Friday, January 10, 2020

Frolic Mystery, Part 8!

Another Friday, another clue!

We’ve got to be getting awfully close here, don’t you think?  Just wait and see!

I’m so glad we’ve taken a more leisurely pace with our Quiltville Winter Mystery this year.  I have heard from so many of you that you have enjoyed working on each part each week, and you haven’t felt overloaded.

And you are going to thank me this week -

Because there is NO CUTTING INVOLVED!

That’s right.  You’ve already cut out everything you need during our previous parts.

This week?  Instant units!  Just add thread!

Click HERE for Printer-Friendly PDF version.

Tri-Color Geese!
Blue on the right -
Raspberry on the left -
Aqua in the middle.

25 sets of 4 matching.

Units will measure 2 1/2’’ x 4 1/2’’ unfinished.
They will finish at 2’’ x 4’’ in the quilt.

(How many of you guessed that this is where we might be heading?!)

You can use whatever method you used in Part 6 to get this job done.  Refer back to Part 6 by clicking the Frolic Mystery tab at the top of the blog if you need reminding.

One set of geese, ready to sew.

Start with the RIGHT HAND Blue triangle first.

Stitching one set!

Press seams toward the aqua triangle to facilitate nesting later. You can also press all seams open if you desire at any time.

Raspberry wing triangle in place.

Add raspberry wing triangle to the center aqua triangle.

Press seams toward the raspberry triangle.

Back view after pressing.

Blue triangle toward the center aqua triangle.  Second seam toward the raspberry triangle.

From the front. One set made!

Make 25 sets!

Set A
Make 25

Remember – we are keeping things in sets. And now we are COMBINING sets!  Once you pull 4 aqua quarter-square triangles from the pairs you cut in part 4 for these geese, using them with the blues and raspberries we cut in part 7– all of the parts from both sets are now joined to become ONE SET.  EXCITING! 

Pieces from Part 4 and pieces from Part 7 become ONE in Part 8!

25 of your sets will be include the pinwheels that we made in Part 7.

Set B
Make 16

The remaining 16 sets will include the 4 half-square triangles we made last week in Part 7 (That were not sewn into pinwheels) the loose half-square triangles in blue and raspberry that are not sewn also from Part 7, AND these blue/green geese from Part 6, and be matched with the set these aqua quarter-square triangles came from. DO NOT ADD WING TRIANGLES to those quarter-square triangles no matter how badly you want to! (And I know you will want to!)

And if at any time you are unsure. Just stop.  Wait for the reveal.  It’s happening SOON. 

I know this is where the guessing starts happening, but I really want to caution everyone against posting your guesses to social media because it may confuse some. It may misdirect some.  And you never know what whammies I have around the corner proving everyone wrong! 

You may share your units and your sets, but please no layouts.  And as always, no piece counts or sizes should be listed in your posts. Remember to keep units away from obvious cutting mat and ruler markings when you take your photos.

But please DO visit our instagram hash tags of #quiltvillemystery and #frolicquilt! There have been wonderful shares happening, and I love the quilting community we are building in the process! 

Remember to tag your photos, and include me as well @quiltville_bonnie.  I love to see what you are doing!

Our January half-price PDF Pattern of the month -

I had a hard time deciding just which pattern to put at 50% off for the month of January.  Irish Courthouse won out for many reasons -

The biggest one of all being NO TRIANGLES!!  LOL!

Sew SO Scrappy, Sew Much Fun!

This Irish Chain variation starts with a simple 9 patch and grows from there! Easy strip piecing and full color photos. Fat Quarter Friendly as well! Quilt size: 93’’ X 93’’.

You’ll love making this quilt block-by-block easily from strips.  It’s fast, it’s satisfying, and destined to chase away those winter blahs that tend to follow when the holidays are behind us but spring is still far off into the future.

For those who only follow along on Fridays for clues - we are in the drawing process, using the random number generator to draw groups to choose their retreat dates at Quiltville inn!  

Yesterday's group - The Stitch Mob - chose the weekend of June 18, 2020 as their dates, so those dates are now out of the running!  

Current list of available dates to be drawn for:

Mar 5-8
Apr 2 -5
Apr 30 – May 3
May 14-17
July 23-26
Aug 13-16
Nov 12-15
Nov 19-22

Many of these dates include the possibility of adding additional days to your stay should your group wish to extend your time at 
Quiltville Inn.  And of course I am available to add a workshop to your retreat experience should your group desire! 

Learn more by clicking the Quiltville Inn Rally tab at the top of the blog and enter your group!

This morning, the random number generator drew:

Entry number 96 - Kim McKee & her group Sew Blessed!

Kim, I have sent you an email including the above dates that your group can choose from.  Please reply with the dates you wish, and we will take it from there.

As soon as the Sew Blessed group has chosen their dates, I will remove those dates from the available list and draw for another group to choose their dates, etc.  

What a fun way to fill our Quiltville Inn 2020 calendar! 

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Don't let your peace train be derailed by someone else's drama storm of chaos.

When in doubt, step away and go sew something!

This mystery is given for personal use only.  No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopying for sharing, scanning or by any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the author.

Please no uploading and saving of this file with intent to share, email or distribute, either digitally or in hard copy. NOT FOR RESALE.

Please send your friends to my blog to print their clues. Thank you!


  1. I love your passion for quilting and I appreciate all the hard work that goes into a daily blog and a mystery each year! Thank you for all you do for us and the quilting world!!

  2. Mysteries have all the drama I can handle ! Giggle

  3. This is looking wonderful. I'm so-o-o far behind, still working on Clue #6. Maybe I can catch up this weekend. Thank you Bonnie.

  4. I am enjoying the slower pace. Christmas got busy this year for some strange reason (we are retired, no kids so how can it be busy, lol). This is my second mystery and I LOVE it! Learn so much. Make units I hate normally (and by the end they are turning out great and I feel smug!) Used my stash this year and was surprised at all my choices. Just everything is lovely! Thank you.

  5. Bonnie - this is my 3rd mystery with you. The other two I got behind, confused, etc. and I'm a fairly experienced quilter. With this mystery, I've been able to keep up and feel much better about the process.

    I know that your schedule dictates the release of clues, but this easier pacing make a huge difference!! Do it again, please!

  6. This is getting so exciting. I can envision blocks forming in the next clues. Thank you for keeping us on the edge of our seats. It ha been great fun trying to stay current on my progress. I even had time to plan some temperature quilts for my daughters' birth years using my new favorite method of flying geese. (Essential Angle) I know I feel like a great many that I'm so fortunate to have found your website so many years ago. I have made 30+ quilts using your patterns and Mysteries. Here's looking forward to many more years. Thanks again, Louise

  7. Instant units! just add thread!! love it!

  8. Thanks so much, Bonnie! I've had more fun with this mystery than any others I've done. I've managed to keep up, enjoyed the process, and esp. Enjoyed the quilt itself! Fun clues, lovely colors, you are very good at this! I learn every year. Gets me through the gloomy winter! Congratulations on your beautiful inn, too! Lotsa love and gratitude!
    Sharon in Seattle

  9. So glad that I am running behind as I totally missed that only 4 hst were sewn in step 7 for the pinwheels and the rest (other 4 pairs) were unsewn!
    I had them cut last night and was going to sew them up this morning!!

  10. Bonnie: Everything is looking so beautiful for this quilt! I am so going to have to make it, when I get some others done. But I promised myself I wouldn't start anymore quilts until I get some completed (at least the top portion). I have things to work on this month with a repeat of "Curvaceous Cabins", and retreat next month to work on 2-3 projects. That will get me a little closer.

    Thank you for another clue and step closer to the reveal!

    Kasilof, AK

  11. I have no idea what we are making! It seems like organized chaos in my bins! But I have been able to keep up and this step was so interesting to sew! I enjoyed sewing, collecting and organizing the sets... fun in the sewing room!

  12. I love your quote! Means so much to me. This is my first quilt and has been full of drama on line. I decided to be "pieceful" and in turn it is "peaceful" as I stitch away in my sewing room listening and watching your quiltcams and staying away from the computer (other than Fridays when I check for the next clue! Thank you so much for the hard work in planning these mysteries. I'm hooked! PS this is the first time I am doing leader and enders while working towards my Narangasett Blue (sp?) that I found in my book I ordered from you! Yeah!

  13. Thank you Bonnie for all the thought you put into when you release the mystery quilt. When I read that you do it for people who may find the holidays hard, I thought that was so kind.I read your blog when I have my coffee each morning and often would share with my husband of 52 years what you and your Hubby were up to at the Inn, I saved the clues for someday. Little did I know that I would loose the love of my life 3 days before Christmas. So I am now thinking of trying my 1st large quilt, to keep my mind busy. As it is so quite in the morning. Thanks for all you do,Karen D.

    1. So sorry, Karen on your loss. Yes, sounds like a good project may help :)

    2. So sorry to hear of your loss :-( The silence must be deafening. Prayers to you. So glad that you are thinking of doing a large quilt. I am doing Frolic, my very first mystery and I love it. Take care and know many of thinking of you!

  14. Well just finishing #6. I love my Essentials Triangle Tool. Can't sew for 3 days going to have surprise 90th for mom.

  15. This has been a wonderful experience. First time doing a Bonnie Hunter Mystery. Instructions are excellent. Can't wait to solve it. Look forward to next Friday. This past Part 8 was a wiz. Thanks for all your time for doing the Mystery Frolic.

  16. This is the first mystery quilt I've done with you. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I have made many of your quilts, some of them two or three times for gifts. Everyone loves them. Keep up the good work.

  17. Well,well,well! Did You just Reading a Agath Christie! This is a really good MYSTERY!!!!!! LOVE IT.

  18. I am new to the mystery quilts and am excited to finish. I am on #7 and want to verify A set is 8 so when say 16 half sq are they sets of 8

  19. First to Karen, keeping you in prayers, such a great loss. Happy for you that you have all the good memories flooding in.
    Bonnie, great mystery quilt, my 3rd. So much fun. I was away on Friday and just couldn't wait to get to clue 8 on Sun. When I got home. I am a bit confused. I missed the cut on the 1/2 square triangle, unseen, blue & aqua, ???? Does the blue have to match the blue in flying geese set?


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