Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Frolic Mystery, Part 6!

Happy New Year’s Eve, Quiltvillians!

Some of you may have been expecting a surprise clue – some of you likely weren’t!  That’s the fun a mystery – you just have to stay on your toes and be ready for what comes your way.

Have you noticed that there has been no disclosure on just how many parts there are to this bit of frolicking fun we are having?

That’s because no matter how I work at divvying everything up according to what I think it will take the majority of folks, sometimes I change my mind – adding an extra clue, or combining a couple of easier ones.  All I can repeat again is “It’s a MYSTERY!”  And sometimes even I don’t know just how many parts there will be until it is all said and done.

Our part 5 shares through our #quiltvillemystery and #frolicquilt tags on instagram have been fabulous, and so many were completing their parts so ahead of the game, I thought we could slide just ONE MORE part in here before we turn over into the next decade.  

What say you?

Click HERE for Printer-Friendly PDF Version.

How about we set some geese flying into 2020?

Geese will measure 2 1/2’’ x 4 1/2’’ unfinished.

They will finish at 2’’ x 4’’ in the quilt.

41 sets of 4 matching!

*DISCLAIMER*  Though there are many ways to make Flying Geese units, not all methods work with the specific cutting for this mystery quilt and the way sets needed to be kept together with common fabrics/sizes. 

Due to the nature of ANY mystery quilt, it is impossible to accommodate everyone’s own preferred method of making any unit, as it complicates things greatly when figuring yardage and presenting the cutting of the clues. 

Remember those quarter-square triangle pairs we cut in Part 4?  We are going to use the BLUE triangles from each set here, combined with the green we haven’t used yet (constant or not!) and make flying geese.  4 matching per set – and you will place this set of geese back with the parts that it came from, keeping those wonder clips, baggies and pins company with the other parts. 

Your set will include the 4 aqua/blue half-square triangles, 4 geese, and the 4 unused-as-of-yet aqua quarter square triangles.

Cutting wing triangles with the Essential Triangle Tool method!

Cutting wing triangles from 2 1/2’’ strips.

This is IDENTICAL to the half-square triangle units we’ve done so far in parts 3 and 5.  Only this time, you are going to take two green 2 1/2’’ strips and place them with right sides together so we can cut them in mirror-image pairs.

Each cut will give you one mirror-image pair to go with each of the blue quarter square triangles you cut in part 4.

Cut 164 PAIRS of triangles.  (328 total.)

The notches at the top will look like this!

Adding right hand wing triangles.

Place a right-hand wing triangle against a blue base triangle with right sides together.  Align bottom edge and hypotenuse.  Stitch using a tested 1/4’’ seam as with previous half-square triangle units from part 3 and 5.  

Since you are sewing a slightly scant seam to reach unit size, it is likely that your needle will hit just a tad to the right of the corner at the top of the unit.  Do not force your seam all the way directly into that point or you will be sewing a seam that is too wide for unit size.

Throw in some leader & ender Shoo Fly Shoo blocks at every opportunity!

*IMPORTANT!*  Press this first seam TOWARD the blue base triangle, not out toward the green.  Remove dog ears.

Adding left wing triangle.

Position triangle against base unit aligning bottom edge, and hypotenuse.  Stitch from bottom corner back up toward the top center of the unit. Press this seam TOWARD the green triangle.

Pressing seams right-in-left-out will eliminate the buildup of bulk that happens at the top of a flying geese unit and facilitate nested seams later in the quilt.

You may also press all seams open if you so desire.

Units will measure 2 1/2’’ x 4 1/2’’ and finish at 2’’ x 4’’ in the quilt.

IF you have less than a scant 1/4’’ seam at the top of your goose – your seam is too skinny.  Measure your goose.  If it is too large, fatten up the seam a bit.  If it is too small, put that seam on a diet. 

Do what you have to do with your seam to bring your pieces to unit size.  The only “correct” seam is the one that gives you the size your unit should be.

Again – you are making 41 sets of 4 matching.        

If you are not using the Essential Triangle Tool and have cut your quarter-square triangles using the traditional rotary cutting measurements of 5 1/4’’ squares sub-cut from corner to corner twice with an X, you will also cut 2 7/8’' squares for the wing triangles.  Place 2 squares with right sides together. Cut from corner to corner once on the diagonal to yield 2 pairs of wing triangles.  You will need 164  2 7/8’’ squares to get the job done.

Starting with the right-hand side, stitch a wing triangle to either side of the blue base triangle as shown with the Essential Triangle Tool method above.  Remember to press the right wing triangle under toward the blue triangle, and the left wing triangle toward the green.


(This segment assumes you have a basic knowledge and experience with paper piecing.)

You will find paper piecing templates for 2’’ x 4’’ flying geese HERE.  There are 6 flying geese units per page.  

Save the file to where you know you can find it on your computer.  Navigate to the file to open and print. You need 28 pages of templates to give you the 164 geese needed for this quilt.

Important – when printing, be sure you print “ACTUAL SIZE”, not “fit to page”.  Measure the geese on the page to be sure they printed the correct size.

Because the piecing happens on the back side of the paper, you will follow the numbers as printed on the unit. 

Set stitch length VERY SMALL.  Try 1.5 on a digital machine, or 14 –16 inches on a vintage machine like a featherweight.

Instead of cutting your wing triangles 2 7/8’’ as in traditional machine piecing, over-size your wing triangles to make up for any shifting that can happen with any paper piecing method.  3 1/4’’ squares or larger are recommended.  Start by folding the seam lines on the paper foundation as fabric placement guides so you can see where things will end up when sewn.

Begin with a wing triangle covering area #1 on the template.  Place blue base triangle with right sides against the wing triangle and stitch that seam, being sure to stitch all the way through the seam allowance. Caution should be given with the blue triangle that when pressed it will reach to the edge of the seam allowance at the base of the unit.  Scant the seam on the blue triangle to ensure you have enough reach. (Were I not presenting other traditional and Essential Triangle Tool methods, I would have suggested this triangle be a bit bigger – but you can do it!)

When pressed, the seam will go TOWARD the blue goose triangle the way we need it to.

If you wish you can place the blue triangle in the center of the template first and then add the wing triangles either side, but just know that seams will not nest to the other units when we join them in the quilt.  You decide!

Add left-hand wing triangle, pressing seam toward the wing triangle.  Square up the unit to 2 1/2’’ x 4 1/2’’.  Carefully remove paper.

Make 41 sets of 4 matching flying geese and put them back with the matching half-square triangles and the un-used-as-of-yet aqua quarter-square triangles.

I posted this beautiful sunrise to Instagram & Facebook just before sending this post live.  Sunrises are my favorite part of the day -

Enjoy a very very Happy New Year’s Eve – and we’ll catch you on Friday for Part 7!

I hope everyone has had a chance to visit our instagram hash tags of #quiltvillemystery and #frolicquilt! (Click the tags to be taken to those collections!) 

There have been wonderful shares happening, and I love the quilting community we are building in the process! 

Remember to tag your photos , and include me as well @quiltville_bonnie.  I love to see what you are doing!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage quilt shared by Kevin the Quilter.

A brand new year and decade are about to begin. 

I am committed to leaving the past in the past and not pulling it into my brand new year. 

Let's make a change! 

This mystery is given for personal use only.  No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopying for sharing, scanning or by any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the author.

Please no uploading and saving of this file with intent to share, email or distribute, either digitally or in hard copy. NOT FOR RESALE.

Please send your friends to my blog to print their clues. Thank you!


  1. What a wonderful Frolic surprise to start my day -- I only wish I was at home instead of at work! Thank you, Bonnie! And Happy New Year!

  2. I LOVE THIS MYSTERY!!! Every year I look forward to this! thank you, SO much, Bonnie Hunter!!

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  6. Oh my! That was a fun surprise!
    I am babysitting tonight, so if the baby sleeps, I can sew!

  7. About your quote of the day, I love it. As I am old and so are my friends mostly, I notice that most conversations are about their health problems and their medication. I therefore make it a practice to never talk about any pain or problems I have. (sometimes I fail). And an added benefit is that I basically feel a lot better.

    1. I'm with you Lilac Joan. I do not like to waste time talking about my aches and pains and medical problems. If one of my 5 children ask me directly I will tell them. It's so much more fun and relaxing to just visit when we are together. My children are all grown with children and grandchildren of their own. My goodness, what did I start when I had all my children. My 5 children have exploded into 8 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren. I hope to live long enough to see a great great grandchild. I love quilting and made my first quilt in 1973. My favorite size to make is queen. I did make one California King for my son who is 6'4" and like his big bed. LOL I haven't made any of Bonnie's Mystery quilts yet. I'm so far behind on the UFO's. I do have a few favorites of Bonnie's quilts. But I have one that I need to finish quilting only 2 borders left on that on. Another is marked with quilting designs and need to be basted. One other is needing me to finish the applique on it so I can baste it. Oh dear I have been working on finishing the quilting on the one in the mornings. Then in the evenings I like to knit or crochet while watching TV. I'm hoping to be able to catch up to something reasonable. I'm 83 now and so thankful I can still do what ever I want and still drive. Happy New Year.

  8. Thank you Bonnie! I have most of my day free today, so I can finish up Clue 5 and start on 6!! I have been wanting to use my greens!

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  10. YOU are the gift that keeps on giving! A great sunrise... I love your changes of season and view!!!! Happy NEW Year, TOO! The perfect resolution ... to let the past BE past! All the best for you and the family... Thank you, Cats in Carlsbad, CA

  11. Great, I haven't packed my Piecing Sewing Machine yet. I love your surprise! Thought we might get to make a block, but geese are easily stitched. Green to welcome in the New Year. Not the Moda Color of 2020 Enchanted green, lol.

  12. Yay what a great surprise!!! I got my last clue done and thought oh now I have to wait till Friday. Not anymore...love having the mystery to work on today and tomorrow!!! Thanks Bonnie!!!!

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  21. What a great surprise! My very favorite color combination too. But most of all, thank you for the encouragement. Speaking the joys instead of the problems. Really made me stop and think. The perfect time to be reminded of that simple fact. Oh, and the pressing instruction for flying geese just plain rocks! And so do you.

  22. OH,, Dear Bonnie,,,what a pleasant surprise,,when I opened my email and see you have posted #6!! I am so enjoying this one,,all my favorite colors, and 'so far' its been easy enough to stay up with each step..:)
    Happy New Year !! From one of your faithful 'Buddies' from Missisippi....

  23. Starting on 4 today. It is going to be a beautiful quilt. Nice colors!! Happy New Year, and God bless 2020

  24. Thank you for posting today's surprise clue. Am I correct that we are not to add the green 'wings' to the AQUA,but only to the BLUE from the '41 sets'?
    I'm still coping with a head cold, so my left brain has taken the day off.

  25. What a beautiful sunrise! A thank you for an awesome surprise! I love it when you throw in an extra clue here or there! Here’s hoping you have a fabulous new year! 🥳

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  27. Thanks Bonnie for all you do for us, I am a bit confused, OK A Lot, but, does the green have to be all one print or is it scrappy also? thanks again

    1. Please go back to your introductory post. The information is waiting for you right there. :)

    2. thank you Bonnie and forgive my dumbness.

  28. Happy New Year Bonnie!! Blessings to you!! Thank you!! So happy i have found you, lol!!

  29. What a lovely surprise to close out 2019!! Thank you for all that you do, Bonnie. You have just given so many quilters something productive and fun to do on New Year's Eve! May 2020 be a year of blessings for you and your family.

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  31. Thank you for putting me further behind. This will be good because I am starting a new year after leaving my job yesterday. Yes, more time for sewing. hope to catch up by next week. Thank you Bonnie for your patterns.

  32. Great way to start the New Year! Thanks! Now I can figure out what to take to AZ with me next week. I am one of your classes in Phoenix!

  33. Hi Bonnie - our 2015? Valentine's Day guest - HAPPY NEW YEAR! My friend Cynthia has been making Frolic and I decided to see if I could dive in now.... so many awesome quilts & so little time. I don't know how you do it. I have two "Frolic" questions before I jump in. I downloaded all parts and Part 5 shows up as Part 5-1 ??? is there a Part 5-2? My other question (which could conceivably make catching up simpler... or maybe even possible. If I make half the numbers of everything,can I just end up with a smaller quilt? Should be ok - I may have some pieces remaining for another project :) I will send you pix of our new girls - Kaui, our Great Horned owl and Ziva, our Aplomado falcon. Love ya superwoman! Monica Sayre

  34. I just got up from working night shift in the recovery room. We had a "Appy New Year" last night, like many other midnight shift nurses around the world. Appy short for appendicitis. What a fun surprise to find this clue today! Thanks, Bonnie!

  35. just love your patterns and colours . did 3quilts on a previous mystery quilt pattern of yours called En provence -lavender fields. cant wait to start this one. I have pics but not sure how to get them on here. I am not on instagram/twitter . All the very best for the New Year. God bless Rose - roseanne.morris1232gmail.com

  36. Happy new year Bonnie, what a lovely surprise a new clue. Hopefully I’ll catch up soon, but I’m enjoying the fun. Thanky you
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  37. I have always wanted to do one of your mystery quilts Bonnie Hunter. I decided on this one. So far so good. In trying to finish up clue 6, I sewed the left side on the first 20 triangles first...duh! Do I need to rip them out and do the other side first? Will it make a difference if they all are sewed this way? I pressed to the blue since that was the first pressing? Hope you or someone can help. Thank you for doing these mystery quilts.

  38. OK Bonnie: I just back from my trip to the lower 48 9Eastern OR/ ID) for the Christmas Holidays, so am getting caught up in reading your posts. I found new quilt shops, as my favorite has closed after a fire. I Love your quote of the day. I Have one little sister that no one likes to deal with, as all she wants to talk about are HER medical and life problems (even as the baby sister was dieing of cancer 2 1/2 years ago, it had to be about her problems). Now, I will go find the clue that was posted last Friday, and then catch up on the other posts.
    Thank You again for being so generous of your time in providing this winter mystery. It keeps so many of us going at this time of year.

    Happy New Year, 2020!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where it is super cold, colder this winter than the last couple, -14 this morning!


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