Friday, December 07, 2018

Good Fortune, Part 3!


Happy Friday, everyone!

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It’s time for Part 3 of our Good Fortune Mystery.  Doesn’t it seem like the Fridays are coming faster and faster each week?

I took this photo of a HUGE flower basket while in Beijing.  There was a celebration of something that I can’t quite remember but it may have something to do with all of the diplomats from the different areas all meeting in Beijing  - I remember that security was tight and we were told it was a BIG to-do.

This was the day we visited Tiananmen Square.  I shared a bit about it HERE.  And much more about it HERE after returning home.

I had fun re-reading through those posts – I can’t believe it was more than a year ago already!

So what are we up to this week?  How about a bit of half-chevron action?


Only HALF-Chevrons, because we make them all THIS direction!

100 Half-Chevrons & 200 Bonus Triangles!

And with the Bonus Buddy method you are going to get TWO Bonus units with each half-chevron that will also be used in the quilt.

*NOTE*  You may use ANY Method to make the Half-Chevron unit, but if you choose another method, you will have to make 200 half-square triangle units that measure 2’’ unfinished and finish at 1 1/2’’ in the quilt to go with them. But we’ve got you covered there too, my friends – read on!

These “Diamond in a Rectangle” units are ALL GREEN with two neutral corner triangles. 

From green scraps cut 100 rectangles 2 1/2’’ x 4 1/2’’.
From neutral scraps cut 200 squares 2 1/2’’ x 2 1/2’’.


It’s all about the line and NOT SEWING ON IT.

Draw lines on the back of each square from corner to corner.  I’ve used a pen here so you can SEE the line.  You may use a pencil or whatever marking tool you wish, just use a light hand and make sure it doesn’t bleed through to the front side of the fabric.

Why draw lines?  If the base unit is at least a 2 1/2’’ square – I WANT that bonus unit and I want it to come out a readily usable size.  And it plays a significant role in this quilt. 

The first thing I want to get into everyone’s head is that it is the UNIT SIZE that matters, not the seam allowance.  We only need enough seam to hold the fabric together.  And the job of the seam is to bring you to unit size.

Seam allowances with this method will be 1/16'' less than our traditional 1/4'' seam, but it is more than 1/8'' seam and the seams are sufficient to hold the fabric together.  

Look at the seam allowances appliquer's use - or miniature quilts call for.  BREATHE. It will be okay.  


Rulers are marked in mathematically correct measurements.

We don’t cut fabric or sew fabric that way!

Have you ever seen a dieting commercial with a disclaimer that says (usually in very small print!) “individual results may vary”? It’s the same thing with sewing.  The fabric thickness, how we cut the fabric, the thickness of the thread and where the fabric has to press up and over the thread (It presses from beyond the seam, not on it!) all work either for us or against us when we are sewing patchwork.  Variables. 

And then there is that drawn line.  To sew on it?  Or next to it?

The key with this technique is to sew a couple and measure – and adjust where you draw your second line to give YOU the bonus unit size you need.

Are your units too big?  Chances are your two lines are just a bit too close together, or you are sewing too far away from your drawn lines.  Move them a hair further apart by moving the bonus line away a bit.  

If your bonus units are a hair too small–Maybe your 2 1/2’’ square was just a bit undersized to begin with.  Place your second line CLOSER to the first diagonal one.  

Find the magic place that gives YOU the result you are looking for. Individual results may vary!  And you may have to test a few times to find what works best for you.

Remember my tutorial on Making the Cut?  Be sure rectangles and squares are honestly cut the size they need to be by cutting them with the line ON the fabric, not next to it.

I know for myself that I have to leave room for “turn of the cloth” and the fact that the line is drawn outside of the ruler.  Which means I place the dashed line on the unruled edge of the Bonus Buddy ruler (this comes free with your Essential Triangle Tool package or is available as a stand alone single in the Quiltville Store.) JUST BELOW the diagonal line I drew.

My pencil line is going to be OUTSIDE the edge of the ruler – which means I might be making my bonus unit too small if I don’t allow for the turn of the cloth AND the drawn line.


Don’t sew ON the line – sew NEXT to it!

You are going to keep your stitching IN BETWEEN the two drawn lines.  Not on them.  Stitch just to the right of the diagonal line. When the triangle folds up, the drawn line will end up directly on top of your thread where it belongs so the edge of your triangle will reach the edge of your base rectangle.


Stitch to the LEFT of the bonus line.


Cut between the two lines.  Press seams toward the two neutral triangles.

Press bonus units toward the green fabric.


One half-chevron , 2 bonus!

Half-chevrons will measure 2 1/2’’ X 4 1/2’’ and finish at 2’’ x 4’’ in the quilt.

Bonus units will measure 2’’ each and finish at 1 1/2’’ in the quilt.

If they don’t – ADJUST WHERE YOU SEW.


100 Scrappy half-chevrons!


And a boat load of bonus units! (200!)


Square on Rectangle – black line on diagonal!

Use the lines on the ruler to make sure that your 2 1/2’’ square is set SQUARE with the rectangle beneath it and everything lines up – right sides together!  Trim off the corner and stitch using a slightly scant 1/4’’ seam.  

Remember that true diagonal is where the fabric has to FOLD OVER, and if you stitch where you see the black line – your folded corner will come out a hair too small.  You’ve already trimmed your background rectangle away so there is nothing there as a fail safe. Your stitching should fall just to the right of where you see the black diagonal line.


One corner pressed, second square added and corner trimmed!

Unfortunately these little trimmed corners come out too small to use as bonus triangles for this project, but you can save them for another!  They will measure about 1 3/4’’ when sewn.


But the half-chevrons are lovely and there is no drawing of lines!

If you choose to make your half-chevrons with the simple folded corners ruler or any other method (I love this ruler and you are welcome to!) just know that you’ll have to make 200 half-square triangle units to make up for the ones you’ll be missing from not using the Bonus Buddy method above. 


Batches on the fly - also with the Simple Folded Corners mini!

  Start with a pair of 8’’ squares with right sides together, one green, one neutral.

Make your corner cut by placing the 3’’ marking  on the Simple Folded Corners mini  (mini shown here, but full size works great too!) at the right edge of your squares  as shown.  This will place the fabric strips on the bias. 


Cutting bias strip sets.

Cut your matched pairs of strips at 1 3/4’’ instead of the 2’’ we cut in Part 2 for the 2’’ finished units.  (Oh, I did a lot of testing and playing to get this strip size right!)

There will be one bigger corner at the upper edge. That’s okay!


Sew the strips on both long edges, and the long sides of the two triangle corners.


Use the 1 1/2’’ finished line on the Simple Folded Corners rulers to cut half-square triangle units from the strip sets.  Same exact process as Part 2, but narrower strips, smaller units.  You’ve got this!

There are a few stitches at the upper corner that just lift right apart when you open them to press.


18 cute 2’’ units and very little to toss from a pair of 8’’ squares!

I’m sure by now you have in mind which method you wish to use – Quilters, choose your method! 

100 2 1/2’’ x 4 1/2’’  half-chevrons that will finish at 2’’ x 4’’ in the quilt.
200 2’’ half-square triangle units that will finish at 1 1/2’’ in the quilt.

And as this posts – I am putting 500 more copies of String Frenzy in the Quiltville Store as ROUND 4!! Go get your copy!  Those who order from my store will also receive a free PDF pattern download for my newly released Hunter’s String Star Pattern, an $8.00 value!  Weeeeeeeee!  I love how you are loving this book!

I’m looking forward to your sharing of your part 3 units in our upcoming Mystery Monday Link-Up for Part 3.  Part 2’s link up just closed yesterday – did you catch it HERE? I so love seeing everyone’s progress!

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Today I’m doing something VERY EXCITING behind the scenes.  I’ll let you know what it is tomorrow – it involves a very quick road trip! (And oh, what an adventure I've had so far!)


Quiltville Quote of the Day.

I posted this quote and backdrop from Beijing – it’s fun to relive it here.

I love how this applies to our mystery quilt, as well as to our every day lives.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

This mystery is given for personal use only.  No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopying for sharing, scanning or by any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the author.

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Please send your friends to my blog to print their clues. Thank you!


  1. Thank you Bonnie, I am looking forward to using the green. Wishing all the mystery quilt sewers a productive and fun day
    I am just heading off to bed now, it is almost midnight on Friday here in Aus.

  2. I am so excited to try this technique! This will be my first quiltville mystery. I've enjoyed every step so far dot-dot.

  3. Dear Hubby just left for work. I will get some units cut at home, then I can get right to stitching at the LOFT in my LQS. Oh, I remember these from Midnight Flight! I still have that triangle we cut from your business Card. The bonus buddy is easier. You did have an adventure in China. Thanks for taking us along.

  4. 🤔Decisions decisions what shall it be? Thank you Bonnie for all the work you do to make this adventure sew much fun! 💗👏🏻👍🏻💪🏼

  5. Hello, Bonnie!

    I'm a quilter from Germany and my english is... terrible. -.-
    I can not find the information for this: Do we NEED the little HSTs in this Quilt or ist this a bonus for our next ideas?

    1. Allysonn, we NEED them. :-) This is what you need to sew:

      100 2 1/2’’ x 4 1/2’’ half-chevrons that will finish at 2’’ x 4’’ in the quilt.
      200 2’’ half-square triangle units that will finish at 1 1/2’’ in the quilt.

    2. Thank you very much!

    3. Sie heißen Bonus Triangle, weil man sie, jedenfalls wenn man Bonnie's Anleitung folgt, ganz leicht bekommt. Man näht sie nämlich am besten gleich, noch bevor man den Zipfel wegschneidet. Diese Technik wird oft angewendet und bei manchen Anleitungen wird man angeleitet, den Stoffrest einfach wegzuwerfen, statt ihn schnell noch vor dem Abschneiden zu einem neuen Quadrat zu nähen. Ich hoffe, meine Erklärung hilft dir.

    4. Achso! Mich hatte der Begriff "bonus" doch sehr irritiert!
      Danke für die Erklärung!

  6. I ordered my copy just now - soooo excited!!!!! So much is going on but I eagerly copy the clues each Friday to work on after the Holidays. It is just as exciting and "no pressure". Sounds like the weather is going to be bad your way, please be safe.

  7. Yes, you need the HSTs :) good luck!

  8. Thanks so much, Bonnie. Love the colors going into this quilt. I know it is going to be so beautiful.

  9. I see the first line is drawn corner to corner, but I can't find anything that tells me where to draw the second line. I do not have the bonus buddy ruler. Help please!

    1. I don’t have the bonus buddy either but I’m drawing my second line a scant 3/8 inch away from the first and I’m getting perfect 2 inch sqares from the bonus triangles. Just do a couple and measure the results to see what works for you.

  10. I love the colors as well, and the best part of each week's clue is you show us your pile of pieces with the variety of greens you used. Each week, I start to second guess myself, and think I need to get fabrics way closer to the paint chips, and each week I assure myself it's a SCRAPPY quilt, and my colors are fine...and then I see your colors and know I was right. I'm still not sure about my oranges, so I'm looking forward to seeing what your oranges look like. :-)

  11. Got up early this morning. 5 o'clock my time.Your are a hour ahead of me. I wanted to get my order in for my book. This is my Christmas present to myself. At 7:03 I orderd my book and then some other things. I was lucky today. Now on to clue # 3 to print out. All done before 7:30. Good days work. Went back to bed for a nap. Thanks Bonnie

  12. Thank you Bonnie, for all your hard work - will be saving the mystery until after Christmas after I finish my grand daughter's quilt. And looking forward to the next round of String Flings for sale - boy they sure sell out fast! :-)

  13. Dear Bonnie,

    I've only been following your blog for a short while, but I find you a wealth of information. Took a little sleuthing on my part, but I just found the tab with the previous posts for this quilt-along.

    Thank you!

  14. This is the toughest clue of the last three mysteries I have done. I'm not whining though because I know that when I get this technique down, I will have a valuable tool for future quilts! Thanks!

  15. So glad...my first mystery quilt...so many precious tricks....thanks Bonnie

  16. #3 has me totally lost. I cant see how to line up the sq on the rect. both sqs are supposed to fit on it?

    1. Line up one square, sew, cut off the triangles then line up the second square and do the same.

  17. You're awesome Bonnie! Thank you!

  18. It doesn’t say in the directions but is everyone making the chevrons slant from top left to bottom right? My first practice one I turned the opposite way before I realized. I’m just basing it on Bonnie’s pictures since she doesn’t tell us. Are we assuming they all go the same way?

    1. I hope the same. I hope I am right in thinking, when in doubt follow the picture and photograph.

    2. Thanks! Good to know someone else thought the same. I sure hope we did it right.

  19. Please Bonnie could you tell what size rectangle and squares to start with so I can have a full 1/4 inch seam? On clue 3. My little seams always pop open with use around here. I don't quilt my quilts real tightly and I know they will pop open. Thank you.


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