Friday, December 16, 2016

En Provence, Part 4!

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It’s a Part 4 Friday!


This labyrinth, made completely of lavender plants is NOT found in Provence.

It’s actually from Germany, but when I saw the photo I just had to share it.

To my friend Marie – I hope you are playing along and see this, because it made me think of you and your love of labyrinths, wherever you can find them. 

Can you imagine how good this one smells to whomever is walking it in contemplation?

There is meditation in repetition.  And that applies to quilting too.  Instead of thinking of the whole quilt, we are focusing on one unit at a time.  It can even seem overly simple and nearly brainless, but sewing this way is extremely soothing for me.  I don’t have to worry about what comes next, I just put the pieces through, one pair at a time, and my blood pressure goes down, my heart stops pounding so hard about everything else that is undone in my life, and unit by unit, we are making something beautiful!


Another Lavender Labyrinth, from California.

There have been many things out of my control over the past few months, and I am using this month home during mystery time to breathe OUT the stress of things I can’t control, and breathe IN those things that I am able to do.  And that applies so greatly during this time of year where holidays and family and all that goes with it can be so stressful.

I have good news –Essential Triangle Tools are shipping next week, and should be arriving to me around the 21st.  I have printed all invoices, labels are ready, packing materials are ready, as soon as they are here I have my family also ready to get as many of these out the door as we can by Christmas Eve.  

I will be spending Christmas, and the 26th with my family.  My son Jason is bringing his girlfriend, Jenny, up to the cabin for her first Christmas with us and this is important to our family.  Orders that didn’t go out by Christmas Eve will resume filling on the 27th.  I hope to have all out by New Years Eve.

I leave January 3rd for Arizona and my 2017 teaching year begins.  It is my goal to have everything out the door before I go.

As stated before in our introductory post and elsewhere, you can use other specialty rulers that do the same thing as the Essential Triangle Tool which is used for quarter square triangles and half square triangles.  I will be giving unit sizes and you can use any method, any tool you have that does this same job for these units.

Last week I told you that I had rearranged our clues anticipating that the Essential Triangle Tools would be arriving toward the end of our mystery.  So……this is where repeat and relaxation comes in.  I originally had everything extremely scrambled to keep you happily diverted, but this week we have another repeat:


80 More Tri Recs!

Units will measure 3 1/2’’ and finish at 3’’ in the quilt.

This is your “Impulsive” aka Dark Purples and your Neutrals.


ALL of your “Impulsive” Dark Purples get to play with all of your neutrals.

Nothing matches anything, just two different Dark Purples per unit on any neutral.

This is NOT your "Magical" Light Lilac Lavenders.  Just the dark ones and the neutrals.

Press all seams toward the purple triangles. 

This should be an easier step for you than previous weeks, and I am keeping in mind that Christmas and Hanukkah are falling at the same time this year. I’m trying to give everyone a lighter load until after Christmas. Just do what you can.  Enjoy your Purples.  But enjoy your family and friends and your holiday memory making opportunities even more!  Fit the sewing in on the side.

If you need a refresher on this unit, go back to Part 2 for the videos, the templates and hints and helps.


Purple.  Just beautiful!

I can also let you know that after this step you can put your Tri-Recs rulers away.  We are done with them for this mystery. 

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

My friend Mona and I went antiquing yesterday on my way home from the cabin.  This quilt was PART of what we found!  I'll post more about the goodies tomorrow.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

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Andee said...

Yippee! Will get on it in the middle of the day when I have a break. See you soon my friend!

Rebecca Davidson said...

OHHHH! It's here and it seems easy. I'm awake in California and ready to dig in to those Impulsive purples.

scrappy101 said...

Thanks. Getting to like this block. Getting easier with practice. Thatnks agaiin.

Marie Novak said...

Thank you Bonnie! You know I am sewing along. My heart jumped a little when I saw the picture of the labyrinth, and then that you mentioned me. I feel honored. Happy sewing to you! My labyrinth is covered with snow and ice, but I will be walking it, and thinking of you and your family! Enjoy each other!


Bonnie, I think this will be my favorite block impulsive purple. Enjoy your time at the cabin, and most of all thank you so much for the opportunity to sew with you.

Crazy Cocker Quilting said...

After my lefsa making. I will be completing part 3 then 4. First mystery. Thank you Bonnie

Joni Cartwright said...

Thanks Bonnie. Looking forward to catching up this week.

Aileen said...
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Aileen said...

Thank you Bonnie for your pattern, love and the time you take out of your day for us. I have not started yet but have all the steps saved. Family is in need of me right now. Sewing the last gifts this week. My birthday is tomorrow, I may treat myself by just cutting out the four patches.

Aileen in Florida

Jan N said...

Since Purple is my favorite color I am sew excited. This year I am making the full quilt which I have never done in the past and am caught up on clues so far. I do expect I wont be moving closer to Christmas but I am fine with that. Have a son and grandson coming in from Mich. to vist and see us. Enjoy your son and his girlfreind. Enjoy your time at the cabin. I can't thank you enough for the MQ this time of year. It has been a life saver and my "to go and "get away" when life becomes sttessful. Your the best Bonnie K. Hunter. Have a great day.

Jo said...

I've got the whole weekend free to do this clue. It's easier than clue 2 I am confident I will get it done. I am off to bed and know I won't be sleeping in late. I want to get cutting and then sewing.

Sheila Hobbs said...

Clue 2 and Clue 4 look amazingly alike... You are killing me with these things!!! Not being good at all with angles, I must say I absolutely hate these but vow to muddle through the best I can. One thing for sure, this will be a mystery quilt when I'm done with it...

Sandra Jantzi said...

I am wondering...I was originally going to use one fabric for the neutral and then added a light gray at your suggestion for our 4 patches. Would I be better off sticking with one or the other neutral or do 40 of each? I have also fallen in love with this unit. I was intimidated at first, but practice and repetition have increased my skill. Thank you for your wonderful teaching!

janice said...
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Gina Pearson said...

OK, Sold~ I am wanting to start this Mystery~ Do you all think I can start now, and get caught up? NOTE…Thursday of next week starts my STAYcation…meaning vacation staying home, Going back to work on the 3rd….???? I only want to start if you all think it is "doable" to be caught up by week 6…..NOTE2…empty nester….hubby on Staycation too…needing rest…he is spent~ ???? Bonnie, you would ultimately know the answer to this….doable?????

Mia's Cottage said...

First off, thank you Bonnie for doing this every year. It's awesome! 2nd... my kit I ordered used every bit of purple on the last clue, that means I have to go buy more (darn). I'd there more purple to come or is this the last? Trying to determine how much to buy. Thanks

momhulk said...

Yay! A repeat! So glad that I have done this unit before and will feel comfortable with it. Now I really have a chance to catch up after Christmas! Love the antique quilt. Noticed it is quilted in semi-circles similar to the one you are hand quilting.

Dino Candelaria said...

Thank you for sharing the Lavender Labarinths. They are gorgeous. I wish I had a place big enough to plant even a small version. I love purple, I love the look and smell of Lavender and I am excited to make some im-pulsive purple peaks (okay so the peaks are neutral and the "sky" is purple but then I would get the alliteration.

Sherri Henderson said...

OH this is going to be fun, doing the purples in your Color family.... and in my LBUES of my OCEAN in Provence color way. Bonnie this is my first mQ and will not be my last with you. I love Friday mornings! It's like Christmas for me, wondering what I will unwrap in your clues!... May you have a fabulous Christmas with your family at the cabin.... I loved the photo of the Lavender Labarinth!!!! NOw on to go play with my fabrics!!!!!!

dorothy said...

I love the look of the lavender labarinth, but even looking at it I felt all breathing stop! That is what happens when you are allergic to lavender...BUT purple is and will always be my favorite color

grammajudyb said...

A chance to do some more triangle in a squares! I almost said oops, cause I had several strips of neutrals cut at 3 1/2 and nearly cut them down to go in my 2" strip basket and 1 1/2 " strip box. Glad I didn't. I should know better than to put the fabrics away til the quilt is complete. Love that I can cut some more dark purple.

PalmerGal said...

I got a new die for my Accu-quilt GO to make these blocks. I have done some od part 2 so I have a comparison. Now that my Christmas sewing is done I can get babk to the MQ. Thanks Bonnir!

Deb said...

Bonnie, so happy for everything you do. I am sad that you have to EXPLAIN to everyone that you are on holiday and are taking time to spend time with your FAMILY, instead of getting out orders. That is a sad state, and I for one am not comfortable that we have made you feel like that. It should just be a given that everybody gets stuff when they get it during the holidays. You are not Amazon.😁 We know yo undo your best. Hope you have a wonderful time at the cabin. We will be traveling through snow storms to get to Colorado! But, being me, I have the truck packed so we can live a week in the igloo we will build if need be!

Kim said...

Loving all my time making these units and like you I relax and let the ZENlike feelings sweep over me as I feed the units through. I know it is gonna be another beauty....I have enjoyed every one of your mysteries Bonnie. Thank you for keeping me busy during this difficult holiday season.

Marion C said...

palmer girl, can you let us know the comparison results of your accuquilt die was it similiar or the same result thanks. Interested whether to buy.

Terri in BC said...

Nice to see another simple clue. I injured my knee the day after Clue 2 was released and just got the use of my "driving" foot back! I finished Clue 1 tonight, and made good headway on Clue 2. I'm going to carry on with Clue 4 before moving back to Clue 3. Thanks once again for everything you do - I love being able to escape from some mindless sewing during the hustle and bustle of this season.

Sally BC said...

Hello Ladies!
I'm still sewing and cutting squares. But looking forward, the dark purple scraps/fat quarter pile is getting pretty depleted. Beyond the Tri-Recs from this week's clue, will we be using more.

I may need an excuse to go buy some!!

Pdudgeon said...

i had some problems with clue #2, so this time before cutting i double checked the mesurements on both the tri-recs ruers and found that my lines weren't measuring up with each other.
So this time i decided to cut the centers at the 3.5 measurement, but to enlarge the 'wings' to 4 inches.

That extra half inch has made things much easier for me this time around,
and squaring up has been a breeze.

Evelyn Saphier said...

Hello Bonnia, Am trying to finish UFOs this time around and saving all parts of the En Provence Mystery. HOWEVER, I just want to say how much I love your subtext about quilting and meditation as I feel just the same.... Love and Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!