Friday, December 29, 2017

On Ringo Lake, Part 6!

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Happy Friday, Quiltvillians!

4 days past Christmas and here we are for Part 6.

I want to know.  How many of you have had it with Christmas decorations and are already putting things away and reclaiming your life?

I find as one year ends and another begins I am also eager to re-do things in my sewing space.  Cleaning, reorganizing, repurposing, purging and starting new.

I love the feeling of a brand new year stretched out before me.

I don’t hit the road for my first teaching/lecture dates until January 8th, so there are plenty of low-key sewing days ahead.  Heavy on the sewing.  Very heavy on the relaxing!

As we settle into this time between the Holidays, I hope your life will allow you some time to sit and stitch as well.

This week is also an easy one and shouldn’t take you too long.


200 Combination Triangle units!

Adding coral-to-melon triangles to Part 4 units.

*Note* This is the LAST you will need of your coral/melon for this quilt!

If you are using regular rotary cutting methods, you will cut 100 squares 3 7/8’’ x 3 7/8’’.  Slice squares on the diagonal corner to corner to yield 200 base triangles.

Match a pieced unit to a solid triangle and stitch.  Seams will press toward the coral triangles.  Remove all dog ears.  Units will measure 3 1/2’’ and finish at 3’’ in the quilt.

There will be 18 unit 4's left over – just set those aside until I tell you what we are doing with them!


For those using the Essential Triangle Tool!

We are going to cut the larger coral to melon base triangles from 3 1/2’’ strips.


Use the red 3’’ finished line to cut pairs of triangles from the strip set.

100 sub-cuts through 2 layers will give you the needed 200 base triangles.


Base triangles will be missing a dog ear, but that’s okay!


Does this happen to you on occasion?

The coral base triangle is the size that the pieced triangle really should be, but sometimes (okay, oftentimes) there are slight “variations” when it comes to piecing.  The layers of thread, the way the fabric presses up and over the thread, the bias edges – sometimes things can fall short.

At this point it’s important to align the outside edges so that the unit stays the size it should be.  Let the short one fall just that short in the seam.


The seam will fall where it should!

Now, if all of your pieced triangles are way smaller than they should be, or if they are BIGGER than the base triangle, that is definitely a seam allowance issue and should be fixed before moving on.  But now and again, I find this a good solution for the couple of wayward units that just didn’t quite reach the size they needed to be.


Another favorite quick fix!

Into everyone’s life some trimming must fall.  In this case, it was likely caused by my seam line slightly bowing – can you see it?  It dips below the line on the ruler.

This is Janet Plotkin’s Triangle Booty Ruler.  It’s a handy little gadget with our most needed sizes of triangles included.  It’s small enough to fit in your “go to workshop” bag, and it is marked in FINISHED size so you always know what you are shooting for.

Place the line for the size you want (in this case 3’’) just above the seam line of the unit and trim two sides. No rotating required.  No trimming 4 sides to square up.  2 short cuts – and then simply press open and remove dog ears.


Tada! It measure 3 1/2’’ just like it should, and will finish at 3’’ in the quilt.

This ruler is great for trimming up all of those bonus triangles saved from behind stitch-and-flip corners.  Turn those valuable scraps into something fun. Quick and simple, and I’m sold on it.

We’ve got a good supply in the Quiltville Store, along with another big batch of Simple Folded Corners rulers.  We are likely to run out of Essential Triangle Tools again, but more are in production and more will be in stock in January. And don’t forget the ruler stickers!


Close up…

You may see that I am actually a couple threads away from the corner of the aqua square.  That’s because my machine is set to sew scant.  If I had aimed for that X of seams on the pieced triangle, my seam would NOT have been scant and due to the "turn of the cloth" my unit would likely turn out too small.  I’d rather have a couple threads showing than nip the point of that square off, so I’m happy with things this way.

I hope this easy week gives you a chance to catch up where the holidays left you behind!

Since Monday is New Year’s Day, we are going to hold off a week for our next Mystery Monday Link-Up which will happen Monday, January 8th, the day I fly to San Diego, my 2018 On The Road kick-off!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

I hope that many things will catch your heart this coming year!

Have a wonderful last Friday of 2017, everyone!

This mystery is given for personal use only.  No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopying for sharing, scanning or by any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the author.

Please no uploading and saving of this file with intent to share, email or distribute, either digitally or in hard copy. NOT FOR RESALE.

Please send your friends to my blog to print their clues. Thank you!


Judy Davis said...

Thank you Bonnie, you're the best. Loving this block already.

Sadie said...

I like it and it makes sense it was hard playing with that triangle by itself. Thank you Bonnie. I will get to work as soon as I can. Happy New Year,

Carolyn Shea said...

While (in)patiently waiting for Clue #6, I explored Bonnie's blog in more detail. So far, I have decided to make her beef stew, and will do one of her soups for my guild's Community Service day. And, I discovered the 2008 New Year's Eve Mystery...love it...so I printed it. Thanks Bonnie for sharing all the neat stuff on your blog. Happy New Year!

The Calico Quilter said...

I understand your feelings about getting the Christmas decorations down and resuming real life. My Mom always left the tree up until New Year, said it was for luck. Me, I want to get the house back in order but her habits have permeated my thinking. The tree is the last thing to be removed. As for the urge to clean/straighten/organize that comes with the new year - OH YES!

Nonnie said...

I LOVE these BRAVE WORLD units... for some reason it has always been a unit I have made many quilts from. Looking forward to the reveal. Thanks for the mystery.

Diane larson said...

finally! LOL for some reason I woke up really early this morning and had to wait 2 1/2 hrs before the clue was posted. While waiting i read up on how to convert a electric sewing machine to a hand crank,,have all that I need to do that, have clue 6 in hand sooo Off to the sewing room!

Ploskr said...

I love that Bonnie gives us multiple methods to make these units. I do love the Essential Triangle Tool and I am sold on precutting precise triangles to make flying geese. I have used this tool in the last mystery and this one with better than ever results on my piecing.

And, Diane Larson, I'll need to search out that electric to hand crank conversion. It seems like a good thing to know.

Joann said...

Wow, I thought for sure this week was going to be an aqua kind of week. The coral threw me for a loop! I was also thinking that since you said that the reveal was really close that it would be on new years day like some years in past but have too much fabric left for that to happen. Getting excited to see what is next!

Vivian said...

Woohoo, for once being behind is a blessing! Hadn't gotten to Part 4 yet (still working on 3) and now that I see what these are, I realize I'll be able to kill two birds (um, Parts) with one stone! I have a Deb Tucker technique sheet that makes what she calls "Shaded Four Patch" units so I'll be able to do Parts 4 and 6 together. With any luck (who am I kidding -- it takes work and focus), I'll be up to date by the next reveal. Again, Woohoo and wishing you a very Happy New Year in advance Bonnie!

Jenny said...

I'm the opposite when it comes to taking down decorations. They usually stay up until at least February. In the cold, snowy north, I need some lights in the winter! This year I was appalled when I actually saw a tree out on the curb at noon on Christmas Day. Maybe I'll leave mine up a bit longer to make up for it!!!

Mary said...

Yea, more Coral. I have my Mat ready with a new Blade in the Rotary cutter. Essential Triangle Tool method works for me!! My decorations can stay up as long as they can. Stitching is first! I have been known to leave my tree up until my Birthday,lol. Happy New Year!

mascanlon said...

So nice of you to show us the common bobbles and bits that show up in even your piecing and the best way to adapt,for,them! Happy New Y at weekend Bonnie!

Karla (ThreadBndr) said...

Our family is high church Anglican, so the Christmas tree doesn't go up until the last week of Advent and doesn't come down until Epiphany on January 6 - after the "12 days of Christmas". And the Christmas Creche comes down on Candlemas on February 2. Did you know that at one point there were 40 days of 'Christmastide' to mirror the 40 days of Lent?

I love hearing about everyone's traditions.

scraphappydenise said...

Thank you Bonnie! I usually wait until New Years Day, or the day after to take down the tree and other decorations, but we are headed out of town to spend the New Years with friends on the Oregon Coast this afternoon. Since I head back to work the day after our return, I just finished putting the tree and the decorations back into the totes and storage bags, got the family room vacuumed (without waking the hubby upstairs), and just sat down to look at clue 6 while waiting for the dryer to finish with the load of darks I need to pack..... I've enjoyed every step of this mystery journey of this mystery and cannot believe that I'm all caught up. I spent half of yesterday, breaking down scraps for your scrap saver system from my last 3 projects along with the items brought home from the "free table" at guild this month. I cannot believe how many units and pieces I have done for the mystery from my pre-cut squares, EZ angle ruler corners, and pre cut strips. I finally had to re-supply my neutrals last weekend while cutting step 5, but I should be good to go for awhile yet. I'm still waiting to use more of your aqua colors..... Happy New Year, and thanks again.

GooglingMom said...

Christmas is just getting started at our house. It starts December 25 and continues at least through Epiphany. It's sad that the commercialism starts the Christmas season by Halloween anymore. No wonder everyone is tired of Christmas by the time it arrives. *** Thank you, Bonnie, for your gifts to us! Wishing a Happy New Year to you and yours, and everyone.
And, may 2018 be a peaceful, healthy, and prosperous year for us all.

Stripeyspots said...

Christmas for us starts on the 25th and continues for 12 days. Lots of time to enjoy the tree!

Ruth McGlathery said...

Thanks Bonnie! We leave our Christmas decorations up until after the first of the year.

Pattypiecer said...

Thank You Bonnie, enjoy every minute of your sewing/family time before you start traveling again. My Husband volunteers as Santa at functions during the holidays, so we put up all the decorations early. They come down right after Christmas. By then, I am ready for my house to get back to normal and get back to my sewing.
Happy New Year.

PalmerGal said...

Since i have not sone part 4 yet either, l can do 4 and 6 together! I am really behind on several projrcts. Even though i am retired i volunteer to do accounting for my quilt guild and my church and it takes time! I am very willing to give this up, but finding someone for the church one especially is proving difficult.

We take our tree down at New Years; it's a real tree so it's usually dropping a lot of needles by then.

kwiltnkats said...

Where will you be in San Diego? Kosmo and Katastrophy would love to meet you. Love the colors of this mystery. Kitties are keeping me quite occupied, but I'm finding time to do a little of each part. Enjoy your family time. Sandi

MissPat said...

Growing up our tree was decorated on Christmas Eve and taken down on New Year's Day, even after my mother bought an awful artificial tree. I think if people didn't put the tree,up right after Thanksgiving,they wouldn't be sick of it bt Christmad. That said, I don't even put up a tree anymore,just have some table top trees. But I don't have people coming for Christmas so that's okay. I skipped this year's mystery as I have too many other UFOs, but I enjoy seeing what everyone else is doing.

Susan Black said...

HI Bonnie, I welcome part 6! Because I just finished part 4, %is cut and waiting to be sewn So I'll skip 5 do 6 and swing back around. Like ring -around the roses. And Yes I am ready for 2018 !!!! My Year too retire! Good luck on your travels, during this winter season, lots of storms ahead. Thank You for the Fun MQ Susan

annieb said...

Well I was raised in a household where Christmas was a time to play, and play some more. Our tree(live) went up the day after Thanksgiving. We didn't have much but my mom always made everything fun. I always washed & ironed all my dolls' clothes, and re-dressed every one to be ready to greet the new dolly that Santa would bring. We played, we guessed. We opened presents on Christmas Eve, so that Christmas morning was "Santa only" under the tree. What a happy experience. Everyone got something from Santa. My mom & Dad enjoyed surprising each other with some small something. The element of surprise was the center of Christmas always. The only rule that I can remember was that all the decorations, especially the tree had to be down & put away before midnite on New Years' Eve. I've spent my entire adult life with that same rule. We were early this year & it felt really good.

Michelle Markling said...

Thanks Bonnie. I love reading your blog and your pictures of your cabin property are beautiful.

Rinachiyya said...
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Linda said...

Hi Bonnie! Just a quick note to thank you for this great mystery QAL. Loving the colors! And laughed when you asked about the decorations. We never got our big wreath up outside...we are not able to get up the ladder to hang it, and forgot or was not convenient whenever some strong young bodies were available...so yesterday I put away the 3 indoors decorations and I’m done! Back to normal! But I am in the middle of a purge of stuff from the storage area in our basement. Have finallly realized that I am never going to do some of the things I liked doing in my 30s and 40s, and enjoying having younger folks come by and pick them up (we like to use Freecycle to offer things), or taking them to the nearby thrift shop. Hoping to finish that this weekend so I can get back to sewing. Have a wonderful, happy and safe New Year, Bonnie and everyone. Best, Llinda B