so much better! I even wiggled around on the grass and did my favorite laying upside down trick! Nothing feels better than laying upside down! Often times I am found sleeping like this, too!

Thank you so much for all the well wishes. I'm not so sure I like small meals of chicken and rice, but I've been able to keep it down all day so things are good

Mom has been distracted in the sewing room getting things ready for our upcoming Sew-in-Place Quilt Along that she says starts Monday.

I think she's finally come up with a name for it. I have no idea what the word means but she seems to be pretty happy with it.

I can tell this quilting thing is going to steal her attention a lot and I hope she doesn't forget that I am still around. I sat there watching and watching for a very long time while she got further involved into this activity called rotary cutting.

Quiltville Quote of the Day

There is so much unrest and upheaval in the world at this time. Worry, fear, doubt and stress are taking their toll on all of us.

How about today we keep the news off and be kind and gentle with ourselves.

Listen to the birds, fix a wonderful meal, do a bit of organizing and simple house tasks, and focus on a project.

Today, count your blessings and recharge your inner batteries

The world news can wait for tomorrow.

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!


  1. This is just what we need! Thanks Bonnie and Zoey Jo!

  2. thank you for the wonderful distraction during our safe at home time :)

  3. Thank you for your words of encouragement and inspiration Bonnie. I love your attitude. Unity is such a great name and concept for this quilt along and I really like the idea of a medallion quilt. I am excited!

  4. You show us such generosity and reach trough generations and overseas. Hope you don't forget yourself. Many hugs from Sweden.

  5. Bonnie, I love those colors! Sign me up!

  6. Thank you looking forward to working along with everyone on UNITY!

  7. Please don't apologize for a delay of the printer friendly version.
    You are giving us all a gift!

  8. YAY!!! Thanks, Bonnie!!! I am looking forward to tomorrow now! I think I will go with Red, Black, Gray, and white with black print neutrals - have lots of it on hand. You rock!

  9. Thank you for bringing JOY and UNITY to all your friends. God Bless.

  10. Thanks for the Unity QAL. Should be fun! So, so, glad Zoey Jo is feeling lots better! She’s adorable &in reading her comments above, she’s already got her mommy pegged! Lol! Don’t forget to breathe & stay still, as they say! ;)

  11. thanks for a sew a long. I love your patterns. yes we have been not having the news on only in the evening I have been sewing everyday in between taking care of grandsons that are staying with us during this stay at home time. thanks for all you do for us. welcome to the family Zoey we have a Zoie but she is a yorkie

  12. Thanks so much for UNITY! Wouldn't it be great if Covid-19 was over before the quilt-along gets done?

  13. Zoey Jo, I am so happy that you are feeling better. Bonnie you are such a sweet and caring person. Thank you for the Unity quilt.

  14. Oh boy!!Thanks so much :0) This is a great time NOT to have a TV :0)
    Happy Sewing.

  15. Thank you Bonnie, you are so wonderful for doing this for us!

  16. Love your positivity! You are an exceptional person.Love your quilts too!

  17. This sounds like such a fun project. Wish I could sew along, but ranching hasn't allowed us to slow down any. Things haven't changed for us, but my heart goes out to those who are weathering this alone, as well as those who are on the front lines. Looking forward to printing your clues and sewing along when things quiet down here. Always looking for a good QOV idea. Thanks for all you do! P.S. I'm envious of your landscaper! I've got an old push mower and 4 acres of ranch headquarters to keep mowed and weeded - I'm calling it my workout time, but at 56, it just makes me tired. LOL.

  18. Thanks Bonnie for this wonderful sew a long and a change from the daily, hourly news. So glad Zoey is feeling better and makes your life happier and easier as well. Now forward to Unity!!

  19. Thank you! Looking forward to your Monday "Unity" posts!

  20. hmmmmmfrolic is still in piles of pieces...but this could be seeewww much fun...and I have LOTS of "word" fabric that could be wonderful scrapy back ground......

  21. As always you are a light in the window! Thank you

  22. Love using my scraps/stash for the patterns. You're an inspiration to all of us. Thank You

  23. What fun! Thanks, Bonnie! I'm feeling uplifted already! Now to go pull from my scraps!! 😁

  24. Thanks for doing this, Bonnie. Love, love, LOVE that you are working with your leftovers from other Mysteries!!! I just MIGHT have some of those, too. :o))

  25. Love your quote of the day. Our sermon in on-line church today was on gentleness. they also put out a call for masks for nursing homes so I'll be making masks as well as Unity. What a great name for this sew along. Love you Bonnie and all you do. We can do this together.

  26. Looking forward to Monday. Thank you and I hope I can keep up. I've been watching less news and spending more time in my happy place working on many different things. I've had your quote of the day posted on my monitor ever since the first time I saw it. Give Zoey Jo a belly rub for me.

  27. I've never done any kind of quilt-a-long before so hopefully this will be my first :)

  28. Thanks so much, Bonnie, for helping all of us conquer this time indoors. Wanted to share a thought passed on to me: You're not stuck at home, you're safe at home. One word can change your attitude and give you a new perspective.

  29. I've been feeling the effects of "too much bad news", so I'm not checking news today, and scrolling right past any bad/sad FB stuff - only positive messages for today, and perhaps get back to once a day or once a week check ins with the news. Feeling much better today, safe at home with my Cowboy, everything we need for the next few weeks, sunshine & birds singing, a safe walk for this afternoon, and quilting projects. Thanks for all you do, my Unity quilt will be a QOV. Our guild has postponed any presentations for the time being, and we'll be playing catch up when all of this clears up. So QOV it is. I'm also going to make a second Elvira For a QOV. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  30. This is going to be a blast! Thank you for all you do for us Bonnie! You are awesome!!!

  31. I've been sitting on a huge stack of charm squares of 30's repo prints
    & white on whites for a lady that turns 91 on Mother's day.

  32. Well, I only got Frolic barely started, so I have the fabric to do Unity! Great!

  33. I hope to join you in a few days. I am busy making face masks for my daughter & her doctor that work in a Heart Center office. There are a lot of doctors & nurses in this practice and they need masks. I will give you & your readers a laugh, my neighbor is a plumber he ask for a mask so his customers will let him in the house.

  34. My grandson needed a printer for some 'school' projects, so we pulled out the old printer to give to him. Fine but it didn't have the cord to connect the printer to the computer. So, being of sound mind I'll remove the cord from my current printer for them. In the process, I tipped over the printer which of course spilled black ink everywhere (including fabric) and something fell on my head. Yelled help and Dan (the husband) came running from the basement to save me. Just then the daughter & family showed up and helped to clean up what we could. Got the ink off our hands with bleach. The floor is a different story. I think the hardwood floors are permanently stained, blouse ruined, socks ruined, etc. Besides than, don't have any teal!

  35. PS: Have to figure out how to connect the pc - printer with blue tooth now.

  36. What a perfect and meaningful name for this mystery. Thank ypu!

  37. My fabrics are pulled! I can't wait until tomorrow!!

  38. Just as wel i dont need the printer that along with the Oven video player and my sence of balance(inner ear infectio) have all gone into lock down.This is not the time to go shopping for them and where we live in Australia we dont get home deliveries if trying to order on line so they will all have to wait till the restrictions are lifted thanks for making this design i will be pulling from stash so another scrappy quilt.

  39. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Thankyou. Until tomorrow.

  40. Thanks for creating a fun project for us to focus on!

  41. Thank you Bonnie and Zoey Jo ~ Looking forward to it, what time will you start tomorrow?

  42. When will you have the essential triangle tool back in stock? Your book sale is just too tempting! You've gotten me again and I'm only halfway done frolicking! Hugs! You're the best!

  43. Hello. This Blog popped up on Google. I would love to join in. I live in England. I’m in ‘self isolation’ as my husband is considered ‘vulnerable’. I haven’t a group before to create a quilt, Do I just look at your every Monday ?
    Thanks Kay.

  44. Thank you Bonnie, you are so generous with your talents and I just want you to know that they are very much appreciated.

  45. I'm with you Bonnie. A number of years ago I embroidered a little duck wearing overalls. The verse said "Be patient. God isn'r finished with me yet." It has led me to be patient throughout my life as I know much that is will change and I will find a way to adjust.

  46. Is there a name for the quilt under the quote for the day.

  47. Love the quote for today. I need that encouragement right now. Not sure if mine will be the colors chosen, but I am going to search through the scraps and stash to see if I can come up with enough fabric in three colors with a neutral. Thank you for having some fun with us again.

  48. You might want to check on this blog every day....she does one post every day. Check out all the tabs at the top too. Prolific quilter here at this blogspot!

  49. So glad Zoey Jo is feeling better. Sick pets are such a concern, they can't tell us what hurts.
    Yes, we all need to turn off the constant stream of bad news, listen to music, watch some escapist TV, and sew sew sew!!
    Our guild isn't meeting, my bee groups aren't meeting, the highlights of our week are trash day, and getting the mail. It seems all we do is order groceries, pick up groceries and keep trying to get what is out of stock or limited. Shades of the war years with rationing,I guess.
    When we lived in Europe in the 70's, we had coupon books to buy our gas which made it cheaper than buying it on the economy, we were limited to how much we could buy at the Class 6 (liquor) store and how many cartons of cigarettes we could buy per month. I have never smoked so that last item didn't bother me. But the idea of limiting quantities is not completely foreign to me. I just never thought to see it again in my lifetime.

  50. I am into making masks right now but who knows by the end of the day I might have fabric pulled...never can tell!

    I was looking to order the Large Folded Corners Ruler but notice you are "Out of Stock"...any idea when you'll get them back in?

    You are always so much fun Bonnie and I learn so much...thanks for all you do for us..it is above and beyond!

    Stay safe!

  51. Was thinking ..you should have had son grab a couple of your fabric tubs to bring with him.

  52. Cutting my fabric now :) Blues, purples, greens, and white


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