Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Good Fortune–A Quiltville Mystery (Introduction)


It’s Mystery Introductory Time!

Click HERE for printer-friendly PDF.

I hope you are ready for a bit of Good Fortune as we make our way through the holiday season.  This year’s mystery was drawn from my experiences in China just a year ago.

I am so excited about this quilt, and I know you will be too.

But before I go any further – let me get something off my chest.  This is NOT an “Asian” looking quilt. You can use any style of fabrics you wish!

I didn’t make it all with Asian fabrics – I simply played with a selection of colors that showed themselves again and again and again as we traveled around from Beijing to Xian and beyond.

From the beautiful hand painted detail on the Temple of Heaven -


To the jade green of ancient ceramic roof tiles

Complete with dragon!


Even the rafters are full of design and color.


More gorgeous roof detail.

Never forget to look UP!

This post will contain the colors, examples of the fabrics used in my own Good Fortune quilt, and yardage requirements.

You are NOT required to sew with these colors, and you can change them to whatever color palette you would like, but please remember value and contrast when switching things up.

Large prints are not recommended as you don’t know where they will end up or the sizes of units that make up the quilt.

Our stunning quilt finishes at 72’’ x  72’’, a bit smaller than in years past. 

If you want an even smaller size, start with 1/2 the units.  You can always go back and make more units once you decide on your own layout.  If you want it bigger, you can add more borders, or make more blocks after you’ve seen the reveal.  Just plan your fabric accordingly.

I view our mysteries not just as “A Pattern” but as a vehicle to teach methods, tips, tricks, helps and hints while working with each unit.  I will provide a printer-friendly PDF for each clue, and for those wanting to save paper, just save the PDF to your computer or tablet and look at it there without printing it out. Save clues to a place where you can find them!

You can also choose to print certain pages but not others from within your own printer settings.  You can also copy/paste the blog post into a word document and delete extra photos, extra text that you don’t need. Just save the nitty-gritty. You can choose how to save paper/ink yourself.  My job is to teach, however many pages it takes.

PAINT CHIPS:  These are NOT required, but they are helpful when choosing many fabrics that have to work together from your stash.  These are guidelines only, and I have even pushed the boundaries of those color families a bit in all directions so I have a quilt with more life that doesn’t look so flat.

Yardage amounts are for scraps and/or planned yardage.  If you want one piece of yardage for each color, you are fine there too, but you may not want to commit too soon to one thing as you don’t know what we are doing.  Why not just follow along ALL THE WAY?  Dive in and learn with the process!

I will be unavailable to give personal fabric choice advice.  Our mystery is running during my brand new book release.  It’s nearly
String Frenzy time! I am expecting book delivery the week after clue 1 on Good Fortune goes live, so stay tuned for ordering info on that.  We've got so many balls in the air right now.

Thank you for understanding.


Our paint chips this year come from the Sherwin Williams line at Lowes.  I have also listed the color pages from the
Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool found in the Quiltville Store for those who want guidance, but don’t have access to or don't want to pick up paint chips.

In this year’s mystery there is not a constant fabric playing a strategic role. Everything revolves around a variety of fabrics by color family.


Jay Blue SW6797 (Pages 11 –12 on the color tool)

Kilkenny SW6740 (Pages 4-5 on the color tool)

Show Stopper SW7588  (Page 19 on the color tool)

Robust Orange SW6628  (Page 22-23 on the color tool)

Outgoing Orange SW6641 (same as above)

Neutrals: Marshmallow SW7001

                 Choice Cream SW6357

                 Oyster Bar SW7565

And Beyond!


Some of my fabrics, pulled with the paint chips.

I used many many more than just what you see here.

Yardage requirements for Good Fortune:

Greens: 1 1/4 yards

Blues: 2 yards.

Reds: 1 3/4 yards

Oranges: 3 2/3 yards

Neutrals: 6 yards

Things to remember -

Seams take up a LOT of fabric, up to 30% when the piecing is small.  Don’t be alarmed at the yardage requirements given.

The more pieces per block, the more fabric is in the seams. Plan accordingly and know that individual yardage requirements may vary depending on width/length and sizes of scraps used. You may need more or less fabric depending on the method you choose for each unit I present. I believe I have given ample yardage for even the methods that would use the most fabric.

My fabrics run the gamut – every style of fabric within these color families, pushing the boundaries of each color, not matching paint chips exactly – remember they are just a general guide – not a rule!


You can’t go to China without seeing Red, Blue & Green together!

Often times accented with gold.

The abundance of red is deeply rooted in Chinese culture; it represents power, status, and confidence to ancient Chinese royalty.

Red also means happiness, wealth, prosperity, and GOOD FORTUNE!


The Golden Season – October!


Rather than a harvest gold, we are pushing this color family into the ORANGE spectrum.


It’s going to be a wonderfully fun Mystery!

ANYONE with a bit of confidence can make this quilt if they take it one step at a time.  MEASURE MEASURE MEASURE your units.  Make sure they are coming out the right size BEFORE you make them all.

Specialty Rulers:


I will be demonstrating the use of this ruler set during the Good Fortune mystery.  Regular rotary cutting sizes will be given for those who don’t wish to use this ruler.  The ruler is currently 20% off in the Quiltville Store and will remain on sale for the duration of the mystery. 

You also get a free Wanderlust Table Runner PDF pattern with purchase, straight to your inbox!


I love this smaller version for working with the sizes of units we are dealing with this time. (Sorry – no hints! It’s a mystery!) If you purchased the large version for our On Ringo Lake mystery, that will work for this time too.  If you don’t have one, you may want the smaller one.  Again – these are optional, but they made this quilt come together very easily.


If you have the Essential Triangle Tool package, you’ve already got this on hand.  For those who don’t – you MAY want one.  It’s optional, but it helps! Especially for the needle holes helping you find your correct seam allowance.

I am not giving out shapes or sizes for Accuquilt dies as they reveal too much ahead of time.  Thank you for understanding.

Mystery time is supposed to be fun.  It is supposed to help you relax and enjoy a bit of something nice for yourself during the busy holiday season.  The best advice I can give to anyone is to stay with the clues, and even if you are busy, make a few of each clue each week so that you have a handle on what each unit and technique is.  Then after the holidays when things settle down you can pick up and finish the amount required for each step.

Clues will come every Friday with the first clue going live on Black Friday, November 23rd.  No set time of release of the clue is given, but generally before 9am eastern time. Thank you for understanding that sometimes life [and holiday hubbub] gets in the way for me too.

I will be adding a GOOD FORTUNE tab at the top of the blog where all parts for this mystery will be found.  Printer-Friendly links to PDF downloads will also be found at the top of each clue, hopefully as clues are released but if they are a bit delayed, just know that they are photo and text heavy and do take time and I appreciate the slack.  If they aren’t linked on each post when posted, check the next day for the updates. Post links are also manually added to the Good Fortune tab and it may take a few minutes after posting the blog to get them added there as well.

It is up to YOU to print your clues as they are released and to save them in a place where you can find them easily.  This mystery will be retired from my blog on Feb 1, 2019 and placed in the digital downloads section of the Quiltville Store for purchase at that time.

I am not stating the number of clues in this quilt at this time because I do like to keep it a mystery, enjoy the process and perhaps keep you guessing a bit more. Depending on what is going on in my life, I may break clues down even farther, in hopes that it might make the holidays more peaceful for all.

I invite you to post to your social media be it blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or what-have-you.  Please do NOT share piece count or unit sizes in your posts, rewrite my tutorials or make videos and post directions in your own media.  Let's keep this a mystery for everyone.

Please simply direct your readers here to my blog where they can print their own clues.

Thank you for respecting what goes into running this mystery.

We will be using the hashtags #quiltville #quiltvillemystery and #goodfortunequilt in all social media for the duration of this mystery. 

As this mystery goes from 2018 into 2019 it is actually helpful to NOT post a year in your hashtag so we can find your posts more easily. Hashtag away!


And always remember – never forget!



Here’s to a bright future – filled with Good Fortune!


Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage applique quilt found in Bedford, VA.

Have a Happy Halloween, everyone!

Get gathering those fabrics!

This mystery is given for personal use only.  No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopying for sharing, scanning or by any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the author.

Please no uploading and saving of this file with intent to share, email or distribute, either digitally or in hard copy. NOT FOR RESALE.

Please send your friends to my blog to print their clues. Thank you!


  1. Thank you, Bonnie! I look forward to another great mystery. Took a class from Doug Leko a few weeks ago and he said this was going to be a fun one!

  2. This will be my 2nd mystery. I am determined NOT to buy any fabric for this one! (HAHA) I have all the fabric colors in the mystery so I should be good! I can't wait to get started. Thank you, Bonnie for all the hard work and the fun!

  3. Thank you Dear Bonnie! Happy halloween! This is going to be awesome!
    Debra in Ma.

  4. Cheers to Bonnie and warm fuzzy feelings!

  5. Love, love, LOVE IT!!!! And,I absolute love the amount of Orange!!

  6. Thank you so much Bonnie! Excited!

  7. I'm so excited to see the colors and the inspioiration for this year's project! I have a question on the oranges - you show both light and dark paint chips but in your sampling of fabrics used there doesn't look to be significant contrast in the oranges. Is contrast important here or is it just a good range to give more interest/movement?

  8. Thank you! I told my son that this year's mystery quilt would be his. His response was that it should have NC State red in it!! Thank you for making it happen

  9. Thank you for this year mystery. I am thankful to say, I have all of those colours :)

  10. Thanks, Bonnie. I look forward to following the clues and seeing all the creative variation.

  11. I accidentally bought a big stack of nearly all these colors recently! :) Super excited to prowl through my stash and find even more variety. Thank you so much for doing this again. It's a ton of work, you get lots of grief, and we reap all the benefits. You are amazing.

  12. Love this! I’m in Hong Kong now for an extended (6-week) vacation and really feeling the Good Fortune vibe. This is right up my alley. Thanks, Bonnie.

  13. thank you Bonnie for this new mystery! I can tell the blog is busy, I can barely scroll down! Let the fabric fly!

  14. I am so excited about this year's mystery! I visited China with my son many years ago. One of our stops was Temple of Heaven - which I absolutely loved!!!

  15. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Bonnie, for cross referencing the colors with the color tool in your shop. I've just ordered mine and am hoping it will arrive in the near future. I can't wait to participate in the mystery this year!! This will be my fifth, with two completed and two in progress. Never a dull moment!!!

  16. Fortune cookies are my Favorite. Thanks for including the Color tool numbers. I have that. I'll be looking for that Jade Green.

  17. Would you say that this quilt will be an easier one or fairly difficult?

  18. Is it ok to work with a group of friends?

    1. I am sure it is OK. I have seen many group entries before and has also participated in one myself. It makes it even better and more fun!

    2. We are working as a group of friends in a small Facebook group. We just make sure to only share links to Bonnie's page, no reprinting or "sharing" the pattern. Each person visits Bonnie's page to look at instructions.

  19. Let the fun times roll...Thanks, Bonnie! I appreciate all your efforts in doing this mystery for us. Have a Happy Halloween! Hugs!!!

  20. Last year was my first mystery quilt and I am thrilled to be participating this year and hopefully many years to come! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to provide all of us with this amazing opportunity!

  21. Yay! Bright colors are my favorite! This is going to be fun. Thanks so much Bonnie!

  22. How exciting! This will be my 1st mystery challenge. I absolutely love ALL the colors chosen for this quilt. Looking forward to starting.

  23. Bonnie, thank you. Somehow the fact that it's BH Mystery time again is unusually comforting - in a time when our world seems upside down on a daily basis , it's still fall, and it's time for the Mystery quilt. I hope it is comforting to you, also.

    1. Kathleen, I completely concur with you in finding comfort in the celebration of making this annual mystery. I’m grateful to Bonnie for this gift and hope it highlights the bonds of quilters everywhere in appreciation of our individual talents as we undertake this common goal.

  24. LOVE the colors!!! Awesome!!! Thank you :-)

  25. Thank you Bonnie for all of your hard work in putting together this Mystery for us!! I'm excited to attempt my FIRST mystery quilt! Have fun (and safe travels) at the Ripley retreat!

  26. Bonnie what gorgeous colours so looking forward to this it will be my second mystery, On Ringo Lake and my rail fence leader ended are both awaiting quilting. I have the new leader ender cut up in my tray by my machine. So looks like this is going to be fun. Thank you for giving us so much fun to look forward to .
    Quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  27. SO excited you are using the China colors! This one will be especially special to me!!

  28. I wanted to order the mini corner ruler but it is out of stock. Will there be more available before Mystery ? Thank you.

  29. Thank you, Bonnie! I'm excited to dive into my stash & see what I can come up with in all these colors. Thanks for all the hard work you do for us. It is much appreciated!

  30. Thank you again for all your hard work. Love the colors! Can't wait to get started.

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  32. yah! I can't wait. Thank you Bonnie!

  33. Thank you Bonnie! These colors will challenge me a bit! Time to dig in my scraps and stash and see what I can come up with!

  34. Dearest Bonnie- thank you for all you bring to us quilters, the jokes, the laughter, the support, the encouragement, the hope. So excited to see what this mystery will turn out to be......

  35. Thank you, Bonnie! I appreciate how much work goes into this and I respect your process so much. It means a lot to me to have this during the holidays, and your daily sharing uplifts me every single day. And every day as I finish reading I think gratefully, I love you, Bonnie!

  36. Bonnie, I love the colors! Hate to start this with a whine, but I just got back from Lowes and they had none of the color chips in the numbers you indicated in your post (the highest number is in the 3000 range). Upon getting home and looking at your photo more closely, I see there are other numbers in the upper left corners of the chips, and I think those are the numbers that I will need when I go back to Lowes. Jay Blue is FF16, Kilkenny is CP18, Show Stopper CP10, Robust Orange (can't read the number), Outgoing Orange CP 14, Marshmallow QC17, Choice Cream VF16 and Oyster Bar CP08. Is this correct? Can you provide the number for Robust Orange? Thanks!!

    1. I have it in front of me. Robust Orange is FF02. Have fun!

  37. Does anyone have a picture of a finished mystery? I am curious what they look like finished.

    1. Debbie, at the top of this blog is Bonnie's "On Ringo Lake" mystery that was done last year. Enjoy your day.

    2. Debbie we don't know what this years quilt will look like....hence the "Mystery" aspect. !!

    3. You can google the names of the previous quilts and find photos. Some of them are: «on Ringo Lake», «Allietaire», «en Provence» and «Celtic Solstice». Good luck.

  38. Blessings to you Bonnie! This is my first ever Mystery Quilt and my first ever Bonnie Hunter Quilt so I am extremely thrilled and nervous. My question is, what is a clue exactly? You give a clue every Friday and I am not sure what that means. Does it mean I have to figure out on my own how to piece a block based on what clues you give? Do you explain this somewhere? Do you have Mystery Quilt vocabulary somewhere for us newbies? I am also fairly new to quilting. I have made about 5 quilts a few years ago and this year decided to get back into it. Thank you for all you are doing!

    1. Kathleen, a clue would be "from neutrals and blues, cut 50 2-1/2" squares. Draw a diagonal line, sew 1/4" on either side of line, cut apart to make 100 half-square triangles." Only Bonnie writes much better clues than me. She makes it very easy to follow along. Also, make sure you have plenty of baggies and label the clues. Enjoy your first mystery!

    2. consider the "clues" to be the directions to make a basic unit ie a HST, flying goose etc.....then the units get added together and together and soon you have a block and then a quilt!hope that helps

  39. Happy Halloween. I am really looking forward to doing this mystery. I have followed others of yours but never actually participated. Thanks

  40. Went to Lowe's with my sister. We are pulling the chips when the "paint guy" asked us if we would also pull 3-4 extra chips so he would have sets ready when customers come in. We also met Carol who was on FB this morning at 6 AM at Lowe's (she works there). We had so much fun with Carol and the Paint Guy. Thank you Bonnie for all that you do to make this a brighter, happier, and quilty world.

  41. Thank you Bonnie. I had the good fortune to find your blog several years ago. You have added so much to my enjoyment of quilting. Looking forward to what I now call the Mystery Quilt Season.

  42. As always, your photography is inspiring. Thanks for your generous heart.

  43. Thank you Bonnie. Happy Halloween. I have most of these colors in my stash and as my back surgery has healed to the point I can finally get back to sewing. Started my 2017 but not finished but will get it done this year with my new mystery quilt. You are and inspiration to us all.

  44. Just visited our Dallas Lowe’s and the paint numbering has changed so that it now starts “hgsw” with the same name but most of the numbers have changed . I did not find the Oyster bar chip at all. If you have a Sherwin Williams store they may have the original numbers.

  45. ohhhh...these colors are fabulous! I can't wait!

  46. THIS is one of my favorite days of the year. Yes, because it's Halloween but THIS year, because it's Quiltville Color Reveal Day! I LOVE the title of the quilt but my favorite part is that it's a little smaller than quilts past. I think 72" x 72" is perfect! Thank you, Bonnie for giving us joy all year through :-)

  47. Yay mystery time! I'll have to put in a few purples with the blues as my blue scraps are low from making Bonnie's Jamestown Landing quilt and finishing up her Pinwheel Fancy quilt. Greens are low from sewing her Criss Cross Applesauce quilt! Been so fun sewing her quilts. On Ringo Lake is quilted and binded!

    1. Well, QUILTeakes, it sounds like it may be time to add more blues and greens to your stash -- what a hardship, more fabric shopping! (JK, I'd find it a great excuse). I myself am not a fan of orange especially with red, so will be thinking of substitute colours: maybe turquoise and aqua? Or a paler yellow with a paler blue? Oh, the possibilities! Good luck with your BKH 2018-2019 Mystery Quilt!

    2. HRH-DMK, I'm with you in not having a love affair with orange or red, but I have decided that mixing the warm and cool colors within a quilt is what adds the pop. Maybe if you reverse the blues and greens with the reds and oranges the quilt will not feel so "in your face" with the warm colors. That's what I'm going to try. I love that Bonnie's quilts always give us lots of choices!!

  48. Bonnie you are making this very hard for me lol I promised myself that this year I would have the confidence to pick my own colors . But I really like the colors you chose! Time will tell

  49. These colors look amazing, you must have seen some beautiful places on your travels, thank you for what I’m sure will be another wonderful mysterious adventure

  50. Sorry, sometime I can be "dense". Bonnie gave the yardage needed for each color, but I think you can use fat quarters and scraps, etc. Is this right? Just lots of different fabric for each color? This is my first mystery quilt, can you tell? I need an explanation of the rules. Thanks!

    1. Yes, you can absolutely use fat quarters and any other scraps. But it gives you an idea of how much of each color family and the ratio between them (so a lot of neutral, a little less orange and so on). Best of luck!

  51. Thank you so much Bonnie. I made En Provence and just loved it. The whole experience was just wonderful. So looking forward to this and what you Will be teaching us. Happy Holidays

  52. THANK YOU! I actually guessed pretty well this time on the colors!!!! I am SOOOOO excited. Thank you for all that you do for us. You are incredibly thoughtful and generous, creative and wise.

  53. Thank you ever so much for continuing to do your annual mystery. It is such a nice thing to do for so many people. I will follow along and no whining or complaining from me I promise.
    Thank you

  54. Love the quilt size that you've chosen for this year's mystery. I have some fat quarter towers of flannels, so I'll be pulling my fabrics from them for a scrappy. cozy quilt to cuddle under.

  55. I haven't been doing much quilting in the last few years and over the weekend pulled out my Carolina Christmas mystery quilt to work on, just got the book yesterday to finish it. Check on here today to see if you had any recent mystery quilts and like magic this popped up. I'm so excited to get this one going and glad you're spacing it out because life happens. Thanks!

  56. Since the oranges are a "range between the two" will there be clues that call for using only dark oranges and clues that call for using the lighter?

  57. I’m thinking a I will work on this on our winter trip west; and I will check my photoes of Korea for the colors. I always hoped to do a quilt based on the tiles of Korea...but this will work well, it may happen if I don’t have to draw my own pattern, so this will be best! Now to get tht basket ready.

  58. Thank you Bonnie! I downloaded the directions and yardages las night. I'm seeing the oranges as Terra cotta and pumpkin. Could the sidewalk in Golden Fall be the Spirit Walk?

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. Thank you Bonnie for all you so generously share with us through your love of quilting.
    I'm wondering what you all think.......I love green but have never liked that color/shade/tint of green. What do you think of going more towards olive green or yellowed greens?
    Yellow is actually the color of royalty in ancient China. You don't tend to see it as much because only royalty or those of very high status could use it.

  61. I'm at Lowe's in Bonita Springs, FL. Color numbers different from yours, but names are the same.
    Jay Blue - HGSW 1361
    Kilkenny - HGSW 1282
    Show Stopper - HGSW 1052
    Outgoing Orange- HGSW 1123
    Robusr Orange - HGSW 1103
    Oyster Bar - HGSW 3507
    Marshmallow - HGSW 4063
    Choice Cream - HGSW 4073

  62. I went to China this past April, and I was amazed by the rich and vibrant colors everywhere. I love the colors suggested, as they perfectly mirror what I saw in China. I can't wait to go home today and search my stash!


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