Friday, December 08, 2017

On Ringo Lake - Part 3!

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Oh, happy day!

It’s time for part 3!

As we get closer and closer to the holidays, I hope you are able to find some time to stitch for yourself as you also take care of everything else in your busy world.

I have heard from so many that just sewing for ONE HOUR per day recharges their batteries and they are better able to handle all of the other stresses that come their way, especially at this time of year.

No matter how busy you get, TRY to read through each clue as it is released, and perhaps stitch just a dozen of each unit so you have a good handle on what is going on, and when life slows down after the holidays, you can back-track and pick back up where you left off.  Just keep plugging away!

And follow along with the Mystery Monday Link-Ups and our  Quiltville’s Open Studio group in Facebook – those happy quilters are sure to keep you motivated.

So, what do we have going on this week while I am teaching in Oregon?


Diamond in a Rectangle Units!

We’ve done these before – but not in this size!  And I have a few different methods to share with you.  You can pick whichever way works best for you.

Things to keep in mind: We need 120 of each, and they will be pressed a certain way.  Each unit will measure 2’’ x 5’’ before they are sewn into the quilt.  When sewn in they will finish at 1 1/2’’ x 4 1/2’’.



Cut 240 coral rectangles 2’’ x 5’’.

I’m using my Simple Folded Corners ruler to quickly cut these from 2’’ strips.

Do you do this too?  If there is a bit of selvage, less than 1/4’’ that will be gone in the seam, I’ll use that piece! I want the fabric to go as far as it can go.

120 rectangles will lean one direction, the other 120 will be mirror image. 

Cut 480 2’’ squares from neutral for the corner triangles.


One mirror image pair of rectangles.

See how the lines go in opposite directions?

Following the same technique as the flying geese in Part 2, Place a square at one end of the rectangle, following the photo as a guide.


Remember to stitch to the right of the line – toward the corner you will be cutting off.


Trim an approximate 1/4’’ beyond the seam, and press.


Take a close look!

No matter which method you use to construct these, the pressing is the same….all seams press toward the bottom of the unit – the same direction.  Do not stitch units together. They remain separate.

Simple Folded Corners Method:


As with the flying geese in Part 2, you can cut first, sew second!

Following the photo as a guide, place a 2’’ square at either end of a base rectangle and trim, with the black diagonal line on the diagonal of the 2’’ square. 

Both sides do NOT have to be cut at the same time.  You can cut and sew one end, press – and come back and do the opposite corner after finishing the first end.  This image just shows the cutting technique.


Stitch corners in place, remembering to press seams in the same direction as in the basic method above.

Measure your unit.  If they are not 2’’ x 5’’ your seam is too big.  Adjust seam to give the correct unit size.

The Bonnie Method!


Cutting mirror image pairs WITHOUT corners in place!

I used this method to cut my rectangles to size, with half the waste of either of the methods above.  Place 2’’ x 5’’ rectangles with right sides together.  Each pair will be cut in mirror image.

See the ruler stickers?  I LOVE these as guides for easy ruler placement.  They are available in the Quiltville Store.


Cut the coral corners off first!

Using this image as a guide, place the ruler on the pair of rectangles with the #2 marking at the right end of the pair (bottom right arrow) Use the lines on the ruler to make sure it is straight on the rectangle.  Trim corner.  Rotate the pair and remove opposite corner.

Trimmed diamonds in mirror image.


Cutting corner triangles from 2’’ strips.

As with the Essential Triangle Tool method for flying geese in Part 2, Cut triangles from 2’’ strips using the 1 1/2’’ finished red line on the ruler.  480 corner triangles.  Oh, boy.


Adding corners to diamonds.


Dog ear removal.

Dog ears will extend beyond the edge of the coral diamond, and you can choose to snip it before sewing, or after sewing.  But whatever you choose, DO remove them.


Removing the dog ear from second corner before sewing.

I have to snip them one way or the other, and I tend to do it as I align them before sewing them together.  Add a corner to each end of the diamond, remembering to press in the manner explained in the Basic method above.  Seams go ONE direction, not both out toward the corners.  Check and double-check!


Mirror image pairs in the making.  FUN FABRICS!


Only the coral corners were “waste” And they really didn’t amount to much.

I love how the Essential Triangle Tool and the Simple Folded Corners ruler work so well together!


Oh, these are so great!

I had an absolute blast digging for these melons and corals, even including the peachy pin-dot on the far left from 1980-something.  There are some recycled fabrics in there as well.  Just way too much fun.

120 of each.  Seams all going the same direction.  Do not sew together.  Got it?  Good!

I look forward to our Mystery Monday Link-Up – and so happy I’ll be HOME for that!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Hopefully this is why we do this mystery thing.  Because we want to.  Because it is fun. 

Because it makes us HAPPY!!

Enjoy your Friday, everyone!

This mystery is given for personal use only.  No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopying for sharing, scanning or by any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the author.

Please no uploading and saving of this file with intent to share, email or distribute, either digitally or in hard copy. NOT FOR RESALE.

Please send your friends to my blog to print their clues. Thank you!


Feathers in my Nest said...

Thank you Dear Bonnie!...Have a Sparkling Day!

TheEclecticAbuela said...

Here we go...

Enjoy your day.

Beth said...

Thank you Bonnie! You are so kind to post these even as you are dashing out the door to the airport! You are a peach! Safe travels...

Ruth said...

Oh, the clue has arrived! I looked a few minutes ago and it wasn't there. So glad I checked again.
I'm doing a hybrid way of sewing 2" triangles to 2" rectangles!! I found that by sewing the triangles to the rectangle, then I can finger press the triangle into place, seeing if it covers the corner of the rectangle - which shows me if my seam is in the correct place or not! If any of the rectangle shows, then I fold the triangle back down and resew the seam, picking out the offending seam afterwards. (If I pin the corner of the triangle down, it keeps the tip from moving, so less re-sewing.)
This has really helped me with the flying geese!
I'm not doing the whole quilt even, just enough to understand each unit and, hopefully, it will all turn into a wall hanging or a doll blanket. Never before have I sewn with 1/4" seam, NEVER. Now I have a gift card taped next to my presser foot, and my seams are correct.
Thank you, Bonnie!

Monica said...

OMG, I just finished cutting my first 480+ white squares last night, and now I will do it again this week! +20%, because I am making it bigger. I think I have to scare up some different whites to look at...

Never mind! This is more coral (yellow) than I expected, but I am glad. I think it's going to be beautiful! Thanks, Bonnie. :D

Susan Hillock said...

Thank you Bonnie! I know this seems like a lot of cutting and sewing, but it really does improve my accuracy! I've become a much better piecer thanks to your mystery quilts! :) Have a safe trip home!

Bente Antonsen said...

Thank you Bonnie ! This will be a gorgeous quilt! I used the Simple Folded Corner for clue 2 and made some diamonds in rectangles by mistake :) I thought they would make nice blocks for a new quilt and here we go.Unfortunately they are too small, but they can be used in the backing. Love to play!!

Jitka said...

Thank you for today´s instruction. I follow you for 5 years and sew mystery with you.
Is some problem with Quiltville’s Open Studio group in Facebook? I cannot display it.

Quilter Kathy said...

That is absolutely why I love the Quiltville mysteries... it makes me sooo happy and relaxed, and better able to do everything else in my life!

Kim said...

Oh how fun! Safe travels and much thanks :0)
Happy Sewing we go.............yeah!!!

Tammy J said...

Thanks for your quote of the day. I often get asked why I am making something...who is it for, etc. I sew/quilt because I love it and it makes me happy. That is reason enough for me.

Celeste Yanisch said...

Dear Bonnie, I just wanted to tell you that I used your technique (found in the tips and techniques menu) to join my binding edges whilst finishing my first quilt. It was perfect, easy, and really accurate. I have been joining edges for years in making piped pillows and each time was a ordeal (complete with rip-outs, bad words and tears). I tried Craftsy technique, the Binding Tool technique, and finally settled on yours for my first quilt and it was a beautiful thing...no bad words, no screams, just a "hey! It worked!" Thank you ever so much; you cannot know how much easier this has made my life.

tubakk said...

Thank you Bonnie. This should be enough work the coming week. I'll start right away. Have a nice weekend!

Mary Bolton said...

Sewing the binding on Alletaire as the new mystery clues are posted. Your instructions make all the points come together perfectly! Thank you for all you
do to help quilters to sew their best. You will be coming home to SNOW

Lakegaldonna said...

Smiles to you Bonnie.
I met you online when you were looking for your first vacation house. You and I were back and forth on Lake house VS forest and land house, just online chit chat really. Since then you have met and nurtured your fabulous friend Mona. That's so fun to read about, hoping you are smiling.
Wishing I could be in your vicinity and be the other Mona(2) so that we could sew together. I could be your Tuesday Donna.
Where I volunteer sewing in Plymouth, Wi there are two Donna's. I am Tuesday Donna and yes there is a Wednesday Donna.

I am amazed at how your following has grown explosively over the past few years. Oh my gosh, you go woman! Congrats, this is a hard world and I think you have made it.
Congrats on it all. It's fun to see someone actually succeed at this. I don't know how you keep this schedule. Are you super woman? Yes you are.

Tuesday Donna

threadlady said...

I see that you have made more emphatic the use of your patterns and copy-write. I'm hoping that it helps. I certainly will never take another class from that woman who taught your Pineapple Blossom apparently without your permission.

TrulyBlessed said...

Bonnie, I hope you are safe at home and enjoying some good sleep! Thank you for the wonderful mystery again this year. I so enjoy the colors in the sky at sunrise and sunset. Before I met you I didn't know the word neutral. Ditto for cream, beige and tan. I was not a big fan of brown or oranges either. I have learned so much from you, your blog, Quiltville Studio and other online quilters. Thank you especially for your tips and techniques. I am now a much better cutter and piecer and it is all thanks to you! Today's blog was an eye opener for me to stretch with my corals. I went pinky corals as I had no coral (or I thought) in my stash, but I did have a gift certificate to my LQS. Today I know that I can push the boundaries further to more pink and more orange tones. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Still Praising God for Mark's miracle and praying for his family and yours everyday.

Sending much love to you and yours today and always. You are very dear to all of us that know and follow you.

Maryse said...

When I return from snow NYC I'm back at Ringo Star.thx a again Bonnie