Friday, December 15, 2017

On Ringo Lake, Part 4!

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Happy December 15th!

Hanukkah is in full swing, Christmas is 10 days away – and there are only 2 weeks left in 2017.

Are you feeling the pressure?

Breathe!  Remember that we are the ones that let stress in.

Perhaps just a bit of sewing time working up a few of these units will allow you to release your shoulders from hanging up around your ears and your thoughts to settle as you cut a bit, sew a bit, press a bit!

Light a fragrant candle.

Throw something easy and yummy in the crock pot to cook all day.

Let's see if we can tackle just a bit of this next unit:


Time to pull out the browns & aquas!

This week’s clue has us making some pieced triangle units!  How many? 218!

For this step you are going to start with 218 aqua squares 2’’ x 2’’.

Wing Triangles: You can either cut your brown half-square triangles from 218 squares 2 3/8’’ x 2 3/8’’, cutting the square on the diagonal from corner to corner to yield 436 half-square wing triangles, or you may use the Essential Triangle Tool for this step as shown below.

No matter WHICH method you choose, be careful with your seam allowance and treat these as a 3 7/8’’ unfinished half-square triangle unit.  The triangle will finish at 3’’ when sewn into the quilt.


We are working with 2’’ strips for this step.

Working with short strip lengths gives me more variety.  Placing the strips with right sides together means I am cutting mirror image pairs that will sew easily to my aqua corner squares.


Square off one end!

As with the flying geese and parallelogram units in step 2 & 3, place 2’’ strips with right sides together.  Place a red line at the top of the strip set and square off one end.


Cutting mirror image pairs!

Using the 1 1/2’’ finished red line on the ruler, cut pairs of matched triangles down the strip set as shown.  You will need 218 PAIRS of triangles (436 individual triangles) and cutting them in mirror image is definitely the way to go.


See how notched corners align in the center?


Sew this way first!

With this unit, I place the square right side up, folding the first wing triangle with right sides together with the square.  See how the missing dog-ear aligns with the square? 


Chain sew all 218 pairs.

Press seams toward the brown wing triangle.


Add second wing triangles.

You will also notice that the missing dog ear on the second triangle aligns with the top of the aqua square as well. Stitch all 218 in this manner.  Press to the brown triangles.


That’s a mess of units!


218 DONE!

That’s it for this week’s clue.

I hope you will be joining in on our Mystery Monday Link-Up for part 4 on Monday.  I look forward to seeing your progress!

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

We call it a practice, because we are always improving, working at it, but never perfect.

This weekend, practice peace!

Much love -

This mystery is given for personal use only.  No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopying for sharing, scanning or by any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the author.

Please no uploading and saving of this file with intent to share, email or distribute, either digitally or in hard copy. NOT FOR RESALE.

Please send your friends to my blog to print their clues. Thank you!


Feathers in my Nest said...

Thank you Bonnie...Have a Sparkling Day!
Gently Hugs & Kisses for Sadie girl.
Debra in Ma.

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

thank you Bonnie, seasons best to you and yours, Sharyn in Kalama

Shari Z said...

Thank you Bonnie I was pleasantly surprised to see the early post. Hoping that Sadie is on the mend and not trying too hard to get at her stitches.
Like many others have said, this year we are downsizing the decorations. Hubby and I decided to spend more time visiting with friends and family and less with decorating. Easy decision since we will be gone over Christmas. We've been to several wonderful Christmas programs already and feel far more in tune this year with the true meaning of the season.
Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas and wonderful New Year!

MaryG said...

Bonnie, just a heads up. Looks like the post from "Alex" is in the wrong place or possibly intentional spam?

Love this week's clue. The pieces are starting to make me REALLY curious about the finished design. LOL

tubakk said...

Thank you, I love it. Greetings from Norway.

Alison said...

Thank you Bonnie! I sorted my squares the other night and I am hoping that I already have enough so I don't have to cut too many more! :D

Beth said...

Thank you Bonnie! So glad to see Sadie out and enjoying her walk. Sitting here this morning with a cup of coffee and my furry friend, Buddy, keeping me warm! Guess what I am doing today? Sewing of course!

Brenda Wall said...

Clue #4 is printed out. The Flu has attacked me ( yes I even got the senior flu shot) and I am as weak as a kitten. Sewing is on the back burner for a few days at least until after New Years. But I have a lot to look forward to in 2018. Enjoy your holiday and get some well deserved rest. Glad that you are able to work with your son - it is a joy to spend time with family. Thankful that Sadie is healing. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Mary said...

Stitching Clues with a few friends at the LDS today. It's going to be Sew Fun with the Quiltville Mystery Newbies!!! Yea for more Aqua & Brown.

Melodie DeGarmo said...

Thankfully I can find clue 4 today. For some reason I lost Quiltville on Facebook and even when I search for it it doesn't find it! Anyone else having this problem?

Elizabeth Rogers said...

Hi Bonnie,It is another year to thank you for the Mystery Quilt AND all the time you share with us in Blog land. THANK YOU!

I was fussing with myself about all the triangle units even with your helpful new Essential Triangle Ruler, then I thought "wow, I am getting better with all this practise". It is silly what it takes to make us realize what it takes to get better. THANK YOU, AGAIN.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy your time together and pet Sadie. I also have an older doggie.

Love Liz Rogers

Carolyn Sullivan said...

GOOD MORNING...... I rad throught he clue yesterday, and shut the computer down after reading a little of what was needed....NOT WHINING here.
I just feel like throwing in the towel, bc as you said.... we bring too much on to ourselves.... I have sudden christmas projects to finish and a quilt on the frame...It does not need to be done by Christmas, but I worked on it yesterday first anyway.
This AM, the house is quiet, I can't sleep. Re read the instructions.... Oh this is Nothing!

Go get another cup of coffee and get marking those Squares for the previous step... cause this step is easy.

iamaquilter2 said...

Love the colors. When will your store get in the rulers shown?

Susan Black said...

Thank you Bonnie, This Quilt when finished is going to Our daughter and son in law for their new home, these colors are going to be so beautiful all stitched to gather! I hope I can do it justice!

mmhb43 said...

I am so looking forward to making this quilt. I just saved the instructions you have posted and will start on it after I finish all of the Christmas gifts I am working on. Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

Terry Angell said...

Thank you Bonnie for all your hard work. You have such an uplifting message each day. It is such a joy to read your post and a happy remembrance of growing up in Minnesota. Thank you, thank you, thank you!