Friday, December 13, 2019

Frolic Mystery, Part 3 !

December is nearly half over?

How can that be possible?

Yet, another Friday is upon us and it’s time to FROLIC!

This week’s goal – 164 Blue & Neutral Half-Square Triangles! Use all of your blue shades from lighter to darker in this step. We want those blues to sparkle with variety.

Units will measure 2 1/2’’ unfinished and finish at 2’’ in the quilt.

There are any number of different ways to do half-square triangles and you are welcome to use whatever method you choose.  I’m going to present just a couple of my favorites!

Click HERE for Printer-Friendly Version.

For this part – go as scrappy as you wish!

How about that Millennium Y2K fabric?  Yeeeehaww! (in it goes!)

If you’ve never used my ruler before, there are videos to help you under the videos tab at the top of the blog.  You can watch again and again.

Place a blue 2 1/2’’ strip and a neutral 2 1/2’’ strip with right sides together.  Square off one end as shown.

Making the first cut:

Move the clean cut edge you just trimmed to the far left if you are a righty, Lefties – go the opposite and cut from the right. 

The ruler is marked in “FINISHED UNIT SIZE.” Place the 2’’ finished red line at the top of the strip set, ON the fabric, not above the fabric on the mat. The green triangle will be pointed at you.  Make the first cut as shown.

Pivot the ruler so the green triangle is up.

Make second cut.

Cutting down the strip set.

To build your variety, work from short strip sets without too many repeats of the same thing.  Cut 164 matched pairs ready to sew.

Chaining away!

(That Blah Blah Blah fabric is a favorite neutral!)

Chain sew pairs through the machine.

Sew a few, press and measure.  They should measure 2 1/2’’ square.  Double check cutting and adjust your seam allowance if need be.  Press seams toward the blue triangles and remove dog ears.


The Simple Folded Corners method using 10’’ squares!

Place a blue and a neutral 10’’ square with right sides together.

Using EITHER ruler -

Place either the Simple Folded Corners Mini with the edge of the ruler at the edge of the square, or the full-sized Simple Folded Corners ruler with the 3 1/2’’ line at the right side of the fabric squares.  Cut off upper corner. Save corner.

Cut 2’’ strips all the way up the pair of squares.

You will end up with at least one corner that is a bit too small – that’s okay!

Sew the pairs of bias strips along BOTH long sides of each strip set.

Cutting HST’s from the strip tubes!

Place the 2’’ finished line along the seam line on the tube.  Make a cut, and then pivot the ruler to make a cut from the upper edge. 

I find that I need to leave room for “the turn of the cloth” so the 2’’ line is resting just ABOVE the seam line for me, into the triangle, not into the seam allowance.  It allows the fabric to turn up and over the thread for greater accuracy.

Cutting with the Mini is the same!

Place the 2’’ line just into the triangle above the seam.  The line should touch the top of the seam.

Opening the triangles.

There will be a few stitches into the upper tip of each triangle pair.  These easily lift apart, no seam ripper needed.

Perfection!  Now remove those dog ears.

I love that I can use the increments on the rulers to measure and cut strips, squares & rectangles as well as triangles!

If you are a compulsive sliver trimmer – and I know there are some lurking amongst us, and you want to use the Essential Triangle Tool method, but you MUST trim everything to be happy, try this!

Sew your triangle pairs just a hair scant.

And use the Simple Folded Corners ruler to trim before pressing!!

Place the 2’’ finished line just above the seam line (can you see it in the photo?!) and trim two sides  and then press. Only a hair had to come off of this one. 

I love how the Essential Triangle tool and the Simple Folded Corners rulers work hand in hand with each other.

Let’s recap:

You are making 164 blue & neutral half-square triangle units.  Units will measure 2 1/2’’ and finish at 2’’ in the quilt. 

Press seams toward the blue fabric. REMOVE ALL DOG EARS!!

I hope everyone has had a chance to visit our instagram hash tags of #quiltvillemystery and #frolicquilt ! There have been wonderful shares happening, and I love the quilting community we are building in the process!  

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Other things going down in Quiltville: 

There is so much going on that instead of overrunning this already long post with individual photos, I have put all of the stuff in one little slide show! I hope this is quick and painless for you! LOL!

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Quiltville Quote of the Day

Those moments that are so precious and soul touching to you personally that you can't put the feelings to words? 

Those are moments worth cherishing! Hold tightly to them!

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